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Oct 16, 2019 at 9:07 AM
Apr 21, 2017
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Trader History (1)
Feb 16, 1983 (Age: 36)
Manchester, UK

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rahmish Send PM

Head-Fier, Male, 36, from Manchester, UK

rahmish was last seen:
Oct 16, 2019 at 9:07 AM
  • About

    Feb 16, 1983 (Age: 36)
    Manchester, UK
    Headphone Inventory:
    VE monk+ Smoke
    VE monk + (Espresso edition)
    VE monk + Pinoy edition
    VE monk + SPC 2.5 balanced
    VE monk + Royal purple
    Monk Lite 40 Ohm gold/black
    Monk Lite 120 Ohm SPC silver/white
    Kube V. 1 orange
    Headroom MS16
    Beyerdynamic DP100
    Puresounds PS100-64 Ohm
    Aiwa pipe-phone
    DIY 150 Ohm v. 1
    Samsung EP-50
    Samsung AAEP407SBE modded
    Samsung EHS49ASOME modded
    Samsung D800 modded
    Ericsson HPR-08
    Sony Ericsson MH-300 recabled
    Sony Ericsson MH-410 recabled
    Sony Ericsson Hpm-61(62) modded
    Sony Ericsson HPM-64 green recabled
    Hpm-64 red modded
    Hpm-64 pink modded
    Hpm-64 orange modded
    Hpm-64 black modded
    Sony Ericsson Mh 500 modded
    Sony Ericsson HPM-20 modded
    HTC Innovation
    LG earbud (unknown model)
    HE 150
    Tingo TG38
    Edifier H180 modded
    Edifier H185
    Philips SHE 3800
    Sharp RPHOE 0011modded v. 1 and v. 2
    Sharp RPHOE 0014
    RY4S transparent
    RY4S blue(HI cable)
    DIY EMXs500
    Pingsovo DIY PMX500
    Yinman 64
    Yinman 150
    Nokia HDD-1 modded
    Nokia HS-3 recabled v. 1
    Nokia HDS-3 modded
    Nokia HS-28
    Nokia Hs-45
    Nokia Hs-47 recabled
    MX 760 Graphene new batch
    Benjie BJ-49
    Senfer PT-15 (new)
    Kinera earbuds
    Sanyo earbud (unknown model) 1 and 2
    Qian 25
    Qian 39
    Qian 69
    Faaeal 64
    Faaeal 64 silver wire version
    Boarseman k25
    M earphones
    TY HI-Z 32 2.5 balanced
    TY HI-Z 150s 2.5 balanced
    Seahf AWK-F150C
    Vido wh. recabled
    Vido diy modded
    Vido red modded
    Vido white modded
    Vido modded RY cable
    Vido black recabled
    Awei es10
    Elibud Sabia v4 pro
    Sabia V6
    K's 32
    K's 64
    K's 300
    K's 300 Pro
    Blue De'mun
    DIY 32 Ohm bud v. 1, 2 and 3
    DIY 32 Ohm different driver
    DIY 64 Ohm bud
    DIY MX50 recabled
    DIY 300 Ohm bud
    Nicehck EB2
    Nicehck eb200
    Nicehck ME80
    Docomo modded
    Docomo v. 2
    Musicmaker Toneking TP16
    DIY PK2 Furukawa line
    Sony earbuds(unknown model)
    Eking full
    Kanzenoka Sawarna
    EdiGo SE2 by Glen Sinfonia
    Uairekko custom 32 Ohm
    Uairekko custom 150 Ohm
    Willsound Mk1 VJC
    Willsound 32 Mk1
    Willsound 32 Mk2
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Jazz R 7.0(Muses8920)
    Walnut F1 balanced(OPA2604)
    Fiio A1 mini
    Source Inventory:
    Xduuo x3
    Zishan Z1(Burson V5i-D )
    Sony Xperia XZ Premium
    Sony WM-F2015
    Zishan DSD(new version LM6172)
    Cable Inventory:
    VeClan cable
    Faaeal cable
    VeClan 2.5 to 3.5 interconnect v1. 0 and 2.0
    Fiio L16
    Nicehck 8-core copper MMCX cable
    Music Preferences:
    Hiphop, jazz, acid jazz, downtempo, electronic
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