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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. HungryPanda
    Yes Wayne how could I forget them
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  2. mbwilson111
    That is why I just ordered a spare ANN200.. with the copper cable. I believe that the orange Kube V1 that the Royal Mail accidentally sent back to the seller will be included in the package... along with a few other things we ordered. Panda will be getting one of the Faaeal Original Batch (I already have one) and a Dunu E10. We will each be getting a Moondrop Shiro-Yuki. Really excited to try those.
  3. waynes world
    Well, you do have more than just a couple of earbuds, so it's understandable :)

    Awesome on all counts!
  4. cathee
    Does anyone here have experience with the DUNU Alpha 1s?

    The unique shape/configuration possibilities is intriguing me, would love to hear if anyone have impressions.

    EDIT: Or maybe I'm just getting impatient waiting for my AliExpress shipment to come in....
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  5. Willber
    I have them. Here are my brief impressions:

    Good: Fantastic highs, excellent imaging etc, good 3D soundstage, very comfortable, superbly built
    Bad: Huge spike from 1k-4k hz (needs EQ), strange pulsing during some tracks

    I bought them because the DD/BA hybrid intrigued me, and because the price was very low (£30) for what was once a $150 earbud. I'm glad to have them for some tracks where they are superb, but they don't make good all-rounders. I got mine from here:


    Here is a picture of the BAs at the front. They fit very well:

    Last edited: May 10, 2019
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  6. mrxarai
    I heard a while back that Woo was working on a more budget friendly earbud — perhaps the Yang is it!
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  7. RuFrost
    Very good setup))

    One owner of st-10 told me - there is no difference for st-10 if cable changed. Is it true?
    I really tired of cable hustle...so do not want to wasted my time if result is not obvious. I know, a lot depends on cable itself, as each one has its own signature and texture of sound. But what are result of recabling for some owners of st-10 here?

    P.s: I recabled to200, ti7, yinman 600 and for those earbuds changing cable from stock was a must.

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  8. ClieOS Contributor
    These are huge. Unless you have really big outer ears, fit will be a major issue. But if you can get a good fit, it is actually quite good sounding.

    I personally mostly stick to SPOCC with the ST-10, mostly because I don't like the stock cable and I use it with EarStudio ES100 (which a shorter cable works much better). There are reports on Erji.net that silver cable works very well with ST-10 - in any case, it is MMCX connection so you get to swap cable easily. It is not like you need to take it apart, so what's the downside?
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  9. Jsingh4
    Guys are there any good 14.8mm buds for people with small ears. Something as good as Smabat or k's k600.
  10. sareer007
  11. sareer007
    Sorry was trying to search and i posted it lol and cant delete it
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  12. GREQ
    Keep rounding-up all dem vintage buds...
    Posting these up because they haven't been mentioned in the thread yet.

    JVC HA-F105 (~1986)

    _DSC6371.jpg _DSC6372.jpg _DSC6373.jpg _DSC6378.jpg _DSC6385.jpg _DSC6388.jpg _DSC6394.jpg _DSC6398.jpg _DSC6402.jpg

    Love the 80's black and gold style from top-tier JVC/Victor :3

  13. RuFrost
    the downside is where and how to find the cable which will be the best for the price (how much to spend is another issue, as even 100$ is imho does not worth to be spent for that in the end) and which will work well with st-10 in terms of comfort))
    the search itself is a huge issue, as upgrade cable can be of not justifying the price for upgraded sound in comparison with stock version of sound and in general.
    Definitely, few cables are required in order to choose, at least, the most working for the one who is searching in his certain conditions.

    Cables in headphones, probably, are the most vulnerable part of it and requires lots of hustle...

    any recommendations for specific one?)
  14. mbwilson111
    I am happy with the stock cable for the Smabat ST-10. It fits comfortably and does not annoy me.
  15. activatorfly
    Thanks everyone for highlighting the resale of the ANN200 (+ copper cable!) - totally looking forward to them - the perfect companion to the duo of Kubes 1& 2, plus of course the ST10's!
    - Easily my favourite quad of buds:)

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