Second pair of Brainwavz M2, disappointed.
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Mar 10, 2010
Hey al I have recently bought my second pair of the brainwavz M2 due to me misplacing my first pair and I'm very disappointed with them.
When I first got them I drove them in at medium iPod touch volume for around 40 hours. No a month later I have perfect sounding sound but I have driver crackle of many of my songs when I listen to them at full volume, which didn't happen with my old pair, also recently I have been getting driver flex.

I am asking should I call mp4nation and ask a refund as my headphones are faulty or should I live with them as I live in the UK and would take around 2 months for them to come back to me? Not forgetting the P&P

Thanks Joe

(Sorry about language wrote on my HTC HD2)
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Just open a ticket and MP4 Nation's Hugo will give you the RMA procedure.
My pair of ProAlpha started to get static after who months, they replaced my set swiftly. Very satisfied with their customers support!

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