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Time for a new pair of earphones, My CX300 ii's gave up on me

  1. hcu5
    Hey, Im new to this earphone stuff. I've used a pair of CX300 ii's for 9 months then they died on me. I loved em and i want sth like them. They were abit bassy though. And i do enjoy bass. I was thinking of Either CX400 ii or Bose IE2 or Cx870? Which is better? Or any other alternative is ok. my price range is around 120$ (I live in Turkey so shipping from amazon's third party sellers are another 20-40$ so the earphones should be around 80-100$). I listen to all sorts of music by the way, mostly songs with alot of bass and rock :D Also i need a pair which isolates sound like CX300. Thanks everyone :D
  2. hcu5
  3. JJBug
    I went from cx 300 IIs to Klipsch S4 - very happy.
  4. hcu5
    Thanks :D yea either Klipcsh S4 or CX400ii now
  5. mythless
    S4 are fine, you could try some meleec stuff

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