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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. chompy

    I've been out of earbud world for a while and I keep using my Tomahawks (which I prefer to the Yun Pk3, Edifier H180, Edifier H185 and original VE Monk that I also have)... I see there are lots of new options since then, but could you please help me telling me what are the best options right now if I'm looking for a V shaped earbud (I like deep impactful bass but with nice and cristal clear highs, similar to my Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro)?

    My ears are on the smaller side, I don't know if anything bigger than my Tomahawks would fit...
  2. snip3r77
    Try RY4S + UE Cable first and work from here.
  3. mbwilson111
    If the Monk type shell fits him.
  4. jogawag
    Your ears are on the smaller side, So try "diy SR2 16ohms TPE wire".
    Choice 2nd color on eigther page.
    Diy SR2 16-tpe.jpg

    Although small size PK type shell, this earbuds has V shaped sig with strong bass.
    This earbuds need 100 hour burn-in.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
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  5. HungryPanda
    The Faaeal Datura X would be of interest
  6. toear
    I second this. Slightly warm but spacious and instrument separation is great!
  7. mbwilson111
  8. fairx
    Today, while listening to Jean du Voyage punishing bass track I notice my ry4s UE left driver rattle. Noooo...

    Testing using tone generator reveal that indeed 30-40hz creates the rattle.. just over 1 month use. I just hope it will settle over time like my qian
  9. chompy
    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll take a look at them... Monk's shell is not the greatest for me, maybe that's because Monk doesn't sound good for me.

    I've done a quick google search for Faaeal Datura X and I've found this review https://audiobudget.com/product/FAAEAL/Datura-X where their mids are "agressive" instead of recessed as I like, bass seems great with avarage highs, but everything has his/her own ears.
  10. Lothar101
    I bet you will love them. I've had them about 3 months now and as much as I like my eb2's I really like the Bros for anything that requires deeper bass.
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  11. seanc6441
    I thought that mx500 shell sounded funny too but it turns out it's just the tuning of the driver in most cases. Some mx500 shell buds sound phenomenal. Plus the fact that it has a bigger cavity and good venting options makes it a great performer all round.

    It's just the size that annoys me (thickness not diameter) but there's even solutions to that if you are prepared to mod your earbuds.

    I still prefer the design of bell shaped earbuds (provided they are form fitting to the ear) but mx500 shell can be made very very good and confortable with a bit of diy and a good driver.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  12. chompy
    Thanks, unfortunately I'm not a handyman and I would'nt know how start modding anything without destroying it... What would be your recommendation for a great out of the box V shaped earbud?
  13. seanc6441
    All the budget ones with that sig take mx500 shell form. As it's cheap and easy to tune. The pk variants don't seem to offer a good V sig at this price point. The bass always seems to suffer extension issues compared to budget mx500 earbuds.

    I really don't know of anything that's truly V shaped thats not mx500 shell under $50. Some will say certain pk buds have good bass but to my ears none really can match the extension of the $3 vido for instance, so I'm really struggling to think of any to recommend :/

    My advice would be to await the release of the new budget model from K's which will probably be sub $50 and in their bell type housing. If it follows the tuning of the more fun tuned K's models it will be somewhat V shaped, with great bass presence and clear upper vocals and smooth but present treble.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  14. subwoof3r
    Here is the result of my new DIY stuffs for the past few days :

    My EMX500 DIY v2.0 :
    (4 core silver plated cable / using my old EMX500S shells with the little holes on bass port)


    My EMX500 DIY v3.0 (my favorite yet) :
    (8 core mixed silver & copper plated cable / EMX500 standard shells without holes on bass port)

    This is my best details retrieval earbuds ever heard till date in term of sounding. Even my YIN and EBX are far away. I'm just amazed of what I've done :)

    And my Blox YIN as a bonus picture.. :wink:

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  15. HungryPanda
    Toneking TP16, Ty HI-Z, Toneking TP16 and the diy SR2 16 ohm that jogawag mentioned are all pretty V shaped earbuds that do not cost much
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