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Guidance on IEM's

  1. joeybutts
    Hey gang!  Been a bit of a lurker on the board and used it previously for my first dabble into more quality IEM's (they were Senn CX300 II's [​IMG] ).  Well, I enjoyed them very much but the cable frayed on one channel inside the jacket at the plug [​IMG] . Oh well.  I always look at equipment dying/failing/terminating as a justifiable reason to upgrade [​IMG]
    I still don't know enough about IEM's and don't have the funds to just toss on a pair and guess and check for a while as I am a big HT and 12V guy and have enough of those projects at the moment.  So I was hoping you guys could develop a hypothesis on what would be a good pair to dump some coin on.
    I don't mind spending $50, but am willing to spend up to about $200.  
    Some things I would like from them -
    Replaceable cables.
    Not a J format cable.
    A warm low end.
    slightly sparkly top end.
    Clean balanced mid range.
    Let me know if you need any more info to help me out with a decision!  Thanks again!
  2. joeybutts
    Did I not post enough info for proper guidance?  Let me know!  Thanks![​IMG]
  3. Marcus_C
    Sounds like you're a prime candidate for the FOTM crew to throw the hje900 at you, they'll be along at some point, not having heard it myself I can't suggest them, although $50-$200 is quite a wide budget range.
  4. joeybutts
    Thanks Marcus!  So you are suggesting what you think others will suggest?  [​IMG] 
    Are those the Panasonics?
    My budget is capped at $200, but if there is something comparable at a lower price I'll pick them up (just saying I don't NEED to buy a name....long as they perform that's all that matters....)
  5. ljokerl Contributor
    Repleaceable cables really narrow down the field (to the Panasonics...). Plus your other requirements are a match.
  6. Marcus_C
    Yeah, pretty much, i've used quite a few iem's in that range although i wouldn't recommend a lot of them. If you want some direct recommendations, etymotic hf5 is good if you don't mind bass-lite earphones, beyerdynamic dtx100 is my favourite under $200, they are a bit more balanced than the hf5, Sleek sa1 is built like a tank and looks good but if you aren't bothered about looks then look elsewhere, if you want waterproof (odd i know but makes so much sense in practise) then h2o surge mini pro are quite good. Most of the others i've used have been cheaper so are not as good.
  7. jasonb
    yup, that price range with replaceable cables pretty much narrows it down to the panasonics.
    btw, my first decent pair of IEM's were also the CX300II's. i now use a pair of Brainwavz M2's which i am really REALLY enjoying.
  8. joeybutts
    Looks like I'll give the HJE900's a go! 
    As far as tips go, are there any you guys recommend with the HJE900's?  The Senn's tips I was right between the small and medium size and neither were very solid in my ear. 

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