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cx300's mud? did i get a fake?

  1. jaqueh
    don't know if i got fakes or not. but are they supposed to sound like an earwax buildup? i had the cx500s, which may or may not have been fake, and they sound leagues above the cx300s; mind you this is the first generation cx300.
  2. mvw2
    From user comments/rankings, the CX300 is quite low on the todem poll in terms of SQ.  Are yours legit?  Probably.  Are they actually supposed to sound like crap?  From anything I've run across, yep, they're pretty crappy.
  3. jaqueh
    omg, they sound like skullcandies!!! SKULLCANDIES!!!
    im just going to stick with sony
  4. cRodz
    They are not that crappy.
    Carry a lot of bass and i would like to think that they sounded quite good on my j3.
    They are cheap but break easily.
    I just grabbed a new pair since i am stuck with my j3 stock headphones...and they just broke yesterday =/
    20 bucks from amazon cx300-II
    Where did you buy it?
    did you try to save a few bucks, cheapskate
  5. Bennyboy71
    They're poo on a stick. Put them on ground and crunch under foot repeatedly.
  6. Gideon
    I was warned off CX300's as i was looking for budget entry level phones with a punchy bass and i didn't want that horrible flat/muddy bass you get with a lot of the cheap phones.
    Mark2410 suggested the Radiopaq Jazz to me (£19.99 direct) and they just arrived today, only 2 hours into the burn-in but they have a nice tight/punchy bass and a good overall sound quality. (i listen to Metal, Rock, Country, 80s synth, classical, all sorts of stuff really) So far for the tracks i've tried they are doing a grand job.
    I'm sure for the extra ££'s i'll notice their flaws compared to pricier phones but for this price point i have to say i'm quite impressed.
    So my personal opinion, if your in the UK get some radiopaq jazz on your shopping list [​IMG]
  7. Bennyboy71
    I've seen the Rapiopaqs on sale in Maplins before, I think.

  8. Gideon
    Yeah a lot of places do them in the UK, normally £40 but are on offer for £20 at the moment. I think i saw them on offer in HMV as well so easy to grab a pair if your UK based, obviously it will depend on what music your in to as to whether these are the right ones for you at this price. There may be better alternatives for other peoples tastes but these suit me quite nicely.
  9. jaqueh
    crodz, i bought them off of amazon via a fulfilled seller because amazon no longer carries them. iono, i have really high standards for midrange and highs.
  10. rawrster
    well the cx300 is pretty much a bass monster with not much else and pretty muddy bass
  11. JRG1990
    I had a geniune pair brought from a local store, the bass just over-powered everthing i couldn't reallly hear any mids at all the highs were ok though they had a small soundstage mainly just bass, they had the same bass sound you get from a logitech subwoofer but a bit more muddy not good, i broke mine and then replaced them with the soundmagic PL11 which sounds better in every way.

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