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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    Truer words have never been spoken! This X 1000!!!
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  2. waynes world
    When is someone going to create a BS1/Masya/BK love child?
  3. waynes world
    And I just listened to London Grammar's "Truth Is a Beautiful Thing" album with the snow lotus 2.0. Very nice.
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  4. seanc6441
    When I start my own earbud company I’ll be sure to release such a product xD
  5. chinmie
    Nice list! My personal top three would be
    1.K'S 300 Ohm Samsara Ver.
    2. Shozy BK
    3. Rose Masya
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  6. silverfishla
    Thanks guys and gals for that recommendation for those 100 earbud foams for a $1 on Ali! Man those things sound terrific! Makes all the buds I’ve tried them on more airy and articulate. Love em, going to buy some more.
    They are are hard to put on without ripping them, as they seem to have less elasticity, but worth it. I think I ripped 8 of them trying to put them on the very squirrly PMV’s. A lot of them are also not correctly center punched. For a $1 though, I don’t care. Monk pack costs $4 and I only like the thin ones there, so it’s a deal to me! :)
  7. chinmie
    You and @HungryPanda , haven't you heard? I'm downsizing here! Stop tempting me with new buds! :joy:
    But seriously, which is better, snow lotus or the Seahf 150c? And how do they compare to the ourart, Svara L, and MK2?
  8. groucho69
    Amazing talent.
  9. waynes world
    I'm pretty sure I prefer the 150c's by a bit, but I need to find them to be sure. I dug out what I thought were the 150c's, but it turns out I dig out the Beta Asura's (which I am now happily listening to lol). Which begs the question - where are my darned 150c's??? Stay calm Wayne, stay calm...
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  10. seanc6441
    Yes and she has released her first album it’s on spotify. Although I like her covers because they are so different than the originals. Taking great songs and adding a new twist to them.

    What about your liebesleid? Are you forgetting about it or is it really not in your top 3?
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
  11. groucho69
    She makes them her own, Pixies, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Lorde, Queen....so many more and all fantastic.
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  12. iJay
    Pixies! I just thought of them a couple days ago. Not listened to them in years. I’ll need to check out her covers.
  13. HungryPanda
    I would have to give it to the Seahf 150's as well. Willsound Mk2's are better than Snow Lotus imo
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  14. ctaxxxx
    I see the Liebesleid (2.5mm) is back in stock on Amazon, but Shenzhen Audio really jacked up the price... Are there no other cheaper listings?
  15. chinmie
    from that list only :ksc75smile:
    if based on my personal experience then:
    1. Liebesleid
    2. Yinman 600 (or Yinman 500 with 100ohm impedance adapter, they sounded a bit similar, but still different)
    3. Puresound PS100-500 classic
    4. K's Samsara
    5. Diomnes Lv2

    my friend have a modded Tunes V1 (yuin styled earbud) that can easily take number 2, but it's discontinued and can only be acquired in my country, so no point on talking about it
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