1. aznsennmaster

    MeElec M6's or Sennheiser CX680's?

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm looking for a new pair of earbuds, one that I can use to work out at the gym. I mostly listen to alternative rock, classic rock, and some indie rock. I've narrowed it down to the MeElectronics M6 and the Sennheiser MX680's. To anyone that has used both pairs, what are your...
  2. Amar1990

    Budget IEM Recommendation?

    Hey all, my girlfriend has recently asked me to help her pick a new pair of headphones for use with her iPod nano. In the past, she has had nothing but the stock Apple Earbuds, which obviously leave much to be desired. She's finally let me convince her to use something better.  *EDIT* I...
  3. 88jwong88

    Best In earphones for under 100

    so im on a tight budget after getting ath m-50s yesterday. Im not a total bass head but i do like my fair share so what are your suggestions?   Thanks.
  4. vishurocks

    iem to be used with lg optimus one. need help

    Need iem to be used with my lg optimus one celfon. i like meelectronics m6 and soundmagic pl30. But my ques in will optimus one be able to drive any of two iems. somebody suggested me jvc marshmallows and told m that my phone will not be able to handle pl30 and m6. so i will need a headphone...
  5. Chunky McNasty

    MEElectronics M6 vs. MEElectronics M6 with Microphone/Remote

    I have decided to buy a MEElectronics M6 when I noticed there was also a MEElectronics M6 with Microphone/Remote available. Is there a difference between these two in terms of sound quality and durability? And also is the Microphone/Remote of decent quality? I have an iPhone and the...
  6. jinglish

    Good cell headset value?

    I've had a pair of KSC-75's for the last few months now, and for $15 from Amazon, they're great. Last month, though, I finally upgraded from my old crap phone to an LG Optimus running Android, and I've been carrying them around with the phone instead of my netbook. Music from the phone sounds...
  7. JohnBell

    Comply Tips Review

    Hello! Im new to this forum, and this is the first thread that I have started. I am doing a review of the Comply Foam tips. First off, I would like to thank Comply and their representative on headfi (Comply, aka Nate) for selecting me to do a review of their foam tips. When I got home from...
  8. DrGroove

    What IEM to try next?

    Until now I had considered myself a basshead, but after trying several sets of IEMs I'm not so sure. It's hard to find that perfect balance. Spent last night out with a friend of a friend who let me listen to his IE8's and I was pretty impressed with the soundstage and general warm balance.  ...
  9. Shining Wing

    Can someone explain how to remove the memory wire in the MEElectronics M6?

    I really want to remove the memory wire in my M6, as it's causing the earphones do not fit the best they can. However, I'm rather short on money (saving up to get my Nexus 7's screen repaired) and do, so I would appreciate a bit of a guide on how to do this so that I'm not running in blind. I...
  10. enthdegree

    Best flanges for M6

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if there are any flanges out there that fit the M6 but have a better seal than the stock tips. I find it very hard to get a good fit with the ones that came with it. Foam tips would be OK but they have to be replaced semi-frequently which would probably never...
  11. enthdegree

    Sub-$50 Earphones

    Hello, all. I've been trying to find the best earphones that are in my price range of $0-$50.   AFAIK the 'biggest' options are:   MEElectronics M6 - $20 MEElectronics M2 - $10 Thinksound TS01 - $50 Visang R03 - ??? Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 - $30 Maximo iM-590 - $50    I'm...
  12. WhiteCrow

    good IEM*preferably not a bass cannon* for under 60$

    suggest them to me head-fi.
  13. Silenceophobe

    Rate my next planned purchases: Decent/Cheap Canal Headphones

    Hi Everybody,   Just wanted to bet some help from people who know their stuff. :)   A little bit about me; I'm a University student. I'm bearably good at guitar, and have an overall love of music. I enjoy just about anything, other than hip hop and country. My tastes range from GNR to...
  14. Pen n Paper

    In-ear earphones for Dubstep & other electronica music.

    Hey everyone,   My last pair of in-ear phones just bit the dust today (was actually quite depressing). And now I'm on the lookout for a new pair of phones.    I basically spend most of my time listening to dubstep, drum n bass, and other different types of electronica. My last two pairs...
  15. polarhk

    [help] what's the best in-ear earphone (plus shipping to hk) i can get within the budget of US$55?

    hello   recently i accidentally left my EX300SL in the hotel in Macau and i didn't want to go back and get it, though i loved it. i wanted to buy another pair of earphones but i wanted to try other brand of earphones with budget of $55 (shipping included)   anyway, i checked the...
  16. iemmustiane

    M11+ vs M6

    I have a pair of meelec m6's that are dieing, had a pair of re0's that just recently died too :(   Anyways the m11+'s are on sale for about $20, i was wondering how do they compare to the m9's and m6's?
  17. jiggawhat

    best $10, or $20 headphones/earbuds/inear/whatever

    I'm poor as hell, and I want to buy like ten of these.   All I am looking for is the best sound quality of any type of earbuds, headphones, whatever, anything you can put on your head that isn't a speaker, for $10, or $20 max.    The one I've most recently tried is a KOSS KEB-24 in ear...
  18. max pl

    Best IEMs for under...

    $50.   I know this topic has probably been covered to death but I need some quick responses and dont have time to search through all the threads.   My mom wants me to find a pair of IEMs for my little cousin that are under $50.   He's no audiophile and likely thinks Skullcandy are...
  19. unleashthemonke

    Semi-Budget IEM for Irish, Celtic, some rock

    Hey everyone, Christmas is getting close and I've decided I'm going to get some headphones for someone as a gift.  I have been around these forums a little (I actually bought the RE0's a while ago upon some suggestions from helpful people here).  Now I am try to take on the harder task of buying...
  20. Akella

    Battle of budget: Creative Labs EP-630 vs Soundmagic pl30

    Hello. I'm looking for most comfortable earphones with good isolation, soft and detailed trebles, forward mids and deep bass without big midbass. I need to wear them minimum in 5 hours everyday so a comfort as the soft sound is important for me.   Budget is max $50.
  21. forbidden

    Visang R03s broken, M6 worth it? or go for RE0s? TripleFi 10?

    Hey guys, my Visang R03s broke the other day (right side is REALLY REALLY quiet).    Would you say that the M6 is a worth upgrade? Meelec is selling it for $13 today and was wondering if I should get them OR go and just get the RE0s? I've spent as much on all my other IEMs than I would have...
  22. hojomojo96

    Question about the Meelec ht21's?

    Does anyone think they'll be on sale for under the pre order price ($35) anytime soon?  Or should I just bite on the pre order savings?
  23. gibson5469

    Can anyone give me (and noobs) some cliffs?

    It's been awhile since I stayed up on IEM's, 2008 to be exact. ER6i and 3 were the defacto standard sub $100 offerings, and other smaller brands were just making an appearance. Still have my SCL4's, which I'm quite happy with. Got in the logitech 3 deal, and just kramer modded...
  24. DervishD

    Looking for triflanges, lostearbud ones will work?

    Hi all :)   I've recently tested the new, bigger tri-flanges that came with my new Meelec M6, and they have made a difference for me in terms of comfort and solving one of my all-time problems: due to my funnel shaped ear canals, tips slide out of them.   But they are not perfect :( The...
  25. Victoryofdefeat

    Meelectronics m6 question

    I'm looking to buy a pair of m6's and found And...