1. szjwt63v


  2. buffalowings

    disappointed in mp4 nation: poor customer service, user beware. Not recommended

    :mad:I bought a pair of brainwave b2's about a couple months ago, recently the earpiece split at the seam due to the lack of sufficient adhesive used in the manufacturing process so I glued it back together, worked fine but soon after, one of the earpieces stopped working. E-mailed mp4 nation...
  3. vincedea

    brainwavz M3 vs M4

    whats the difference between these 2? I had the M3's before they got smashed from a closing door :(.  And as aorund the mp4nation site i noticed that they didnt have the M3's anymore but they had the M4's.  After reading the reviews what will be the difference between these 2 IEMs?    ...
  4. wooz

    Visang R02 Feedback :-)

    Hello! I've been browsing head-fi for sometime, and purchased the Visang R02s due to the good reviews. After using the standard monitors that come with my musicplayer for several years (they dont go nearly as far in ear as the R02s) the improvement in quality is really really noticeable...
  5. Soundshot13

    Brainwavs M1 and M2 vs Mee M6 vs Philips she-9850 vs SoundMagic PL-50 whats your choice???

    we all wanted a very good and nice In Ear Monitors or Ear buds, but we have to admit that we all have different opinions, different hearing talents, in this thread you can post all your opinions and suggestions and reviews regarding this IEMs that is available in the market, please respect other...
  6. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Brainwavz B2

    First, I’ll like to thank MP4 Nation for the sample.   Before we go into the review of B2, let’s take a look at the story of B2 itself. Well, for those of you who have done your reading, you would have known there is another ‘B2’ before this B2. It is the very well received DBA-02 from...
  7. keanex

    [Review] Brainwavz Beta (V2), Sound Quality Comes First

        I would like to thank Brainwavz for the opportunity to review their brand new Brainwavz Beta. I've titled this with a (V2) marking to distinguish that these are vastly different than the original ones. If you are interested in where to purchase these head on over to MP4nation where...
  8. jomarr

    Best earbuds for $50 or less?

    Good day, I'm new here and honestly I'm a noob with earphones and sound quality. I am finding earphones (with that price range). I really like balanced sounds. Clean bass not boomy.. Would you guys please suggest some products for me? I was THIS close on getting beats but a lot of Audiophiles...
  9. movies99

    Soundmagic PL30 cable wire broke :( :( how to fix it ??

    hello everyone.. my pl30 cable wire just broke in between a door accidentally... I brought it just a month back.. how to fix it ? will there be any warranty for it ?   thank you..
  10. Tripod8

    Fiio Products in Hong Kong / China

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area to post this !! Move it as you see fit if it is.   Hi Head-Fi'ers   I am hoping that this forum is quite well established all around the world. I am currently in Hong Kong (From Canada), and I am curious about looking for Fiio products. Now I have a few...
  11. Taybear

    Brainwavz M2 and Fiio E7 combo from mp4nationusa question.

    Hi all.  I've been searching through these forums for an extended period of time and ran across many multiple reviews of the Brainwavz M2.  When I noticed on mp4nationusa that they had the combo deal with the E7 amp for $109, I jumped on it.  I just received them tonight and have been listening...
  12. waltl

    Beware of Mp4nation it doesn't fulfill orders

    Dear Friends, I ordered earphones six weeks ago, no shipping date, no earphones. They did, however, take my money. If you want your merchandise don't order from Mp4nation
  13. ppierce

    MP4 Nation

    Anyone have any experience buying things from them? I ordered some IEM on April 29th. They shipped on May 3rd and a tracking number still hasn't popped up. Does anyone have a phone number??
  14. roughavoc

    Second pair of Brainwavz M2, disappointed.

    Hey al I have recently bought my second pair of the brainwavz M2 due to me misplacing my first pair and I'm very disappointed with them. When I first got them I drove them in at medium iPod touch volume for around 40 hours. No a month later I have perfect sounding sound but I have driver crackle...
  15. Djini

    Good choice for an Audio newbie?

    I've moved off an iPhone 3GS to a HTC Desire HD and thought I'd get some new in-ears to replace my CX300 II and my Sony MDR-EX75SL just to make a change and maybe get something a bit better.   I don't have lots of money to throw at this for now - you might see me in the trade threads here...
  16. totylertarian


    I know this is a usual topic on this forum but like the others I have had problems. I ordered in late October and still haven't received my S:Flo2. I've been in contact but MP4Nation's too busy trying to get their shoulders up their a$$es as well. I know this post belongs elsewhere but I thought...
  17. jasonb

    new Brainwavz dual balanced armature IEM's seem to be on the way...

    just saw a Facebook post from MP4Nation's Facebook page about a dual BA IEM.   let the wait begin!!!/mp4nation
  18. inarc

    Entry level in Australia

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a set of entry level earphones in Australia. Because of this forum I have been looking at mostly IEMs (it seems that information on normal earphones is scarce - does that mean there are no viable contenders in this category?). In particular I have been looking at things...
  19. killerfrenzi

    What's the best bang for your buck IEM for $60?

    I'm looking to get a new pair of IEMs since I don't have any nice ones ever since I got my audio tech m50s and crave some more portable sq. I'm really interested in those flush sitting ones and I'd like to hear distinct mids since I love listening to the vocals all the songs I hear. Otherwise...
  20. JosephKim

    mp4nation customer service?

    I contacted m4pnation a few days ago about returning my Brainwavz m1 but havent heard anything back. What is everyones experience with their customer service?
  21. bluezor

    Brainwavz M2 Left Ear Losing Sound

    Hi.. My Brainwavz M2's left ear is starting to lose sound. I started to notice today that when I use it, sometimes it cuts off then the sound comes back about a second later, and it sounds really weird. This is the ear where the strain reliefs are coming off and now it's starting to not work as...
  22. NimbleRabit

    mp4nation shipping

    Has anyone else had any issues with shipping from mp4nation? I ordered something from them about a month ago, and while I'm a pretty patient person, it's starting to worry me a little bit. Does it normally take over a month to get something from Hong Kong, or is this abnormal? I've sent in a...
  23. hojomojo96

    Whats the difference between Brainwavz M1's and the Brainwavs Pro Alphas?

    Also, is MP4nation reliable?
  24. quadtec

    Looking for some cheap canal earplugs

    Another "recommend me" thread...   I'm looking to buy a pair of really cheap (<£25) in-ear canal headphones. I've been looking around the forum and I'm quite keen on the Sennheiser CX500s but I wondered if I could get something better with that price limit. Important are sound quality...
  25. naike

    Brainwavz M2 a good way to go?

    I'm considering buying these, however I don't really even know other IEMs in this price range so I haven't got anything to compare it to, so if you have any personal experience with these, I'd like to hear them. Also, I'm a bit skeptical about its bass, I'm used to the CX300 and I like its...