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iem for hip-hop?

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  1. hypermaniac
    well earlier i bought the audeo phonak 022 and tried them on. they're great and all, love how clear it is, but i want something with a little bit more bass (i'd like to feel the thump in the music). Is there anything thats basically the audeo 022 but with more punchier/impact bass? i've read the multi-iem thread by ljokerl and searched the forums, but i just keep coming up with new iems to compare to and research about, so i'm now asking you guys for help. Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Popspin7
    tI'm interested in the same idea.  I need to buy my nephew in-ears but want to limit my budget to around $120 or so.  Like the OP, my nephew wants plenty of bass; I'm not sure he understands what midrange and treble are!  At any rate, would the NOX be a good choice?  Maybe the Klipsch S4?  Some Senn or Denon?
    I don't want to hijack the thread, just benefit from what the OP has asked instead of starting another one.
  3. batpig
    at $120 you can get the Munitio SITi with the current 25% off holiday promo (use coupon code "vibrato"): https://munitio.com/products-page
    the bass is ridiculously good for the price.  Best I've ever heard in an IEM (although I haven't heard any of the super high end stuff admittedly).  And it's not boomy flabby bass, very good quality and doesn't drown out the mids/highs.  You can check out the Wired review: http://www.wired.com/reviews/2010/11/munitio_earbuds/
    to the OP, never heard the Audeo's so I can't make a direct comparo, but I think you would like them too!  Trying to get some other Head-Fi folks to try these and get more feedback :)
  4. Dabears2240
    My Meelec M9's are great with rap, if you want to get something cheap
  5. hypermaniac
    i don't mind Popspin7, i'd be interested in what head-fi would recommend for you too. my budget would be around 60-100, but i'd like to keep it as low as possible, but i don't mind going up in price.
  6. hypermaniac
    people have recommended hippo vb, hje900 (hard to find now), klipsch s4, and i'd also like to add to the list custom 3, denon c710, fischer audio eterna, brainwavz 2 and 3, and Audio Technica cks70. But i just can't really narrow it down.
  7. yello131
    Radius DDM has plenty of bass.
  8. Popspin7
    Thanks, Hyper.
    Too many choices and not enough clarity yet...What I'm after are iem's that mimic or improve upon the Beats Tour, my nephews real desire.  Seems hard to find them below 150 and you have to watch out for knock-off's.
    The Radius DDM are reported to have a ton of low end but appear to cost the same as the Beats Tour.  Trying to find out more about the Munitio's batpig mentioned.
    The search continues.
  9. batpig
    I think the Munitio SITi's are significantly better than the Beats Tour.  With that Monster/Dre branded stuff you are paying a huge premium for the marketing budget.  Monster stuff is always overpriced for the performance.
    They have awesome bass and are great for rap / hip hop / house music.
  10. buffalowings


     I would stay away from the klipsch s4's, too much uncontrollable boomy bass that drowns out the entire frequency range and poor cabling that feels very weak. the HJE-900's are much harder to find now that they have been discontinued. some people have complained of fitment issues with the radius DDm's due to the unique shape of the ear pieces. IDK of any IEm's under $120 in sennheiser's arsenal. therefore, i'll have to go with the brainwavz m2's, because they're dynamic driver based, they go really well with my westone 3's, more bass slam and quantity when i feel like it.
  11. Popspin7
    Hi Buffalowings;
    Let's say you had up to $130 to spend.  Would you offer a different suggestion?
  12. buffalowings


    well, the brainwavz are the best IEMs I have heard for hip hop/rap. I did try the monster coppers at one point, but I barely heard any bass much less how other members describe them (most likely I never got a good seal/fit) either way, LjokerL's thread really helps for anyone starting out
  13. Poetik
    IE8's!!! YESSS!!!!
  14. buffalowings


    i don't think he has the funding
  15. Popspin7
    Hi Buffalo;
    Yes, IE8 is too rich for giving to my nephew.  In my case, I am buying for a teenager, not me!
    The Munitio's look very interesting but save for the design...
    The thread was also very helpful but I have still not reached my objective.
    BUFF:  If you had up to $130 to spend what would you buy?  Earlier you intimated a different choice, (Senn?) if you had $120 to spend.  What did you have in mind?
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