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Best budget in ear headphones

  1. jamiek123
    I am looking for earphones with good bass that i can feel and overall good sound quality i have a budget of aprox 50$ 
    i have been looking at 
    maxell metallics
    soundmagic e10
    meelectronics m6, m9
    i currently use panasonic htf 600 headphones which i find great how would the above compare to the htf 600s
    Any advice would be appreciated
  2. TwinQY
    Have you read this? Multi-IEM Review - 257 IEMs compared (HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 added 10/10/12)
    Maybe consider the VSonics (GRo06, GR02 Bass, GR04) around that price range. The new dual-driver dynamic Brainwavz R1s are worth looking at, they have a special introductory price right now, although not a lot of reviews around right now. I also happened to like my M2s a lot at this price range.
  3. torro32
    which one would you recommend for about 10$. I need ones that are comfortable, have clear midrange and sensitivity.
  4. bcd127
    I would reccomend a pair of Soudmagic E10s. I own a pair and love them to deal. I personally think that they are the absolute best bang for your buck. They have a great bass response. 

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