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Looking for an IEM upgrade...

  1. MaxwellDemon
    Hello Head-Fi!
    Firstly, I would like to say that I have been lurking around here for awhile now and recently made a purchase for Shure's SRH840 due to the reviews and criticisms I have read from the boards here. I am loving it, so I would like to say thanks first. Consequently however, I am now looking for an upgrade for my IEM. XD
    I am coming from the CX300II, which from what I have read, is just an average IEM. I would imagine that many headphones would provide a better audio experience than these IEM, though it probably doesn't help that I do have a SRH840 to compare headphones to now.
    This is where it got tricky for me, which is why I am making my very first post to ask for some advices. I am quite torn between the Monster Turbine (I would like to give Copper Pro a shot, but that's kinda out of my budget at the moment) and Head-Direct's RE0. I could tell that the people here highly rate RE0 due to its value and its quality. However, my main concern with the RE0 is that I heard it is a very neutral IEM. Might sound slightly strange considering I have the SRH840 as my main pair of cans at the moment, but I purchased the SRH840 for mostly audio work. Thus, neutral was what I was looking for. When I am out in the streets, I prefer something slightly more exciting, which I read in the Multi-IEM reviews is what Turbine offers exactly.
    Additionally, I also heard questions about RE0's durability and build quality. Is the IEM sturdy for almost everyday usage in the streets? I like to think that I am quite good at taking care of my IEMs, but truth to be told, I have recently gained the habit of storing my main IEM (within its pouch) in my pocket. I also go to the gym with my main IEM, so, whichever IEM I am purchasing will be enduring quite a bit of a treatment (or so I think, it can't be that healthy for a pair of IEM to be sat on regularly!)
    At the moment, from where I am, I can purchase the Monster Turbine for $139US and the RE0 for $89US. Is the RE0 worth the price gap? If they are as neutral as they are said, would I find myself missing my SRH840 instead?
    Anyway, you can say that I am looking for something different for my portable usage.
    I am mostly hoping to buy a good upgrade that could be played directly out of my iPod (6.5G if it matters) and could endure some, maybe, harsh treatments.
    I am also open to other IEM suggestions, which in this case, I am hoping to keep the budget under $200US. I am not very big on extremely thumping bass, but it is VERY important for me to know that the drums are there clearly. I also like my trebles. :p
    In addition to these preferences, I mostly listen to rock, metal, rap, and any genre from the Japanese. [​IMG]
    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!
  2. SpecialJ
    New Shure SE315s, W1, and DBA-02s just to get you started.
    I'm on the same boat as you (I have M50s) but I bit the bullet and ordered a pair of SE535s. Hopefully, they won't disappoint.
    Hope your search goes well, and welcome to Head-fi.
  3. MaxwellDemon
    I actually, interestingly enough, didn't give much thought to buying another Shure product. [​IMG]
    Probably because I know their IEMs tend to be extremely expensive, though supposedly incredible. I probably will need a bit more information on the SE315 before I can even consider it, it does sound like a fresh new product. I think I am slightly reluctant to fish out $199.99 (without shipping cost) for an IEM that is still relatively unknown.
    I also considered the DBA-02... but they aren't available in the stores here and the online store I frequent showed that they are currently out of stock. I would like to know if the DBA-02 could survive a bit of punishment as well. For the price of $159.99, I really hope it'd last me as long as my CX300II did (2 years approx.) [​IMG]
    Having said that, it is not like my CX300II broke on me. They are still going relatively strong. XD
    ... And I never heard of W1. W1 of Sennheiser or Sleek Audio? [​IMG]
    Thanks for the welcome by the way! The M50 was the other headphone I was considering, when I haven't purchase my SRH840 yet. [​IMG]
    I also hope those SE535 work for you, they sound like if they are great IEM from what everyone is saying... but man, are they out of my budget entirely. [​IMG]
    EDIT: On another note, what about the Etymotic MC5? They seem to have a really reasonable price.
  4. ZARIM
    HJE-900, RE-ZERO, DBA-02, Klipsch Custom 3, Image X5, PFE112, SM2 and SA6.........
  5. proedros
    I think what you need/looking for is the clipsch custom 3
    just a hunch/3rd eye thing , reading your post
    People here will tell you this and that and the other , but i can envision you walking outside listening to c3 and thinking 'damn,this proedros dude is mentalist or what?'
    cheap(around 100$)
    very good soundwise
    well built
    not neutral , but from what i have read on the fun side without sounding ****
    if i had 100$ to spare for something more on the go, i would pick it myself but the analytical/neutral side of me made me buy zero/252 from hifiman so for now money-wise i am through
    my final 2 cents on the matter , now hear what every other person here has to say.
    Happy hunting
  6. SpecialJ
    The SE315s can be had for $199.99 - 12% (Coupon code: Fall) and free shipping over at earphonesolutions if that changes your mind at all.
    W1 = Westone 1
    Oh, and any IEMs in the $200 range will definitely last you longer than 2 years. Provided that you treat them well.
  7. MaxwellDemon

    Thanks for the link and the discount notice.
    I'll give Shure 315 a bit more of a careful consideration, considering I do love the SRH840 a lot. [​IMG]
    W1 is said to have a neutral sound too, so, I think I'll give that a pass for now.
    Also, thanks for the additional comfort that I might not be snapping those IEMs as easily as I'd think... it must all those posts about broken IEMs that are making me worried. :p
    Hahaha, that way you say it, it really makes me wonder about the Klipsch Custom 3.
    Considering you are the second guy to mention them to me, I am going to give these a careful thought about it. XD
    And the DBA-02 is starting to sound even better, after the research I am putting it through... it sucks that they are currently suffering a shortage from it! [​IMG]
  8. MaxwellDemon
    Would just like to say that after looking around a bit, I have decided to take the DBA-02. Will be placing my preorder as soon as possible.
    I have to cross out the Custom 3 because I head the microphonics are terrible. [​IMG]
    Thanks for the help! I will let you guys know what I think of them when I get them. [​IMG]
  9. echosf
    Already made up your mind. Anyway, FYI, Etymotic Research ER4P is $169.95 in Amazon, but not sure if they will fit with your favorite music genre.
  10. MaxwellDemon


    Since I am waiting for my DBA-02, I actually threw in an extra $50US for an Etymotic MC5. I know that MC5 is nothing compared to the ER4P, but I thought I would give the Etymotic a go, since its appreciation thread seems to really like it. Anyhow, I might just write a review for these headphones... they need burning in first. :p
  11. echosf

    Yes, like you said, it is worth to try even though not ER4 series. Can't wait to see your review for them.[​IMG]
  12. Alpha & Delta
    If you are considering RE0, do consider Sunrise Sw-Xcape. Their soundsignature is pretty similar but Sw-Xcape has a bit more bass [​IMG]
  13. kenny001
    you can go the search the getting information for the IEM, as there are so many ways helping your trouble. you can compare the price and the quality for it and then get what you want. that is the common way i often use.
  14. MaxwellDemon
    Thanks for the additional suggestions and advices, guys. [​IMG] I have already preordered a pair of DBA-02 and spent the additional remains into Etymotic MC5 (which I am looking forward to writing my first head-fi review for) though. XD

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