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Skullcandy TiTan vs. V-Moda Vibe vs. J-Buds J3

  1. brian609
    So I'm looking for a cheap pair of pretty good headphones for daily use at the gym, going to class, etc. I found the v-moda vibe on amazon for $16 and the titans and J3 for about the same price. What do you guys think of these or other headphones in this price range?
  2. ZV3
    V-Moda. The Titans sacrifice too much treble to get it's Bass. 
  3. mythe
    I'd definitely look into some meelec headphones, you can get some of their higher end headphones for within your price range with the sales they're having now.  I'd take a meelec m6 over skullcandy's flagship headphones any day.
  4. Dr-Atrocious
    Get anything but SkullCandy.
    I used to have the Titans and I wasn't impressed at all.
  5. ljokerl Contributor


    The Titans are pretty poor but not nearly as bad as the FMJ. I spent about a week with the FMJ and decided I'd rather have the whooping cough.
    Anyway, the J3 is a treble-heavy earphone in contrast to the Titans and Vibe so be aware of that before you buy it. Personally I like the Meelec M9 better than both when it comes to bass-heavy in-ears - M9s should run around $18 shipped and reviews are easy to find.

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