1. Drumtrigger

    Where to buy Fischer Audio in Singapore?

    I live in New Zealand and am going to be in Singapore for a day on a flight stopover. New Zealand has a terrible selection of earphones available so I am planning to purchase some while I'm in Singapore. I am interested in the Fischer Audio Eterna's, does anyone know a physical store (not...
  2. fischeraudio

    Fischer Audio FA-003Ti official announce.

      “Fisher Audio” is pleased to introduce to you the newest version of our bestsellers: FA-003 Ti Model “FA-003” was good, but we did it even better!   High-quality 42mm driver features composite Mylar diaphragm that was further strengthened by titanium coating.     This...
  3. 12345142

    Fischer Audio HA-02   Has anyone heard this amp? The Mystify was fairly well received, so this might be worth a look. What caught my attention was the lack of a headphone...
  4. psgarcha92

    Soundmagic or Fischer earhooks for RE0

    Hey Guys, I've been using my RE0s Over-The-Ear style, and i am afraid that it might be straining the wire, and want to get Earhooks for that reason (i walk alot wearing my RE0s). i saw those Audeo Phonak Ear Guides, but the Fischer Earguides and SoundMagic Earguides are readily available and...
  5. ljokerl

    Review: Got Wood? Thinksound TS02, Woodees Blues, Fischer Daleth, Skullcandy Holua, Xears TD-III

        The wooden-housing segment of the IEM market has been expanding rapidly over the past couple of years. Ignoring most of the field, my first Got Wood? review pitted Woodees’ original IESW101B model against Thinksound’s first release, the TS01. I found the two to be worthy competition not...
  6. onebandonesound

    Fischer Audio Libra?   Has anyone seen these things? how are you supposed to put them in/on your ear?
  7. cali141

    Somewhere else to buy Fischer Audio Eterna rev1 in USA?

    EDIT: Never mind, it was my own fault. Would delete this post if I could, sorry.
  8. DefQon

    Audio Fischer Tau or Meelectronics M6

    Tau is $34.00 shipped from gd-audiobase and the M6 $32.74 shipped from amazon. Which one of these are better ? Music I listen to is classical, electronic, techno, bit of metal and all rest my songs are bass. Thanks
  9. Jonasklam

    Fischer Audio FA-010

      Well,   Seams like FA have lunched a new product so I wanted to read a little about it here on Head-Fi, but no one posted anything.   Anybody got some exclusive info or something interesing regarding the FA-010? Then go ahead and post it here :)   Tjek it out here at FA's...
  10. diodiel


    have you guys seen the fa-005? it looks sexyyyyyyy
  11. MK47

    Fischer Audio FA-011

    Has anyone seen the new headphones they bought out? It is called FA-011,they look so nice. I wonder how they compare to FA-003/FA-002.             Specification Frequency range:18-22000 H Sensitivity:98dB Impedance:160 ohms Maxium input power: 0.4W  ...
  12. lenardgabor

    Are the Shure SRH840 headphones comfortable enough?

      I need a pair of closed headphones in the office as my Shure SE530s are too cumbersome to remove and put back if someone approches me, and my open Grado SR60s are obviously too loud in this environment.   I decided to order the Shure SRH840 headphones as I am quite happy with my current...
  13. justinmonty

    Best IEM under 75$

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy a pair of IEM I would like them to be portable as I do go to a gym. I have a few in mind including   Fischer Audio eternas Soundmagic PL30 M6 ProAlphas, M1 M1 Brainwavz   my music taste includes acousti,metal,rock,rap some classical! I would like...
  14. tomhirvin

    Who would you recommend for remoulds - Unique Melody or InEarz (Fisher)?

    They both offer the same service. One in China, one in the USA. UM (china) is approx $70 bucks more than Fisher so I was wondering if that extra money goes somewhere. I have no problem shipping items to China, but if they do the same thing then I'd rather save the $70. Any thoughts - both prices...
  15. pyro_dragun

    First foray into mid-high end IEMs - need some help comparing quite a few models...

    Hi all,   I am a long time lurker of these forums, but I haven't posted much. I have finally decided to purchase some higher end earbuds, and I'm looking to spend somewhere between $150-300, definitely not much more then that. I would prefer to spend around 200 or less, but am willing to go...
  16. LFF

    REVIEW: HiFiman HM-601

    ****Note**** As always, these are strictly my opinions. I try to present these products as honestly as possible and try to describe them as best as possible. As always, YMMV. ****NOTE****   The Hifiman HM-601   SPEC’S:   ·         D/A Chip: TDA1543 ·         Freqency...
  17. jasperhiga

    How many hz do the ibeats by monster have?

    the questions says it. and i listen to rap and hip hop so what other headphones would u recommend in the 70-50 dollar zone
  18. idvsego

    Easier way to buy fischer Audio?

    There are a couple of FA products I am interested in but the purchase process from is painful.  Are there any other places I can get FA stuff from?
  19. EricLThomp

    Is it bad idea to do your own impressions? (for re-shell with Fisher)

    I am thinking of ordering the silicone material, ear damns and syringe from westone and doing them myself.  (all materials for doing about 10 ears is about $30) have buddies that may be able to make use of the extra material also.   Has anyone done this themselves?  I just am having trouble...
  20. AnotherN00b

    Shure SRH440 vs. Fostex T50RP vs Fischer Audio FA-004 - Recommendations?

    So I've been on a quest to find the "best" budget headphone for listening to music at work and after trying many competitors (M50, HD280, HD555, K240S, DJ100) I finally decided on the Shure SRH440s and am reasonably happy with that decision based on what I've tried so far (though I do find them...
  21. TheDreamthinker

    Private Labeling for Fischer Audio?

    Hi,   I read on the Fischer Audio homepage, that they offer Private Labeling for most of their products.   Where can it be done and how much would it cost?     -TheDreamthinker
  22. jamestsao

    Most Durable earbuds around $30

    Ok, so heres my situation. I listen to music regularly due to having a long commute to college, and i've been through a lot of earbuds. I've been through 2 pairs of radius atomic bass, vmoda bass freq's, they all broke in the same place, the connector shorted and only 1 side plays. I had to rma...
  23. mark2410

    Fischer Audio Cepheus Quick Review

    Fischer Audio Cepheus Quick Review     Brief:  Fischer Audio makes a pink HD218 but bassyer.   Price:  Only place I could find was Ebay for US$45 delivered.   Specification:  20-20000 Hz 114 dB 32 Om 100 mW   Accessories:  None.   Build Quality:  I like it, it looks good...
  24. mark2410

    Fischer Audio Draco Quick Review

    Fischer Audio Draco Quick Review     Brief:  Fischer Audio make a portable headphone for those who miss the ‘80’s   Price:  I have no idea; I couldn’t find anywhere selling it, even ebay   Specification:  20-20000 Hz  105 dB 32 Ohms 150 mW   Accessories:  Erm none really  ...
  25. mark2410

    Fischer Audio Lyra Quick Review

    Fischer Audio Lyra Quick Review     Brief:  Tiny, pretty, comfortable portables.   Price:  I found one seller doing them for 890 Roubles which Google tells me is almost £18.   Specification:  20-20000 Hz 103 dB 32 Om 100 mW   Accessories:  None.   Build Quality:  These...