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Could you help to choose please?

  1. okdark

    Sennheiser CX300 II

    Sennheiser PMX80 Sport II
    I do plan to do sport in the future but witch of them has a better sound..... if there something better out there please recoomend
    and not KOss prota pro becasue they don't go to well with 5800 XM
  2. ljokerl Contributor
    Meelectronics M6? Overstock has them for $20 shipped which is a great price. Good active earphones.
  3. Ginuwine
    are these waterproof or sweatproof tho? i'm looking into headphones for sports especially running... Not quite sure what to get here... i know there is a price difference, but with my new apple inears i cant seem to get them to stay in while running... sorry to hijack this thread ... 
  4. Ginuwine
    also what do you think of the mee m6 and the senn pmx/cx 680i? and what would u recommend as the best place to get the authentic ones? ive been looking around... prices seem pretty spread out... haha thnx again!
  5. ljokerl Contributor


    They aren't waterproof but they stay pretty flush with the ear so it wouldn't be too easy to get them wet. If you have to have waterproof look at the H2O Surge. They come with some thick rubber earcushions that not only repel moisture but stay in much better than soft silicone ones during physical activity. Over-the-ear fitment is still recommended though.
    Haven't tried the Senn 680 series.
  6. Ginuwine
    thanks for the suggestion... im just contemplating whether or not the m6 will stay in ear, cause my old ie6 and my apples dont stay in at all lol. 

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