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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by totylertarian, Jan 22, 2011.
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  1. totylertarian
    I know this is a usual topic on this forum but like the others I have had problems. I ordered in late October and still haven't received my S:Flo2. I've been in contact but MP4Nation's too busy trying to get their shoulders up their a$$es as well. I know this post belongs elsewhere but I thought I could reach more people here. Thanks.
  2. PanpandaChan
    Did you try checking the tracking number?
    Also, it ships from HK and if you chose free shipping, its real slow. REALLY slow.
    And also remember, holiday season just passed. Shipping form HK is slow enough already, it gets rediculous during holiday season.
  3. tds101
    Theres no reason it should take 3 months or more,...I'd say get a refund - and screw the order. MP4Nation has had it's share of dissatisfied customers,...and the holiday season is long enough past to not use that as an excuse.
  4. totylertarian
    Yea, I totally agree. A month or two is one thing but I ordered it the 10th of October. There is no excuse for THAT. This is what I get for going against the S9 and J3.
  5. tds101
    FWIW there's nothing wrong with wanting to try a player your lusting after - it's MP4Nation being shoddy and making you wait that's at fault here. I'd personally suggest getting a refund - then browsing the "Classifieds" section of the forums,...see if a fellow Head-Fi'er is selling an s:flo2 & make a deal. 
    Your happy, a fellow member is happy, and your lust is satiated,...for a little while.
  6. anadin
    Thats a ridiculous amount of time to wait for an item, as suggested get a refund.
  7. DJGeorgeT
    I ordered mine in September and I have not received my S:flo 2, when the preorder page was first up.
  8. tds101


    So, we'll be expecting another happy refund for you as well??? Really, even free crap IEM's won't make it better, get your money back!!!
  9. DJGeorgeT
    If I am lucky, I'll finally get my S:flo 2 after I get married, have my firstborn, find a new job, sell the house, and buy a new house. I think it will arrive before I retire...
    I am simply tired of wrestling with Raz and I want a 16GB s:flo 2.
  10. tds101
    If your don't demand a refund now you end up being a victim of horrid sales tactics & shady customer support.
  11. kingpintps
    If all this is real then it really is poor service. MP4Nation are a premier sponsor here I believe. You should DEFINITELY get a refund asap and probably get in touch with some MP4Nation people here to report this. This doesn't bode well for a long-term business model in my view.
  12. tds101
    Sadly, being a sponsor of Head-Fi does not a good seller make. Get a refund, and that's that.
  13. PanpandaChan
    So wait, they havent even shipped it yet?
  14. whoelse
    Why dun just order a Teclast from other sources then? They dun deserve your business and sounds like a lot of lies going on.
  15. totylertarian
    Nope, not yet. I have sent emails and opened tickets to find out what the problem is and I get generic "we're swamped and working on it" replies. I'll ask for a refund in the next couple of days. I sent out some emails and opened another ticket, so if that doesn't work then I'm done with them.
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