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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
    Nice impressions here. I don't think I could have done it nearly as well.

    [edit - fix iphone typos]
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Just updated the first page with links to individual reviews I posted in the past, if available.
  3. DervishD
    Great job, ClieOS! Concise without being vague, and I really like the spectrum images :)
    Thanks a lot for the list :)
  4. SolidSnake3
    Great job with the iem list, found it very nice that they are organized by "type". Also, found it quite helpful in that I have a general idea of the sound signature I like and as a result could just skip to that section and read up on some cool IEM's. 
  5. caracara08
    are there any benefits to owning a universal and custom IEM? i keep wanting to buy another IEM but i dont see myelf using the universal when i have a custom that cost 5 times more than the universal i woudl buy.
  6. ClieOS Contributor


    The question is not about universal vs. custom, but more like whether you will need a second pair of IEM.
  7. SolidSnake3


    Well you do only have one set of ears...however this is coming from a person with a set of customs and three sets of universals. The reason I keep my universals is that sometimes I do enjoy the very different way they present a particular song or artist compared to each other and my customs. The CK10's for example present songs and sound in a vastly different way than the JH5's and sometimes the change is fun and interesting.
  8. average_joe Contributor

    Some possible benefits of owning both include:
    - being able to share the sound of the universal with others
    - Having a backup
    - If you want something you care less about losing or having lifted, you have that option
    - If the custom and universal have different sound signatures, you can change it up
  9. skpamnani
    Hi ClieOS,
    I am a noob in the headphone world but i was just wondering why you haven't included 'phones like Westone 3, Senn' IE7/IE8?
  10. ClieOS Contributor

    The simple reason is, because I do not own them. As a personal policy, I do not sell any of the samples away and can't make money out of them. Since I have a limited personal budget, I can't afford to buy every IEM except those I am most incline to review / own. In general, if I can get three lesser IEM with the same price as a top-tier, I tend to go with the first options, as to expend my collection. Plus, I don't think Westone or Sennheiser are interested in sending me sample to review, as much as I hope they would. [​IMG] j/k.
  11. Marcus_C
    Great format for you reviews ClieOS, should be helpful to a lot of people!
  12. aLm0sT
    This is a great complement to joker's thread. I like how you splitted them up into different categories.
  13. skpamnani
    thanks for the clarification. I totally agree for not reviewing something one hasn't heard themselves but the point never came into my newborn head-fi mind :)
    Can u tell which one of TF10 AND Phonak pfe have better isolation/ less fit issues (smallish ears, I have)?
    I can get both for approximately the same price but leaning towards the TF10 since it has a higher MSRP
  14. ClieOS Contributor

    If you use foam tip and get a decent seal on both, I'll say TF10 isolate noise better than PFE. However, PFE has lesser fit issue unless you have big outer ear. Given you have small ear, PFE probably is the safer choice.
  15. mvw2
    Bravo!  Extremely well done.  I like it. 
    So far I've used 11 of your top 13. :p
    The VSONIC brand has never been on my radar, but after your review, the GR07 looks like something I may have to serious try out.
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