1. jbsu30

    IEM for trance music

    Hi everyone,   I need advice: What IEM for a range of 80-140 €, for a guy listening trance / vocal trance, rather balanced with a slight trend in the bottom of the spectrum, choose? I take a look at the Beyerdynamic dtx100 (I currently have a DT770 Pro and I am very pleased, this is why...
  2. intoflatlines

    InEarZ (Fisher Hearing) Custom Remold Owner's Thread

    The old thread had 1000+ posts and a large portion was speculation, so I thought I'd start a new thread for owners of IEMs reshelled by InEarZ to post pics and impressions. I hope to get my custom TF10 in next week and I will edit this post when they arrive. So, InEarZ owners: post your pics...
  3. beatones

    dap buying decision

    very inexperinced with DAPs, but love audio.  Just bought decent IEMs and awaiting delivery from russia of Fischer Audio sa-004 cans.  Will be using DAP unamped and value:   SQ (top priority) Ease of USE (I am tech challenged) reliability ability to easily download and play FLAC (live...
  4. LFF

    Review: Fischer Audio's DBA-02

    Fischer Audio’s DBA-02 *NOTE* This review just represents my opinions and thoughts. I always recommend you personally try something out before buying it. *NOTE* SPEC’S: • › Frequency range: 20-24000 Hz • › Sensitivity: 108 dB • › Impedance: 43 Om • › Input power: 60 mW • › Length...
  5. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Fischer Audio - From Russia, with love.

    [Prelude] Just a few weeks ago, I have no knowledge what-so-ever regarding Fischer Audio. I would be crazy to even consider recommending any of their IEM models to you. After all, there are literally hundreds of small companies dumping ships-load of zero quality knock-off and generic Chinese...
  6. LFF

    Review: Fischer Audio FA-003 - a neutral champ!

    Fischer Audio’s FA-003   SPEC’S: › Frequency range: 10-26500 Hz › Sensitivity: 105 dB › Impedance: 64 Om › Input power: 120 mW › Length of a cable: 3.0 M › Color: bronze/black › Etc: additional cushions, 6.3mm screw-on jack adapter.   EQUIPMENT USED ON THIS REVIEW: Portable...
  7. Sumflow

    Poll: How do you wear yours?

    Some of the manufactures may not be aware of how we use their products in real life.  At least one has gone so far as to say they were not designed to be worn in front.  Quote: What do you say? How do you usually wear your monitors?    
  8. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Fischer Audio - For Your Ears Only

    So this is the second review I am doing on Fischer audio’s (FA for short) portable headphone. When the last one was out, there is quite some controversy as to whether their products were worthy of such praise or perhaps it is just another FOTM, hyper- hyped.  I think by this time around most of...
  9. Eidetikos

    Fischer Eterna Alternatives (price & soundwise)

    Looking to not spend more than ~ $75.  After reading a lot of reviews, they sounded great as a gift for my wife.  They're just not available in the US (already looked at Bugden and GB).    They'll mostly be used outside on the streets where there's a lot of traffic, so good isolation is...