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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    how much are they actually? I’m definitely considering buying these as my first cypherus buds.

    @ctaxxxx Maybe check out the RBH HP2 headphone it’s beryllium and portable for $150. Saw it mentioned somewhere before and praised for its bass quality without muddying the mids or high’s.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
  2. Danneq
    The price I got when I asked was $249 excluding shipping. Shipping from Indonesia to Europe has been the big problem since it is best to choose EMS (around $40 to Sweden).

    My family is going to Japan in June for 2 months and Herry told me that he might go to Japan in June. If it works out I might be able to meet up with him in Tokyo and buy ZoomFred directly from him.
  3. mochill
    Maybe cardas a8
  4. chinmie

    damn, this song (and album)...had goosebumps everytime...
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  5. mbwilson111
    Thanks for that.

    In 1994 I saw Jeff Buckley twice in Michigan. The first time was at the Gem Theater in Detroit (not sure if it is still there). We had a table quite near the stage. I could not believe how many beautiful guitars he had on stage. I don't remember which song but at one point he was holding a note...and he held it... and he held it...and then he looked at his watch... and held it some more. :) A sly sense of humor :) Afterwards I met him backstage and he signed my CD.

    The second time was at the Ann Arbor Ark, a wonderful small venue where I have seen many of my favorite artists. Brenda Kahn opened and also accompanied him on some songs. You mentioned goosebumps. That is because HE really feels the songs when he sings. During one song you could see how emotionally engaged he was. At the end he burst into tears.

    That was when the ark was in an older location from where it is now... only 150 person capacity. The newer Ark which opened not too long after seats around 400. I spoke to him after the show. He said he remembered me but I don't think he really did.

    Such a talented artist. A beautiful and gentle soul. Music died for me for awhile after he died. It is difficult for me emotionally to listen to him with headphones... maybe I should try buds. I have not done that yet.

    Info about the Ark from their page (just in case anyone here lives close enough to go):

    The Ark is Michigan’s nonprofit home for folk and roots music. Considered one of the top music clubs in the world, The Ark is renowned for the quality and breadth of its programming. The Ark is an intimate 400-seat club presenting performers ranging from young up-and-comers to classic figures of the folk genre. With live music over 300 nights each year in one of the best listening rooms anywhere, The Ark is a sure bet for a memorable evening of enriching entertainment, musical artistry, and personal warmth.
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  6. acap13
    Really interesting on the early impression on the ZF.

    Sad to hear about your Beryllium headphone turned out to be disappointment. The only transducer that wont dissapoint most people in general is gotta be Utopia ( the best dynamic headphone I have ever tested ). But it is different price range and utilises pure Berryllium diaphragm as opposed to coated one.

    On the other hand, that is why we are all here in earbud territory. Cheers
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  7. chinmie
    wow.. thank you for sharing... i didn't expect to hear a story from someone who had actually met him..

    i was late to the party. I've only discovered his songs after he passed, instead i listened and played the more energetic music of his peers, like the Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, etc.

    now i always have his albums on every phones, ipod, and PCs that i have. Listening to his voice, you must know the feeling that you're gonna cry and smile at the same time? that's how i feel about him. that man went too early and too sudden. may he find peace in the afterlife..

    for me, the first time i literally cried at the news of an artist passing was when Kurt Cobain died
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  8. luckyeights
    Your going to Japan for 2 months im so jelly. Are you being sent over there by your company to do some work over there?
  9. Cyperus
    Congratulation on your ZoomFred. Unlike other Cypherus earbuds, ZoomFred is using cryogenic treatment cable same as Red Dragon. Thus burn in time is take longer. Based on my experience, it will take over than 150 hours. The sound change over the period of time will be big that is easily noticable. Please don't feel dissappointed when it change becoming bad during burn in process. It will start to stabilize after 300 hours.

    Also, I just want to point out to be carefull when using low impedance earbuds with current type amplifier as it will damage the structural of dynamic driver. Just my 2 cents of advice.
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  10. Cyperus
    Hi danneq,
    I will visit Japan first week of july. Keep you posted...
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  11. ctaxxxx
    Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean by your second statement. Been driving these with the DX200's AMP4 module. Is that overkill? Can someone elaborate?
  12. seanc6441
    I think some smartphone have too much output voltage for most earbuds as they are designed with headphones in mind or maybe it's simplier to have a more generous voltage output for most gear on the basis on being universally suitable for different gear.

    DAP`s are usually more contious about this in most cases I think, having lower output voltage to use with portable gear or possibly some smarter way of controlling the output depending on the impendance of the gear.

    I'm not sure where audio focused phones like lg v20 etc fall into this theory but I imagine it's on a phone by phone basis.

    This is what I've heard anyway. I'm not sure how or if output voltage and output impendance correlate but you definitely want low output impendance for sensitive gear in terms of it not affecting the frequency response and low output voltage to keep your peace of mind that your gear isn't gonna be damaged.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2018
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  13. Cyperus
    Current Amplifier is build to drive big loudspeaker thus application in portable audio is not suitable. But, some manufacturing have made some modification to be suitable for portable audio.

    Current amp to my opinion is suitable best for BA driver.

    I don't have DX200 DAP, thus I can't comment on this
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  14. acap13
    As long as it is a portable audio player and portable amplifier, it is safe enough and sufficient to be driving any earbuds out there.

    @Cyperus do you mean Zoomfred is better driven by voltage drawn type of amplifier (high output impedance) in terms of sound quality or the safety of the dynamic driver? Because your statement on the current amplifier (low OI) being more suitable for BA driver is generally true due to less susceptible to mess up with the tonal shifting of the mutliple BA crossovers. Therefore, sound quality is favored on that case. However, I'm not so sure which case holds for the Zoomfred.
  15. ClieOS Contributor
    VE Monk Lite 40ohm SPC balanced
    VE Monk Lite 120ohm SPC balanced
    VE Zen Lite balanced
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