1. mahesh

    Hegel HD20,HD10,HD2 Impression Thread

    My new dac Hegel hd20 First impression..Great digital player,very relaxed sound, more to come......
  2. TaGI

    HD2 advance and LME49990?

    Anybody used this OA?
  3. Kazenoppix

    Maple tree audio HD2 Tube rolling question

    So I have a JJ ECC99 in my hd2 atm and i was wondering what other output tubes would work?I heard the 12bh7 works and a 6n6p, is that true are there any others? I am willing to do some mods also if need be. i have a telefunken 12ax7 smooth in as input tube. any info would be apreciated thanks.
  4. ilikepooters

    HTC HD2 - Blown away

    Was messing around with my HTC HD2 smartphone and it really has surprised me at it's sound quality.   Now it's not stock Android i'm running, if anyones interested it's running Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (PacMan HD2 v1.1) the phone originally shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5 so was fun and games...
  5. Loodakid

    Sony XB-700 with e5 amp vs XB-500 Unamped?

    Im between these two choices, and they're tearing me apart. Im reading so much into this comparison but i just get more confused. I like to listen to orchestral, metal, rock, one or two dubstep and some pop (yeah i can see that my taste is abit everywhere) I love punchyness without sacrificing...
  6. adriantannerisb


  7. Murmaider

    To mod? To return? or to pair with an amp?

    I recently purchased the Sennheiser HD555's after reading all the raving reviews about them. When i first received them they sounded okay, nothing too special but i realized i had to burn them in so i left them playing pink noise over nite for 2 days and i also listened to them through the day...
  8. roughavoc

    Second pair of Brainwavz M2, disappointed.

    Hey al I have recently bought my second pair of the brainwavz M2 due to me misplacing my first pair and I'm very disappointed with them. When I first got them I drove them in at medium iPod touch volume for around 40 hours. No a month later I have perfect sounding sound but I have driver crackle...
  9. psgarcha92

    RE0 and amps?

    hey guys i have been planning to buy new IEMs for my sansa fuze v2. i have selected Head Direct RE0, which according to the specs have a 64Ohm impedance. would i need an amp to drive these? if not, what are some alternatives? i liked the RE0s, because atleast on the this forum (head-fi)...
  10. ElcomeSoft

    Confirmation of fake Monster Turbines

    Just to fill you in, I bought these Monster Turbines cheap off eBay sold as new for £35 ($45-50) and expected them to be fake. As far as I can tell, they are fakes and show a couple of telltale signs but I would just like some confirmation on my assumptions.   Looking at the box itself, it...
  11. ElcomeSoft

    Best tips for Brainwavz ProAlpha's?

    Hello there, A relatively new guy to sound here :) Had experience with generic Sony Ericsson pairs and V-Moda Vibes which I used to own when travelling a lot in a previous job. Been settling for normal earbuds (the ones that sit outside of the ear canal) that came with my HTC HD2 for my music...
  12. HTC  HD2

    HTC HD2

    The HTC HD2 is so fast—and its screen is so big—that you might not even notice it's a phone. When you're watching a video, you'll think it's a TV. When you're working, you'll think it's a computer. When you're surfing the Web, you'll miss your bus. Immerse yourself. This screen is our biggest...