1. Rufus_Truthfist

    What's the difference between the meleec M9 second generation and the EDM universe iem?

    Does anyone know what the difference is between these two? I can't find much info on the EDM universe. Also, how does the M9 second generation differ from the first generation?
  2. deeyou

    Recommendation for sub-$30 IEM's?

    I've been using my RP-HJE120's for almost two years now and they're falling apart.I'm looking for a replacement, something in the sub-$30 range.    I've done some reading here and it seems like the popular choices are: Monoprice 8320, MEElectronics M6/M9, Philips SHE3580   However I've...
  3. Blue Sapphire

    MEElectronics M9 or JVC HAFX1X?

    EDIT: I don't know how I managed to overlook the big buying in-ear headphones thread. I'm terribly sorry. Is there any way to delete this thread?     Hi there, I'm looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones. As I am a student my budget is indeed limited. I'm not an audiophile, but I'd...
  4. jamiek123

    Best budget in ear headphones

    Hi, I am looking for earphones with good bass that i can feel and overall good sound quality i have a budget of aprox 50$  i have been looking at  maxell metallics soundmagic e10 meelectronics m6, m9   i currently use panasonic htf 600 headphones which i find great how would the...
  5. blaksabath

    Ultimate Ears 200 vs Meelectronics M9 VS DbLogic Ep 100?

    In terms of    -Comfort   -Isolation (MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF EARBUDS/IEM TO ME)   -Sound quality
  6. DL-ish

    Looking for earphones $20 or lower...

    Currently I possess an ATH M50 and AIAIAI TMA1. I mean these aren't high end phones but I think it spoiled me a bit. Now before I get stated with asking my question I know that it's probably going to be hard to get decent earphones for this price but I have to say that I have been using stock...
  7. p8in

    MEElectronics M9 vs Dre Tours

    Ok so I specifically made an account here to ask this question: Currently I own the Dr. Dre Tours and after about a year now I'm looking to buy new earphones. I did my research on this site and I came to  conclusion that the best earphones I can buy under $25 are the MEElectronics M9 earbuds...
  8. 1

    Help me pick my next budget IEM amongst a selection?

    Long story short, I had 2 IEMs; a Sony MDR-something something; they were great, but now discontinued. I gave these to a friend who really needed some IEMs as he had no decent ones and he was a piano player and used his iPod heavily; dude needed em.   I also had Senheiser CX250s, which got...
  9. mattchine

    Budget IEM Battle (under $40)

    I'm buying my first pair of IEMs, or really my first pair of headphones because all I have ever used are the stock Apple ones. The last few days I have been OVERWHELMED by all these different brands and their headphones. For instance MEElectronics has like 4 pairs within $10 of each other and...
  10. Faheem

    REVIEW - MEElectronics M9 and M2P

    REVIEW : MEElectronics M2P and M9   Sometime back I had reviewed the MEElectronics M6 belonging the mid-range bracket of IEMs .Some of you might already have an idea about MEElectronics and its products, the one's who don’t can visit this page. MEElectronics: award winning...
  11. badumdish

    What would you prefer for an earphone, an MeElectronics M9 or a SoundMAGIC pl-11?

    Really torn between these two, and am not really sure if the extra cash to get the M9 is worth it when compared to the pl-11. Also I've been hearing that the pl-11 is not so durable, but that M9 costs as much as double from the price of the pl-11 from where I'm from. The pl-11 cost like $18...
  12. FishStik

    Meelec M6 -- Awful (Update: Not So Awful)

    I purchased a pair of M9s way back when and was very impressed. They're a great pair of phones. After a while the wire started getting finicky and they wouldn't stay in my ear for very long so I thought the M6s would be a good alternative.   I received them today and couldn't be more...
  13. iemmustiane

    M11+ vs M6

    I have a pair of meelec m6's that are dieing, had a pair of re0's that just recently died too :(   Anyways the m11+'s are on sale for about $20, i was wondering how do they compare to the m9's and m6's?
  14. inarc

    Entry level in Australia

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a set of entry level earphones in Australia. Because of this forum I have been looking at mostly IEMs (it seems that information on normal earphones is scarce - does that mean there are no viable contenders in this category?). In particular I have been looking at things...
  15. Akella

    Battle of budget: Creative Labs EP-630 vs Soundmagic pl30

    Hello. I'm looking for most comfortable earphones with good isolation, soft and detailed trebles, forward mids and deep bass without big midbass. I need to wear them minimum in 5 hours everyday so a comfort as the soft sound is important for me.   Budget is max $50.
  16. Guff

    Sorry for this one again, but Soundmagic pl30 or m9?

    Hey   Sorry to be making another thread on this. I searched on it and found a couple, but unfortunately I was left with more questions.   I'm looking for a set of IEMs, at about 30$. I listen to a lot of rap/hip-hop, a lot of acoustic, and 90s pop rock (Third eye blind, nine days, etc.)...
  17. AgainstZeGrain

    NuForce NE-7M Double Flanged ear tips

    Hello,   I lost the double flanged ear tips that came with my NuForce NE-7M. I found them much better than the single flanged ones.   What is the size of the double flanged tips that came with it S,M, or L ?   Also, where can I buy replacement double flanged tips in Europe or online...
  18. FoolFighter

    ViSang and Brainwavz and Replacement Tips OH NO!

    I know what your thinking: "Not another replacement tip thread" but I have no where else to turn to. I've asked a Brainwavz agent but he didn't seem to know where I could buy replacement tips for my ViSang R02s, nor did he know any alternatives that would fit. I love the stock bi-flanges that...
  19. hypermaniac

    iem for hip-hop?

    well earlier i bought the audeo phonak 022 and tried them on. they're great and all, love how clear it is, but i want something with a little bit more bass (i'd like to feel the thump in the music). Is there anything thats basically the audeo 022 but with more punchier/impact bass? i've read the...
  20. Dabears2240

    Looking for portable headphone suggestions

    -Closed or open.  I'm open to either one -I listen to mostly hip-hop and rock, so bass is important. -I don't want the bass to drown out everything else, but I want a pretty good amount of it.  I have the Meelec M9's, and that's just about the right amount of bass -I would like for them to...
  21. brian609

    Skullcandy TiTan vs. V-Moda Vibe vs. J-Buds J3

    So I'm looking for a cheap pair of pretty good headphones for daily use at the gym, going to class, etc. I found the v-moda vibe on amazon for $16 and the titans and J3 for about the same price. What do you guys think of these or other headphones in this price range?
  22. voicemaster

    Shipping time range on

    Hi, Yesterday, I bought a Sunrise SW-Xcape from Bugdenaudio for no reason lol (totally impulse buy) and I am wondering how long do they usually take to ship the IEM to USA? I have never bought from them before and just want to know the time range they shipped their IEM from Canada.   Thank you
  23. aznritard

    Help me choose! Switching from IEMs to them Cans =)

              I've been a quite of a "lurker" in the forums for awhile and recently you guys here at head-fi helped me pick out my Panasonic HJE-900's which I love so much.  However, I feel the time has come for me to pick out a new pair of not iem's this time, but headphones.  Because of this...
  24. Kooper

    Looking for heavy bass IEMs

    Hi guys,   Just as the title says straight and to the point, I'm looking for IEMs with an emphasis on heavy bass, which I personally enjoy.   For comparison, I own a pair of Shure 840s, which I feel don't have a strong bass (still great though) and a pair of DT 770s which I enjoy the...
  25. Ninjax

    Help finding cheap earphones

    My terrible UE 220s recently obrke and was fully refunded my £18, which I'm very happy about. They were totally not worth it, I much preferred the sound and comfort of Creative's EP630, so I was considering buying that again. But since I'm willing to spend a bit more than £10, up to £20 no...