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are my ears different?

  1. buffalowings
    strangely enough, my favorite eartips are the ones that came stock with my sennheiser CX300 IIs, the IE8 uses the same eartips and many people seem to have fitment issues with them, funny...with that, I'm seriously tempted by the IE8s, after trying out the monster pro turbine coppers, I'm in a search for a bit more bass, and I'm pretty focused on the IE8s, with that, I must ask, what is the average asking price and where is the best place to find the lowest price?
  2. shaddix
    I got mine for 275 from JR's a week ago. Razordogdeals2008 on ebay is also good, I know he gets them from senn for 250 a pop so anything 250-280 is a good deal.

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