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Brainwavz M2 a good way to go?

  1. naike
    I'm considering buying these, however I don't really even know other IEMs in this price range so I haven't got anything to compare it to, so if you have any personal experience with these, I'd like to hear them.
    Also, I'm a bit skeptical about its bass, I'm used to the CX300 and I like its bass very much, however I'm sure I will get used to IEMS with less bass, as long as it has some.
    My second question is regarding mp4nation, has anyone ordered anything from there?
    Id like to hear some experiences.
  2. Nawawa
    Yes i still like it very much even though i have other IEMs. They're quite comfortable. Although bass may not be as much as my Eternas they're definately worth the money because of their balanced sound.
    Edit: Nice FFFUUU avatar there. From UG's The Pit? lol [​IMG]
  3. atobe
    i have the m2 i like them i don't have anything else to compare them to though cep for my 20$ phones they sound much better than those. bass is good enough for me, i mostly listen to trance n electronic music. didn't have any problem with ordering from mp4nation either. shipping took about 1wk once it was mailed.
  4. naike


    No this is the avatar I use on guru3d :d
    I made it when I was ordering my new pc a few months ago and wanted to try intel but they are just too expensive for their performance so I went amd again lol
  5. paulypaul
    No problems with MP4NATION.
    Ive ordered 3 times from them and received the items within about 2 weeks to Australia (free post and even got a tracking number).
    I like the M2s. Very warm with plenty of bass and full mids. Highs have a little sparkle, but the signature focuses on the lows and mids.
    Never tried the cx300s so cant really compare them.
  6. nothingtotalk
    Own the M2s as well. Their bass and mids are pretty good and overall they're very value for money. I'm not very sure if you can get better SQ for its price but well it's subjective [​IMG]
  7. naike
    Hmm, unless anyone can think of any reason not to get the M2s, or get anything else, I'll probably order them soon. [​IMG]
  8. naike
    So I ordered the special combo which inlcudes the Fiio e5 amp, the adapted cable and the Brainwavz M2 2 days ago.
    The post tracking in hongkong isn't working but I guess it will arrive within a week or so, I will post my thoughts on the product when I get it.
    I also noticed when ordering that the Brainwavz are chinese, not so sure if that's a good thing but oh well, buying chinese products once won't kill me.
  9. bonglee23
    I received my M2 from MP4Nation yesterday. They took about two weeks to get from Hong Kong to Germany, most of which was spent at the Hong Kong post office.
    I'm still in the process of getting used to them, since they are my first decent IEMs, comparing them to my Yuin OK3s.
    But what I can definitely tell you that they have bass in abundance. My player is a Meizu M6 which has a strong bass, and I had to dial back all the sound enhancers I had been using with the Yuins because the bass was overpowering.
    I'd say you won't be disappointed.
    And btw, I have Chinese-only portable rig, with Meizu, Yuin ans now the M2. But why not, if they are the best things around? And they're not even fakes or copies, go figure...
  10. nekromantik
    would these be better then the Meele M6s?
    for electronic music
  11. jaqueh
    i cant stand the m6s
  12. paulypaul
    The M2s & M1s are way better than the M9s IMO (never tried the M6s, but i believe its the same driver as the M9)
  13. nekromantik
    Ok thanks
    On the multi IEM review thread, that guy said M6s were best for electronic music in that price range so I guess its a personal opinion.
    I cant afford to buy both ha ha so whatever I buy im stuck with until they break.
    edit: oops sorry, that was the M1s
  14. naike
    Well, all I can say, the service isn't very good in china. It took a normal 1 day to post it, but it has taken hongkongpost a whole four days to mail the package. Pathetic.. If your after a pair of headphones and need them fast, don't bother ordering them from mp4nation. (And seriously if you are planning on deleting this post for posting genuine criticism about a site I'm going to eat my headphones, when I get them that is)
  15. atobe
    yeah but it's always like that when dealing with overseas companies be preprared for a long transit. I bought stuff from audio cubes onces still took a month even when they said they had it in stock.

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