1. qetuol

    SE115 or CX300II or S4 or something else?

    Hello all,   im planning to buy a new pair of earbuds. im thinking about these three (shure se115, sennheiser cx300 II and klipsch s4). i care about the quality ONLY. i listen to mainly jazz, classics and rock. i heard shure lacks of bass. but the other two have too overhelming bass.. is it...
  2. forensic fox

    Sennheiser CX300-II (questions)

    These headphones look very small. How does comfort compare to the SHE3850 when lying against a pillow? How does sound quality compare? I just plan on using these headphones for watching movies and TV shows on my tablet.    Anyone know if Panasonic RP-HJE450 might be a good pick for me?
  3. bsarkezi996

    Sennheiser CX-300-II or Sony MH-1?

    As the title says, which one would you recommend? Up until today I had Cx 300 II but I managed to break them using nothing but my stupidity. But they've been awesome because of sound quality and durabilty. But, the Sony earphones have an appealing feature:flat cable. And I've also read the the...
  4. DaniLp

    I need a recomendetion for IE at the price range of the sennheiser cx300II

    I there an alternative for this earphones at that price range?
  5. shaun_g

    Sennheiser CX300-II Earphones - Review

    Summary Verdict - For contemporary music fans who want to replace iPod ear buds with better fitting, fun and contemporary in-ears at a wallet friendly price. Pro’s - Warm and bass rich with some definition, fans of Hip Hop, Dance and contemporary Rock and Metal will enjoy the full and...
  6. FRAC

    Beyerdynamic dtx 100 - how good are they really?

    The DTX-100 seem to be pretty new, I found only few reviews so far - and those tell quite different stories. From "wow, best you can get for the money" through "not that great", from "clean, flawless sound with good bass" through "slightly booming basses which only disco kids will like" - I...
  7. Guff

    Sorry for this one again, but Soundmagic pl30 or m9?

    Hey   Sorry to be making another thread on this. I searched on it and found a couple, but unfortunately I was left with more questions.   I'm looking for a set of IEMs, at about 30$. I listen to a lot of rap/hip-hop, a lot of acoustic, and 90s pop rock (Third eye blind, nine days, etc.)...
  8. hcu5

    Time for a new pair of earphones, My CX300 ii's gave up on me

    Hey, Im new to this earphone stuff. I've used a pair of CX300 ii's for 9 months then they died on me. I loved em and i want sth like them. They were abit bassy though. And i do enjoy bass. I was thinking of Either CX400 ii or Bose IE2 or Cx870? Which is better? Or any other alternative is ok. my...
  9. jamsie555


      This is my first review here on head-fi, so please tell me how to improve next time   I haven't seen a review for the IE6's on here, and quite a few people have been asking for one, so i thought i'd answer their prayers.      First Impressions:     After owning...
  10. naike

    Brainwavz M2 a good way to go?

    I'm considering buying these, however I don't really even know other IEMs in this price range so I haven't got anything to compare it to, so if you have any personal experience with these, I'd like to hear them. Also, I'm a bit skeptical about its bass, I'm used to the CX300 and I like its...
  11. Xymordos

    Beats Studio Bass Question and Suggestions

    I tried my friends Beats Studio he recently bough and thought the bass was weak and overall was weak too... Is this just me? I own the tours and thought the bass was ok, but it was punch. I liked how low the XB700s went, but i want the punch the tours had I owned the CX300II and thought...
  12. okdark

    Could you help to choose please?

    Sennheiser CX300 II   or   Sennheiser PMX80 Sport II     I do plan to do sport in the future but witch of them has a better sound..... if there something better out there please recoomend and not KOss prota pro becasue they don't go to well with 5800 XM
  13. 2ill

    Which of these earphones are better   or   Or you can...
  14. MaxwellDemon

    Looking for an IEM upgrade...

    Hello Head-Fi!   Firstly, I would like to say that I have been lurking around here for awhile now and recently made a purchase for Shure's SRH840 due to the reviews and criticisms I have read from the boards here. I am loving it, so I would like to say thanks first. Consequently however, I...
  15. jaqueh

    cx300's mud? did i get a fake?

    don't know if i got fakes or not. but are they supposed to sound like an earwax buildup? i had the cx500s, which may or may not have been fake, and they sound leagues above the cx300s; mind you this is the first generation cx300.
  16. joeybutts

    Guidance on IEM's

    Hey gang!  Been a bit of a lurker on the board and used it previously for my first dabble into more quality IEM's (they were Senn CX300 II's ).  Well, I enjoyed them very much but the cable frayed on one channel inside the jacket at the plug . Oh well.  I always look at equipment...
  17. neutral

    Can you help me choose some in-ear headphones between $20-$30?

    I have been extremely divided between which headphones to buy. I have a long wish of having a pair of Sennheiser CX300-II because of the simple design and the fantastic reviews I've been seeing everywhere but I have been told there are a lot of people crazy about the MEElectronics M9 and M6...
  18. AlexB1001

    Calling on the forum to help me make a choice!

    I love music. And I don't just care about the music - I care about how it sounds. Clear vocals, crisp beats and bass with a nice "thud" are what I want, and I never like one to override the other, for all levels to be in balance. A devoted ambiance, electronic and chilled acoustic music fan, I...
  19. lorafenik

    CX300 mk2 broken. Help me, please

    Ok, so a friend gave me her Senns yesterday and she's hoping me to repair them. I would really like to, but I don't know how to open them. Here's what's wrong with them: right headphone is really silent. When you put both, you'd say that only left side is working, but when you put the left...
  20. pietjepukkel

    sennheiser cx 300 or 300 IIs

    Hey guys,   Do you know what is the difference between the sennheiser cx 300s and the 300 IIs? the 300s are a bit cheaper on amazon. Can't find those on the sennheiser website though, only the IIs. Are the IIs the updated model and are they essentially the same, or is there a difference...
  21. esbenm

    Will 32 ohm earphones lower volume and reduce hiss?

    For serious listening I use a Sony NWZ-A829 with Ety ER6I. For commuting and at work I use my HTC Desire with Sennheiser CX300. I have two problems with the Desire:   1 the ER6I and the CX300 are too loud, even with the phone at lowerst volume. They are also loud with the Sony which I set...
  22. buffalowings

    are my ears different?

    strangely enough, my favorite eartips are the ones that came stock with my sennheiser CX300 IIs, the IE8 uses the same eartips and many people seem to have fitment issues with them, funny...with that, I'm seriously tempted by the IE8s, after trying out the monster pro turbine coppers, I'm in a...
  23. neologan

    which one for under £30?

    So far I've narrowed it down to these: Klipsch Image X1 Headphones: Electronics SoundMAGIC PL30 Earphones in Black: Electronics I do like an impactful bass, but naturally so. The rest, i'm just wondering which one has the edge in general, or if very close...
  24. unwelcomeguest


    Hi,   I have a pair of Denon C751's that have replaced my broken Sennheiser CX-300 II's. When I listen to my iPod using either of these earphones, I get some slight distortion up in the top end. It seems to be worse when there is a lot going on musically, like guitars, drums, bass, vocals...
  25. JJBug

    Software Equalizers

    Hi,   Just finished looking at this excellent thread comparing IEMs   Being new to quality IEMs I have a question. I have been fortunate to have been in the...