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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Slater
    Anyone considering taking the Senfer PT15 v2 apart to use the drivers elsewhere, don't. The way the drivers are glued in (and the earbud assembled), you will completely destroy the drivers getting it opened up :0(

    On a related note, if anyone wants me to post photos of the graphene diaphragm, lemme know and I will take some.

    Also, the PT15 magnet is extremely powerful. I have no way to measure it, but it is noticeably stronger than the average magnet of an identicaly-sized driver. This, in combination with the graphene diaphragm, is most likely why the low end on the PT15 v2 is as good as it is.
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  2. seanc6441
    In the colloquial use here it just means a premium earbud, one of the best around. It may be the company’s best, or amoung their best. For instance the K’s Ling would be called a TOTL/Top of the line earbud, yet technically only the Poseidon would the their TOTL bud.
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  3. seanc6441
    The BS1 is excellent once you tamper with the fit and foams but there’s some issue in tonality in the upper mids/lower treble im trying to sort out. It’s not noticeable on all tracks but once you here the ‘glare’ or compare with some other fairly neutral buds it’s obvious.

    But... if you’re willing to tweak it for fit and if you can use an advanced EQ to sort to get it neutral, it’s a really really competent driver with the best depth and imaging I’ve heard at this price. My only real critique is the vocals bring a tad too relaxed, I’d prefer them to be a little more forward to separate them from the rest.

    I really love it because I like a challenge and some modding haha, it’s totally worth the price.

    If you’re looking for something that’s great out of the box and isn’t finicky at all, maybe grab a different earbud.
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  4. vladstef
    The two things that can be destroyed are membrane and coil wires. If it's the wires, it's fixable with regular soldering. Membrane on the other hand, small wrinkles can easily be brought back to their regular shape but other than that, nothing can be done. I've actually managed to fix 10mm graphene driver of Aulgamour RT-1 IEM but unwinding a bit of coil wires and soldering them back to the board on the back - tricky because stuff is so small but not impossible.

    In fact, this gives me opportunity to give you my interaction with EMX500 drivers. They started crackling over time like so many people have reported, many solutions have been proposed that sometimes work temporarily but never fully.
    What happens is a bit bizarre - the driver moves so much that when truly pushed with bass/sub bass they end up touching the front plastic cover and this creates very small indentations in the membrane. A few of these can disfigure the whole membrane out of place so that a part of coil wires isn't properly seated around magnet and at this point the membrane will always crackle even with moderate volume. All of this is fixable if you can open them, take the driver, gently separate membrane and gently go over wrinkles with something soft (I used a small piece of silicone from an eartip). Everything magically gets back in place.

    EMX500 is amazing probably because the membrane is so light, but it's a flawed design in fact due to MX shells being.
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  5. waynes world
    Ha! Some chinks in the BS1 armour! :wink:
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  6. Slater
    Nah, it's buggered up beyond being worth the time it would take to repair it.

    If it was a more expensive set I would fix it (I've fixed full size headphone drivers in the method you described).

    Luckily the PT15 is dirt cheap - I just ordered another set. I'll save the PT15 shells though (MMCX etc), and eventually throw in some drivers from Aliexpress.
  7. HungryPanda
    @Slater took the little grilles off my MS16's and I am impressed they do sound better, moar bass!!!!
  8. Slater
    Yeah, really cheap upgrade! Glad you like the results :)

    It's a pity that they put such a restrictive grille on there that's basically decoration, yet it kills the sound.
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  9. snip3r77
    Getting a gift for my buddies? Which variant of the EMX500 that I should get? Is it a step up from Vido?
  10. seanc6441
    Honestly get the vido and save yourself some cash. Some prefer one some the other, more like a sidegrade to most. I preferred the emx500 but honestly I didn’t give the vido huge time before I broke mine trying to do a cable swap. Might grab another soon just to have it in my kitbag for sports or jogging.

    If you wanna get the emx500, the newer S variant is only around $2 more expensive and has gotten some positive feedback so maybe try that one.

    But the novelty of having a $3 earbud that’s pretty good is a nice novelty and handy to have on hand, plus you can get the mic version of the vido assuming they will be used with smartphones (the mic version has the normal type cable).
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
  11. snip3r77
    Thanks for the quick feedback.

    Opening a can of worms. What about RY4S?
    I'm ok with the vido since I'm using it, it's warm ( can listen to long hours ) and bass/sub bass is good
  12. seanc6441
    Emx500 i found warmer than the vido which I found pretty neutral in tone and with more bass presence in the mid bass.

    Emx500 is pretty much boosted sub bass and slightly boosted treble, with relaxed mid bass and mids.

    Not sure about the S version some say more balanced others seem to contradict that view saying it’s more full and bassy.

    RY4S was described as having more mid bass than emx500 with same level of warmth.

    There’s the Yincrow x6 which may or may not be a vido driver with a better cable and more extras’s, although that’s said to have a bicelluose driver and im not sure if the vido has that...
  13. Mezzi
    The EMX500 is a big upgrade from the Vido's

    - Real Sub bass
    - Wider Soundstage
    - Nice highs

    If you're a basshead: Here (Just make sure you get the clear shell version) It's crazy, I have the black version and it lacks the bass...odd.
    If you are more into classical / vocal: Here

    Either one is a considerable upgrade.

    Source: Me that owns almost the whole earbud collection, lol.
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  14. seanc6441
    hmm I had a black variant but from another seller, the bass was deep and impactful but a little slow for my liking.

    High’s were crisp and fairly clear. Mids were nothing to right home about but the tonality was good.

    Your advice is more relevant than mine since I have not had these earbuds on hand for months to hear them now.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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  15. Mezzi
    @seanc6441 You're the king around here, you know you're ***

    The black variant does have bass but not like the clear (still trying to figure that out)
    Just did an A/B test with the Vido's. The Vido seemed very muddy compared to the EMX500 clear shells.

    That being said, we all are into different sound signatures.

    BTW..thanks for putting in a wealth of info into this thread, you da man.

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