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Can you help me choose some in-ear headphones between $20-$30?

  1. neutral
    I have been extremely divided between which headphones to buy. I have a long wish of having a pair of Sennheiser CX300-II because of the simple design and the fantastic reviews I've been seeing everywhere but I have been told there are a lot of people crazy about the MEElectronics M9 and M6. Meanwhile I also took a look at the Hippo Pearl pair. I have a limited budget mainly because I am not an audiophile and I'm afraid I would not notice that much difference between these type of headphones and those +$100. I care a lot about the design too and if you want some guidance I only used the headphones that came with the iPod and I also had a pair of Phillips SHE9501/00. My main problem with the M6 is about it's design (seems a little bit weird to me) and it's price as well as the M9's seem to be a little bit higher right now (I read that there were people who bought the M9 at $18 and it seems it is at $29 right now). The Sennheiser CX300-II seem to be expensive right now, too. I am a total newbie  in terms of audio material so I was hoping you could help me and I am going to use them mainly on my iPod shuffle and my computer.
  2. Gastronomic
    "I am not an audiophile and I'm afraid I would not notice that much difference between these type of headphones and those +$100."
    Don't be afraid. The difference will be HUGE.
  3. neutral
    Well, to be honest I don't have $100 to spend but nevertheless I prefer to buy a pair with a very good quality/price relationship because of the risk involved. So, with $30 max, which are the ones to buy?
  4. Gastronomic
    Within that price, I just tried the meelec 9, which is too bassy for me.
    Search for the Multiple IEM Shootout v3 thread.
  5. ljokerl Contributor
    If you're in the US the Meelec M9 shouldn't be that hard to find for under $20 - just search for them at major e-tailers (amazon, newegg, overstock, buy.com, etc) rather than on the manufacturer's site. The are indeed bass-heavy so if you're looking for more neutral sound I would consider the Soundmagic PL30 (focalprice.com) and ECCI PR100 (ebay). As a compromise there are the Senn CX250 and Soundmagic PL21, which have emphasized bass but not quite as much as the Meelecs.
  6. Selkal


    I second that.  Certainly get out there and get the best you can in the $20 range.  In the mean time, save you nickels and dimes.  Once you jump the $100 threshold you WILL notice the difference.  I spent years trying to find a good set of earphones at a bargain price.  Then about five years ago, my sister gave me an ipod 4th gen for x-mas.  
    I hated the Apple buds for the simple reason that they wouldn't stay in my ears.  I then started surfing the web and discovered this site.  I also came to the conclusion that is was a little strange that I was sporting around a $300 music player with $5 phones.  After much research I spent the upper limits of what I was willing to and splurged for a pair of on sale (at the time) $109 Westone UM1's.
    WOW.  All of a sudden, my 2500+ music collection was brand new,  I was hearing the music like I had never heard it before.  Best music decision I ever made.
    Flash forward.  After losing my relatively new ipod touch 3G and 5 year old ever reliable UM1's during heaving braking on a flight a few weeks ago, I found a great deal on some UM2's and am almost as excited about getting them as I was about getting the UM1's.
    Long story short, save your pennies and take the plunge.  If you care enough about music to be here in the first place, you won't regret it./ 
  7. neutral
    Thank you for your replies. I think I just have to search for the best price now. Selkal, maybe I am just afraid because I never used one of those headphones so I can't really know if I will feel any difference. It is risky to invest that money on something you don't know. But I do believe I could feel a difference, the question is that I may first need to experience it.

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