The HTC HD2 is so fast—and its screen is so big—that you might not even notice it's a phone. When...


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  • The HTC HD2 is so fast—and its screen is so big—that you might not even notice it's a phone. When you're watching a video, you'll think it's a TV. When you're working, you'll think it's a computer. When you're surfing the Web, you'll miss your bus.

    Immerse yourself. This screen is our biggest yet, 4.3 inches corner to corner, with bright, lifelike 480x800 resolution.

    Keep up with people, don't keep track of messages. See all your conversations with someone—from calls and e-mails to text messages and Facebook® status updates—all together, all in one place.

    Make your home your own. Change your home screen to create the perfect phone for you, with your apps and interests right on top.

    Be a weather watcher. The HD2 automatically checks the local weather, and then shows you what to expect with animated weather wallpaper.

    Keep in touch the way you want. Stay close to friends on Facebook, Google Talk™, and Flickr®. Master your tweets with HTC Peep™.

    Do everything faster. Qualcomm’s latest processor, the new 1GHz Snapdragon™, speeds up everything—from playing games to watching shows to opening files from work.

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  1. Mattess
    "Great quality, decent design (Review only pertains to the the Windows Phone, not the android.)"
    Pros - Audio quality, Value, the size, battery life
    Cons - Not being able to pause a song without unlocking phone, volume can be drastic, very large screen making it hard to use rubberbands to attach amp
    The HTC HD2 has amazing sound quality without an amp, but with an amp you begin to run into problems. My Fiio E11 is perfect for the size of the HD2, but the rubber bands make using a part of the screen impossible. To overcome this, I would recommend using a stickyback velcro and placing the base on your HD2 and the hooks on your amp. If you don't have an amp, you are going to find it extremely annoying to pause a song or even lowering the volume. The HTC rivals in sound quality, but not the design.

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