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sennheiser cx 300 or 300 IIs

  1. pietjepukkel
    Hey guys,
    Do you know what is the difference between the sennheiser cx 300s and the 300 IIs? the 300s are a bit cheaper on amazon. Can't find those on the sennheiser website though, only the IIs. Are the IIs the updated model and are they essentially the same, or is there a difference between them?
  2. JonnySayer
    At one time I had both and the -II was much better. The product itself had a much better cable and the over powerful bass from the original was fixed and the sound quality was overall much greater and the clarity was improved. Also it may be much cheaper from Play.Com if you live in the UK.
  3. JosephKim
    hm are you limited to those choices? I think the consensus on head-fi is that there are many buds that are far better quality for the price.
  4. gav007
    You might as well go up one more model to the CX400, since they are only $3-7 more...
  5. pietjepukkel
    @ Josephkim: No certainly not limited to these ones. Which one(s) would you recommend at similar price-range then?
  6. JosephKim
    The soundmagic pl30 and meelec m9 are generally mentioned for the ~$30 range. I think it would be helpful to mention what sound signature youre looking for, type of music, etc.
  7. JosephKim

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