1. Michiyo-Fir

    Reshelling JH13 Pro with Unique Melody

    I've had the JH5s for almost a year now and I'd like to try some JH13 Pros.  I'm planning to buy them 2nd hand so I went to Unique Melody to enquire about price for reshelling.   I thought I read that it costs around $80 USD on this forum?   UM is giving me a quote of 159 USD.  Is that...
  2. morgtron

    Adding lapel mic + remote to earphones -- feasible?

    I bought a pair of ATH-ANC7s a few months ago, and absolutely love them. I haven't really tried any other IEMs so I don't really have anything to compare them to, but they are more than enough for my needs and I have no real need at the moment for more than one pair of earphones. The problem is...
  3. Blizzard

    Suggestions for closed Headphones?

    Hi,   I'm hoping someone could give me advice on a closed headphone to use at the office. I currently use HD-800 at home and I have a pair of old HD-650 phones. I would use them at work, but they "spit" too much sound out. If I listen to them, my co-workers around the same table can even...
  4. 2rooi123

    news from fischer audio   were in for another rideeee
  5. tacomn

    List of Fischer Audio Dba-02 Reviews

      Headfliers . Clieos . LFF . Rawrster . ljokerl   . is considered top tier Othersites . Treos review . Another Treo review . Rave blog review . Impression and comparison vs. enterna on second page . Russian  in depth review . not great translated Russian review...
  6. swbf2cheater

    Review and Impressions - Fischer Audio Eterna Rev2

      I grow tired of neutral sounding audio, I recently got rid of my entire stock of expensive headphones which were mostly composed of neutral sets.  Im in search of something fun, engaging, colored and very easily driven.  I found just that in the Eterna Rev1 which i loved so much, but had a...
  7. H

    Please help me to choose a right in - ear phones!!!

    Hi, guys! I've been looking around the headphone markets recently and I've been confused. I don't know which one is the best for my iPod Touch and my budget is only about $130. My favorite types of music are rock, dance, hip - hop and sometimes, classical isn't an exception for me. I'm looking...
  8. jaker782

    RE0 amped, RE-Zero, or DBA-02???

    I am a longtime lurker who has become quite obsessed with this forum but haven't posted yet due to my "newbie" status.  I've just been sitting here behind the scenes like a sponge soaking up all the great info you all have to offer.   Anyway, I purchased the RE0 about 9 months ago and have...
  9. cquedado

    Upgrading from my Klipsch S4. Ideas? Suggestions?

    Hey all   I used to own a set of klipsch s4's but they recently broke (they fell out of my ear while riding my bike and got eaten up by the spokes in my tires)...   Anyways, i loved em a lot for the bass and comfort. But now i'm looking to upgrade. What do you think would be the next...
  10. semisight

    Looking for something really different

    I've been satisfied with my RE0 over the past few months. It was fun at first, going back through my songs and hearing them in higher clarity. However, the RE0 really is kind of boring. The dynamics can be dreary, and warmth is noticeably lacking.   I've decided that I really want something...
  11. The_Blood_Raven

    Best neutral IEM for under $150

    Hello, I'm looking for the best neutral IEM I can find for a friend of mine.  I believe he does have a decent ear for audio as he has worked as a sound tech. for the past few years and has undoubtedly heard some decent equipment.  The problem is that he doesn't own any equipment that I would...
  12. Trendkill

    Another "Which headphones should I buy?" thread

    My budget is roughly $75. I could go slightly higher if the quality warrants it. A 16gig Ipod Touch will be the primary source of music, but I will also use a Shuffle when I work out. Very rarely do I use my PC for any headphone listening. I'd prefer headphones that can be powered by these...
  13. swbf2cheater

    swbf2cheaters 2010 budget buying guide and thoughts ( possible 56k warning )

    Well, I seem to have a problem here on head fi, checking and rechecking the forums just to help people out, i really like it and will do whatever I can to help anyone who asks or seems to need it, offer my advice and my experience as best I can.  This guide is written mostly due to the...
  14. rawrster

    [Review] Fischer Audio DBA 02

      Introduction A warning before we even get to the review. This is kinda lengthy. I'm not sure how it got so long since it is just one product but yeah it is a bit long. Fischer Audio has slowly gained popularity over the last year or so and there was quite a buzz on them but nothing...
  15. abhijollyguy

    Need earphone for Nationite S:Flo 2

    Hi all the Head-fi'ers   I need a earphone for Nationite S:Flo 2.   My sound preferences are:   1. I do not want harshness in treble. I want smooth treble. 2. Want mids like I can clearly hear every single words or lyrics in a song. 3. Bass wants awesome and deep/punchy but also...
  16. xaf

    Review: Fischer Audio Enigma & Paradigm v2

        It goes without saying that FA's Eterna and DBA-02 are some of the most well regarded earphones here on Head-fi (at least from what I read), and it's not really difficult to see why. Both of these offer performance which, mostly, better than its asking price, and is even comparable to...
  17. austinnguyen

    Fischer Audio's DBA-02 and MTPC

    This seem to be a little bit odd about the question but with my stile of music : long range about in different situation but kind of dance, house and soft rock put out the price, just focus in how can there perform?? I know there were alot of review and compare out there, but exactly...
  18. xaf

    Review: Fischer Audio Daleth & A'Leph we take a look at two models from the Signature series, probably considered a more "consumer-oriented" than the Fundamentals (certainly their asking price is a little bit less). Each model in the range is named after a letter in the Greek (Lambda, Sigma, Omega, and the defunct...
  19. swbf2cheater

    Do the fischer audio eterna rev2 require an amp + the fuze?

    they are only 18ohms and the fuze puts out a lot of power   just wondering if anyone has the fuze and the eterna and could tell me how it performs unamped
  20. th3bl0b

    Want New IEM's with a $150 budget

    I've been using AL im701's as of lately and I love their sound, but I'm looking to maybe get something different. I was looking a lot into ety's (since im701's should have more or less the same characteristic sound) mc5 or hf5. Also, though I know people on this forum tend to love the RE...
  21. balleballe

    Basshead needs new earphones. Narrowed it down but need help to decide which one!

    So, my sony mdr-ex85's broke a while ago and i'm trying to replace them. I have tried a few IEM's and their base is seriously lacking when compared to mdr-ex85. I have narrowed it down to the following options:   Radium's atomic bass Soundmagic's pl-11 Fischer Audio's eterna (off ebay)...
  22. radiohead7

    The best IEM for the money

    I have been hearing great things about the RE-Zero but i am concerned about the overall rankings of IEMs. I am in the market for a new pair and would like to know what is the most bang for the buck up to 150 dollar range. I have a cowan s9 and need a IEM that is reasonable to compliment...
  23. mudo

    A little more bass, please: Change my player (Fuze) or my IEMs (PFE)?

    Hi all. I know I have a threat considering new tips for my PFEs in search for better fit, but these last days I'm also thinking that I should consider making bigger changes.   My actual portable equipment is Sansa Fuze + Audeo PFE. I love my PFE's precision, treble... they are great. But I...
  24. swbf2cheater

    question about Fischer Audios Eterna

    well, i see them come with giant earclips   anyone have experience with them?  do you need them with the clips on to stay in place in your ears, or can they be used normally without them and stay in place
  25. canadianbif

    Fischer Audio Eterna vs Silver Bullet

    I have a set of SE530s and Denon d5000s and a couple others but i use those two mostly, does anyone have any experience with the Fischer Eterna and Silver Bullet? I'm leaning toward the silver bullets because of the soundstage, the best soundstage ive really heard was the SA6s and id like...