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Sony XB-700 with e5 amp vs XB-500 Unamped?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by loodakid, Sep 26, 2011.
  1. Loodakid
    Im between these two choices, and they're tearing me apart. Im reading so much into this comparison but i just get more confused. I like to listen to orchestral, metal, rock, one or two dubstep and some pop (yeah i can see that my taste is abit everywhere) I love punchyness without sacrificing quality. I just tried my friend's shure 440, and although the sound was great, i couldnt get a decent punch off of them, it definitly didnt fit my taste. I listen on a BB curve, or HTC HD2 for portable, and PC for normal. Yes im a noob, but i really want to make the better choice, can anyone add some pieces of wisdom in this dilema? :D
  2. Croozer
    Go for the XB700.
  3. NA Blur
    First let me say that the XB headphones have such exaggerated bass that the entire mid and treble range become really washed out and unpleasant.  All you are going to hear is thump thump and not an even reproduction of the nice music you enjoy so much.  I do understand that you enjoy bass emphasized headphones.  If you have to choose between the 500 and 700 the XB-500 is a better can.  The bass extends much more flatly out to 400Hz whereas the XB-700's really drop out the midrange.  The vocals on the XB-500 will sound much better, but the treble is roughly the same on both.
    Here are my alternate recommendations.

    1.)  $30-$45

    Denon AH-C360 ( In-ear Headphone )

    Bass emphasized with a wide treble peak so the highs are not completely washed out.

    2.)  $90-$150

    Audio Technica ATH-M50

    An excellent headphone in its price range that is sealed.  If the track has deep bass in it the drivers on these babies go very deep.  Many people say it sounds like a subwoofer.  The mids and highs will not be quite as washed out as the XB headphones.
  4. Croozer

    I never experienced that with my XB1000.
  5. Loodakid
    My problem is the moeny. I bascially have a 108$ exactly, and it turned out that an XB 700 with an E5 costs more than that. So im down to an xb 700 unamped vs an XB 500 unamped. Please help :D
  6. Ultimate Audio
    xb500 is far better,trust me,go to innerfidellity website and u will see the thruly in deep review of all the xb series.
  7. ntrain96
    Personally the more and more I listen to my XB500's the less I like them. The Bass is OK, but its actually very muddy bass. The midrange and treble and poor as well. But for $50-60 bucks it is what it is. Still waiting to hear a pair of XB700's but for $90 bucks can you expect that much more? The 500's would be a really good deal if the clarity was better. The headphones sound like someone put a thick bathroom towel over the audio source/speakers.
  8. Mad Lust Envy Contributor

    Fixed. :D

    Right out of the box, the XB500 are a muddy, muffled, overbearing bass type of can. Out of the box, the XB700 has a lot of sub bass, and sparkly treble.

    Ask anyone around here, it is better to EQ DOWN a headphone's issue (for the XB700, is toning down the lower and upper extremities). Not EQ up (for me, the XB500 needs to loss a lot of mid bass, raise up mids, and raise up treble by a LOT). IMHO, the XB700 has the better potential to be a very great can after EQ. Without EQ, to me it's not contest. The XB700 wins either way.
  9. RPGWiZaRD
    Well XB700 needs a boost in 250 Hz - 4kHz range (biggest boost around 500 - 1kHz range). as much as XB500 needs a boost in the 500Hz and above range unless you prefer V-shaped sound signatures so it's not that simple, ofc V-shape sounds clearer out of box but that doesn't necessarily make it more detailed, the XB500 has the lower midrange 250Hz - 1000 Hz more forward than XB700 but 2kHz+ range is a bit more recessed than on XB700.
  10. Ultimate Audio
    maybe you are right.i never tryet the 700s but the true is this.
    IMO is a little bit muffled phones(the xb500) and the bass is there but is not huge,my Bose In ear 1 have better deep bass and i dont joke.
    xb 500 vs Bose in ear 1
    bass                                 9 vs  9,5
    mids                                 7 vs  9
    highs                                7 vs  6
    instrument separation      9 vs 8
    eficiency                         10vs 8
    sound stage                     8 vs 7

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