1. witchfynder33

    Fischer Audio Consonance Comply Tips?

    Hi,    Has anyone tried comply tips for the fischer audio consonance IEMs? They aren't officially supported by comply but I'm sure there's a set of tips that could possibly fit them. I've grown to enjoy the comply tips I have for my other IEMs and I would like to replace the stock consonance...
  2. shaolin95

    Has anyone tried the Alphaline headphones from Kmart

    I thought it might be a rare but good brand but looks to be more like a generic brand. Not finding any reviews at all for those.     Thanks
  3. des8

    Fischer audio totem oog series

    any review about fischer audio totem oog how is the bass and sound like is it suitable for k pop songs ? and does the 9mm driver @ the fischer audio sound make the bass stronger ? because according to the exsus asia their service centre staff tell me that the fischer audio oog series is towards...
  4. asko

    [new headphones] Fischer Audio Renaissance

    All these new headphones will be available in April. Technical specifications are here: Enjoy.      
  5. asko

    Intriguing Fischer Audio

    Good news. Fischer Audio will release new headphones very soon.     There is a new post at the official Russian VK page of Fischer Audio. Quote:   Friends, you still with us? Quite a big update will be soon. Many new and very good sounding headphones will be in the coming...
  6. neocero

    Looking for IEMs

    Hello people. I've been looking to buy some good in ear pieces for quite some time. I use some really cheap earphones right now, and I'd really like to have something that sounds at least decent. I don't know much, if anything, about IEMs or earphones, so I'd like some advise on that matter...
  7. kaftand

    Beginner Help: Where can I buy Fischer?

    I have been searching around a while and have my heart set on Fischer FA-011, in particular the lighter colored. It seems as if these are imposable to find anywhere. Everywhere I seem to search is out of stock, back ordered, or has had some seriously bad reviews on the head-fi website. I don't...
  8. fischeraudio

    Fisching at CanJam

    Greetings Everyone!   We are happy to announce, that we, with help of Dimitry from Musica Acoustics will present some of our headphones on CanJam.   However, we need some help with it. We are looking for volunteer who feel himself comfortable surfing the sea of music, and have some...
  9. Kaldari

    Fischer Audio Distributor

    I've been waiting for a way to get a pair of FA-003's for a while now, but it's as if FA just stopped making them for some reason. Do any of you guys know of some less-known source or channel that I could grab a pair from? I do know about the OEMs, but many people have commented that the pads on...
  10. MC LeBron 23

    Questions on Reshelling IEMs.

    Hello, Its been a while since I last visited the forum.   Anyway, I've been luking around the forums seeing what people suggeest for a good IEM for rap/hip hop. I pretty much picked the UE TF10. It seemed to be the best for my needs (bass) without disorting the clarity of the vocals. They...
  11. ziocomposite

    [Portable Headphone] Fischer Audio Old School RPM 33 1/3 Pics Neutral, portable, & Fun!?

    I just purchased this so don't have her yet but I can't wait.  This is a sexy looking portable!!!     Aside from that I want to give big props to Sebastian Thümmel from who helped me with it.  It's a German only site but thankfully google translate was able to help me...
  12. jude

    Check Out Head-Fi's Fall 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!

    Check Out Head-Fi's Fall 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!   (Cover photograph by Alexandra Violante) Click on the image above to download the Gift Guide!   Are you looking for some great headphone audio and personal audio gift ideas for someone special? Or for you? Check out Head-Fi's...
  13. gabjuasfijwee

    Fischer Audio Eterna Shipment Question

    I have been trying to acquire the fischer audio eterna for the past week and every dealer seems to be out of both versions. Does anyone know of a place that sells them? Does anyone know how long it takes for dealers to be re-supplied with the eternas?   Thank you in advance! 
  14. Pattonromell

    Classical EARPHONES

    I need some classical music earphones under $100. I have the Bose IE2. But, I need somethings with 3/4 ammount of bass, 4/4 treble, and I don't really know mids. That's the best I can describe it.
  15. Blackline

    I have a hard time choosing!

    Hey, I'm new hear and I need some help! I've checked some reviews of countless in-ear monitors so I'm more lost now than before. I have practically no chance of trying some of them out since I live nowhere near a store like that. I've gained interest in these IEMs, and I need help in choosing...
  16. kaixax555

    Anyone tried the Nakamichi NCE-750BA before?

      Was browsing through an online audio retailer when I saw this.   According to the retailer, it is a dual BA and it retails at 139 SGD (approx 115 SGD), which would perhaps make it one of the cheapest dual BA around.   Anyone tried this before?   I am curious about this IEM, but I...
  17. jay2o

    Are Fischer Audio Titan any good

    Has any heard  Fischer Audio Titan ?
  18. tomscy2000

    Comparison -- Russia-China Showdown: DBA-02 vs. GR07

    Two IEMs have arisen on Head-Fi lately as products that offer top-tier sound quality for mid-fi money --- they’ve received very high marks from several veteran reviewers and have gone on to become hot topics of discussion, including the age old question of “Which should I buy?” This comparison...
  19. TimHeerebout

    current cost of reshelling universal IEM's?

    If I bought a pair of universal IEM's, what would it cost to have them reshelled and who is the best company to trust with this job?
  20. cactus_farmer

    Quick Fischer Audio OldSkool question?

    Are these an open backed or closed-backed headphone? I'm in the hong kong area at the moment - anyone know where they might be available here?  
  21. asasin12344

    I need good pair of cans for sound staging at around the $50 prce range...

    Ok well im new to this headphone stuff i was looking for headphones at around the $50price range i was kinda leaning twards the razer orca since they seem to have great reviews and maybe a cheap optical amp    ...
  22. svyr

    Fischer Audio FA-006 (monitor type HP from FA) / 'maybe-want' Looks like some sort of a rubberized plastic for the housing. By the looks sound of it, leather HB and earpads, but...
  23. Mr-Eddy

    Where could I do a remold of IEM in Europe

    Hi, I live in France at the time, and was wondering if anybody knew some place that would have the technology to do a remolding for IEM. I've read on this forum that Unique Melody and In Earz (Fisher Hearing Technologies) does it. So I know it can be done, but I don't know if in Europe (or even...
  24. zest

    Fischer Audio DBA-04

    Looks like FA is releasing some new earphones.     Specifications: Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz Sensitivity: 99 dB Impedance: 12 ohms Maximum input power: 55 mW Cable length: 1.2 m Metal housing  
  25. postrock

    Compact Portable Headphone Roundup (16 Phones including PortaPro, PX-100 II, V-Jays, Tracks, K430, and more)

    Introduction We seem to be in a “golden age” in terms of the number of good sounding, lightweight, portable headphones that are available on the market. Portable music players and digital music files have become the norm. And for many, such as me, IEM headphones are just not an option. In this...