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Visang R02 Feedback :-)

  1. wooz

    I've been browsing head-fi for sometime, and purchased the Visang R02s due to the good reviews.
    After using the standard monitors that come with my musicplayer for several years
    (they dont go nearly as far in ear as the R02s) the improvement in quality is
    really really noticeable!

    There are some points which I have questions about, please allow me:
    1. On lower volumes, say 10-15%, the detail of the music isn't really that good. Quality is
    very good in comparison with older ones but, still instruments cannot be distingushed.
    About 40-50% it becomes much more clear.

    Perhaps there are 'better' monitors for this purpose ;o ?

    2. Sadly :'( since 2 days the volume of the right monitor is much less than the left one..
    its making me angry. Luckely, I can amplify for both channels but its still annoying ><.

    Its not the cable... because then there would be no sound at all (happened to old monitor
    when i stepped on it there wasnt sound from one side) this is different..
  2. mbamg
    I have the Proalphas (which are said to be virtually identical to the R02s) and this doesn't sound like them at all. Perhaps you have a defective unit? I'd contact MP4Nation for a replacement.
    Or perhaps the plug's not fully inserted into the jack?

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