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Sennheiser CX300-II (questions)

  1. forensic fox
    These headphones look very small. How does comfort compare to the SHE3850 when lying against a pillow? How does sound quality compare? I just plan on using these headphones for watching movies and TV shows on my tablet. 
    Anyone know if Panasonic RP-HJE450 might be a good pick for me?
  2. JK1
    Imo the CX300II is overpriced. Why don't you get the JVC HA-FX40 instead? The RP-HJE450 has more bass but not as much detail as the FX40.
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  3. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I own CX300-ii, just sold them actually. they sit very similar to SHE3580 in your ear, probably almost identical, you can easily lay on your side resting your head on the pillow without fuss. They're over priced with a huge amount of fakes around, for those two reasons it's not worth looking at them online imo. The Phillips SHE3580 sounds better anyway to my ears. It's what I think genuine CX300-ii should be priced at.

    If you already have SHE3580, don't bother with CX300-ii. You maybe disappointed. 


    Here's some photo's I took of them beside each other the Phillips has clone hybrid tip and CX300-ii has original tip.

    As you can see Phillips is slightly smaller then CX300-ii

    Sorry about the quality, bad lighting in this weather.


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  4. ss2625
    my thoughts exactly.
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