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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. esanthosh
    Excellent. It's a great idea to bunch IEMs by way of signature, which makes it much easier to narrow down based on preference (though there may be some disagreements with the classification). I like this format much better than the previous threads.
    PS: Looks like you will do your 100th IEM review soon :)
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  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Thanks for all the comments, guys. I have the idea of writing a thread like this for a while now but it is just too difficult to put it onto paper (or MS Word in this case). Glad it is finally done, well almost, just need to keep update it for now.
    The whole thread is self-indexed since it is based on ranking from 'the list', then categorized into different sound signature. The problem with re-indexing an already double-indexed list is that it becomes kind of a challenge in future update, since I'll have to redo most of the index every time a new IEM cut into the middle or front of any of the list. That's why I haven't done it yet. I'll give it a try and hopefully it is not as difficult as I thought it would.
    Some time there is really no right or wrong way to categorize a particular IEM as it could fall into the gray zone between multiple sound signature (so it is right and wrong either ways). Times like that I just go with instinct and pick up what seems to grab my attention the most in the overall presentation. That's how I reach my conclusion of which group they belong to.
    95 in the thread now but already scheduled to 108th, and more to come in the next few weeks. [​IMG]
  3. ElcomeSoft
    If each IEM is given an arbitrary index number as it is added to the list (Ba001 for the Sennheiser CX300, as an example), a 'f'ind function picks up that number in the Balanced signature section, where you have all of your amazing information, and also in the list, where people can immediately compare it against other products.
    Just how I see it, looking from the outside. Being involved in stats, analysis and lists in the past, I know it can look and feel much different from the inside :)
    On a side note, I am wondering whether your List can be created on a Google Docs spreadsheet and be imported directly into a Head-Fi post. That would enable custom sorting features for end-users, something that is especially ideal when comparing two very close competitors. I did that with the RE0 and the Sunrise Xscape, a very difficult choice :)
  4. ClieOS Contributor

    Thanks for the idea, but I guess they will have to wait for now as I need to finish my other review first.
  5. tan1415
    Suggestion: Why dont you link your blog? You have all your reviews there.
    Also liked the the article you had about explaining the difference between sound from regular speakers and IEMs.
    really helped me understanding the difference, great info for nublets,
  6. a_recording
    This is an awesome thread ClieOS =]
    Though I imagine you will soon start having to tear your hair out figuring out where some particular IEM's fit in particular categories, or deserve whole new ones. Maybe you could treat it like musical genres, and put some options in a catch-all "alternative" category heh.
  7. Redmetal1897
    Great thread ClieOS! Threads like this make head-fi the great place that it is for us noobs!
  8. Redmetal1897
    Joker's thread and this one should be stickied so that it's the first thing new users who want to buy IEM's see!
  9. QuietComfort
    I agree with the sticky idea. Being a (pretty much) complete newcomer to IEMs, these types of threads and reviews really help to sort personal preferences and really help to decide which direction to begin. Thanks a lot.
  10. deaththeorist
    The ultimate newbie guide! Man you do invest alot of your time in this! 
  11. esanthosh


    I imagine clieOS has already done the 'tearing hair out' part with some of the IEMs in the list. Alternative 'catch all' could lead to hair tearing for the readers. Better be clieOS' hair than mine [​IMG]
  12. Sengoku79
    Hi clieOS
    That is one excellent guide you have put together.
    It has really settled my mind on getting a pair of the RE-262's
    I have a pair of x10's and a RE-Zero already but really want to get my hands on the 262's
  13. ClieOS Contributor
    Thanks again.
    Sure, I will link some of them here.
    Yeah, as much as I like to spend some time listen to different IEM, sorting through all 95 pair of them is already a bit too much. I won't want to do it in a couple of months. [​IMG]
  14. BoyNamedSue
    Wow, this is an amazing resource. Thanks ClieOS for your hard work!
  15. Zephyron
    Thanks for the effort dude.

    A few of us should try and have a get together over at the weekends in SG when you're down to have a friendly chatter and maybe a toast or two if the chance allows =)
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