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Beyerdynamic dtx 100 - how good are they really?

  1. FRAC
    The DTX-100 seem to be pretty new, I found only few reviews so far - and those tell quite different stories. From "wow, best you can get for the money" through "not that great", from "clean, flawless sound with good bass" through "slightly booming basses which only disco kids will like" - I found all kind of contradicting comments. So - who has actually heard them? What did you like, what not?

    A bit background: I consider using them when listening Jazz Rock (Stanley Clark, Billy Cobham, Marcus Miller), Latin (Sergio Mendes "Encanto"), Salsa (Sanmera "Leche Condensata"). I once used to play e-bass, and all this music has great bass players, so bass is important. But - heavy basses, shreeking highs and non existing mids is not what I'm actually looking for. Rather a pretty clean sound with good, but not exaggerated bass performance. I once tried CX-300 and found them just dull - the bass was killing everything else. Then I read a very promising review telling me the DTX-100 should be exactly what I want, but after some web search I was left quite confused due to the contradicting judgments I found.

    Anybody out there who has actually used the DTX-100, maybe even with music of the kind I mention above?


  2. FRAC
    A bit further research resulted in the impression that the Westone UM-1 may fit my needs well - any thoughts? Maybe someone knows both the DTX-100 and the UM-1 and give a comparison?

  3. hitarth
    hi, Frac !
    what u say is absolutely correct .. the bass is important.
    i tried the CX 300 then the CX 300 II & the CX 400 & now the DTX 100 !! believe you me .. the CX 400 & the DTX 100 took the cake ...
    one thing funny .. on the DTX 100 with the 3 different sizes of the ear plugs ...  each of them sound different .. which is not in the case of the CX 400. in the DTX 100 the mid size sounds the best ... strange .. but true... !! the smallest one sounded very bass light & tinny ... !!! strange !! what do u think ???
    i find the CX 400 & the DTX 100 both good in their own ways for different types of music ... for instance .. "Chant" [ Fourplay Collection ] sounds best on the CX 400 & a bit bass light on the DTX 100s though the dept & sound stage is great !!!
    Julio Iglesias sounds fantastic on the DTX 100s & not that good on the CX 400 ...the vocals of the DTX 100s are just superb !!!
    The bass is very much controlled in the CX 400, but in the DTX 100 it is very balanced. The hands down winner for the vocals are the DTX 100. The highs are smoother in the DTX 100 compared to the CX 400 .... 
    over all i am for both of them ... as do listen to a variety of music ... !!! yes, the type of music u listen to will defi go with the DTX 100 .... the CX 400 is good for disco .. fast .. rock stuff ...
    to answer your question .. - how good are they really ?? - excellent ... !!!
    cheers !!!
  4. hitarth
    guys .. apologies ..  i have returned my DTX 100 !!! if u changed the silcon buds to suit your ear, the sound COMPLETELY changed !!! even the guys @ BeyerDynamics SA were surprised ... all i can say is thanks for the refunds !!! (-:
  5. mat1983


    hello can you explain better what are the silcon buds?
    i want to buy a DTX 100 but know i am with a big doubt
  6. sludgie
    I am surprised that people are surprised that the size of the silicon buds changes the sound.  that is why they are provided - so you can get a set that suits your ears and that ensure a seal and deliver the bass.  Interestingly with these I use a large bud in one ear and the medium one in the other to get the best sound.
  7. goodvibes
    LOL. The small buds were bass shy because you didn't get a seal and the big ones were dull because you were pinching the tips shut.

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