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Beats Studio Bass Question and Suggestions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xymordos, Oct 27, 2010.
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  1. Xymordos
    I tried my friends Beats Studio he recently bough and thought the bass was weak and overall was weak too...
    Is this just me?
    I own the tours and thought the bass was ok, but it was punch.
    I liked how low the XB700s went, but i want the punch the tours had
    I owned the CX300II and thought the bass was there, but also lacked punch.
    Are there overear headphones where there are bass that reach as low as XB700 but have the Tours punch?
    And imo, none of the bass were overpowering. 
    I listen to metal, but just like the sound of double pedalling. :p
    Oh i want to feel the bass pounding on my head and ears
    I prefer dulling the sound of singing and guitar. I want them audible, but just hate the screech and sibilance of high notes.
  2. RPGWiZaRD
    There is: XB500 [​IMG]
    Both goes and handles deep bass as well as XB700 but has a very strong upper punchy bass as well which XB700 doesn't have. At first I thought XB500 was almost TOO punchy but now I think it's rather suitable, suppose your ears settle in over time. [​IMG] It's the headphone that has the most ear-pounding bass I've ever heard, DT770 Pro and HD 212 Pro are like nothing in comparision. I also like to "feel" the bass, not only hear it but I also boost rest of the frequencies in the EQ to make up for it as I tend to prefer a very warm/aggressive/forward sound signature and I think this is what you like as well and XB500 is that.
    The XB500 sounds like a perfect match for your description, XB500 is very smooth sounding with lack of any sibilance and this is what I also prefer, voices are smooth but clear, sounds very full & meaty, hard to explain but I did EQ mine to become a bit more clear/bright sounding by upping especially 4kHz - 16kHz (4kHz being highest, 8kHz a little lower and 16kHz lowest) and kept 250 - 500Hz quite low and boosted 1kHz quite a lot too, then you get a perfect balance between clarity and smoothness on this headphone.
    Trust me on this one, XB500 would suprise you despite the low cost and the reason is because it's got a rather unique sound signature which is really attractive to some people like me and probably you too. XB700 sounds a bit more like DT770 Pro, M50 etc mainly since it's rather demanding, more laid-back sound signature (M50 is neither laid-back nor aggressive tho) and quite bright highs, XB500 is a bit different sounding and for my own prefers how I want it to sound like, a very aggressive/forward sound with smooth highs and both very deep and punchy bass => it is even better and I haven't really been able to find expensier headphones with similar characteristics, LCD-2 Orthos being perhaps the closest one but it costs like $1000 too and probably isn't quite THAT strong (talking only about quantity not quality) in the bass department. Ultrasones would also have been a perfect match if it weren't for the sibilance and rather bright highs (I'm still somewhat interested in trying a HFI-580 because it doesn't seem to be overly bright, the spike at 10kHz is somewhat worrying though).
  3. Xymordos
    Haha that sounds attractive, XB500, i'll try it next time i visit a shop.
    Currently for my Xb700 and Tours, even when im on my sony walkman, i actually enjoy turning on mega bass just to feel the bass :p
  4. Mochan
    The Tours have punch but don't go very deep, and actually I was very disappointed in the Tours.
    I have yet to hear a pair of over ears that go as deep as the XB700, but as I see it what you are looking for is something like the XB700 but with more punch. 
    Now I never thought the Studios were "weak" or had "weak bass" that just boggles me, because I was about to suggest you try the Beats Solo HDs because these are over ears that have pretty good bass quantity that goes low and deep, but has a lot of punch.  But if the STudios were "weak" for you.... I dunno what to say.
  5. Xymordos


    Really? i thought the beat tours had better bass than studios, coz i compared them on the same walkman i used, the studios were literally fail on bass. It was more balanced than tours though.
    And yeah you got my point:) XB700 with more punch. I love my XB700, but having megabass to get a slight punch feeling which covers everything completely isnt the solution ):
    And i agree with you, tours dont go low at all :\
  6. Aizura
    Shure SRH750DJ can cause brain injury with bass boost on. I've never heard the Sony XBx00's but i seriously doubt there's a headphone with more bass punch than the Shures
  7. Lex


    Another option is getting an amp to bring out the potential of XB700. . . .
  8. tvrboy
    If you think the Studios have weak bass, you won't find a headphone with more bass quantity. Get speakers. A tiny headphone driver can't make huge bass like a 15 inch sub can.
  9. RPGWiZaRD
    XB500 is bassier.
    I know frequency response curve doesn't tell everything but still... [​IMG] The graph shows the bass is not bigger boosted but also highs overall not as boosted and the relevance is the most important, a headphone could be bassy even at 0dB for <150Hz range if highs were at -20dB. [​IMG]
  10. jockhater2
    Quick question. I just bought a pair of Sony XB500s and the bass is IMPRESSIVE. LIKE WOW. I absolutely agree with RPGWIZARD. I want to FEEL my bass not just hear it. But in your opinion. With a good amp can the XB700s have the same punch as the XB500s. Let me know because I am looking to get a nice EQ. Otherwise I will stick with my XB500s and EQ them.
  11. jockhater2

    you and I could be best friends. Because ALL THAT YOU WROTE RIGHT THERE. IS EXACTLY HOW I LIKE IT.
  12. RPGWiZaRD


    No I don't think XB700 can have the same punch in the bass no matter what amp you have, sure it can improve but I really doubt it gets to XB500 levels. Just EQ the XB500 and you'll get a really nice result so if you're already happy with them un-EQd you'll love them when you EQ them. [​IMG]
  13. jockhater2
    thanks a lot man. I am very happy with these XB500s. Xymordos. these are the headphones for you. great punch and massive bass. i am listening to as i lay dying right now and i am in love with the drums. the screams and guitar ARE NEVER over powered and they are far from hidden. these are the headphones you want. I found mine for $60 from tigerdirect.
  14. jockhater2
    i might get a pair of each. i already own the xb500s. but maybe a pair of the 700s for when i listen to rap.
  15. RPGWiZaRD
    Try with an EQ curve that looks something like the curve below for the XB500, how much you boost the values is up to you and I actually use higher values than this to get a warmer/aggressive sound which I personally think the XB500 benefits from but the shape of the curve is more important anyway.
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