[new headphones] Fischer Audio Renaissance
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Rebranding of Esmooth headphones... Great innovation....
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They can use the Esmooth(or others) as an OEM but that doesn't mean that they are straight rebrands. I would think the components and tuning are different and better or else Fischer are pretty much done around here. They have been MIA for a while and if these disappoint it would be a bit of a surprise.   
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I had listened most of their earphones and prepared some serious reviews in my native language.. 
These earphones are totally worth the price, very good price/performance/design/built ratio.
BUT, don't expect a 60$~70$ wooden earphone to beat some of the best 100$ earphone offerings (from HiFiman, Bayerdynamic, RockIt, MEelec, VSonic).
All Renaissance earphones are more or less bass heavy. None of them have sibilance issue and offer impressive treble extension (for the price).
Some o these have very good timber and wow effect, on particular genre. 
All have somewhat lesser dynamics and transparency, bass seem flabby and mellow in comparison to some of the best 60$ offerings (E10, E212).
To tell a story short, here is my concise review on  Renaissance sound quality (SQ) : 
  • Spiritoso - 6.2 - perfect for NewAge, Ambient, Vocal music. WoW effect guarantied. Normal performance on pop and Jazz. Average on Rock , Metal, Dubstep. Bad performance – Classical. Recommeended moderate volume listening.
  • Leggiero – 5.7  - Hard-rock, heavy-metal lover earphones. Intimate soundstage. Lovely vocal performance. Less treble pressence and sparcle, in compareson to the rest. The most bass-heavy Renaissance earphones. Unacceptable performance on classical, too compressed and intimate soundstage. Midrange bleeds out of all that midbass pressure.  
  • Giusto6.5 The most dynamic and open sounding earphones of the batch, U-shaped spectrum but less bass heavy then the others. Perhaps my favorite of the batch. The most universal and genre adaptive Renaissance earphone. Cold-sounding, crisp treble, punchy but moderate bass, laied-back but detailed midrange. Perfect for modern rock and Gothic Metal. No particular weaknesses besides the one spoted in all renaissance series. Moderate volume listening recommended.
  • Bellicoso6.5  - A little more bass prominent then Giusto and Spiritoso, but less colored and more timber accurate. Neutral mids and highs, prominent and detailed bass. Perfect for those who love high-level volume listen. No sibilance and treble fatigue at all, lovely neutral timber with really powerful bas. Soundstage lesser then Giusto’s, but bigger then the the first two. Great on Rock, Metal, Industrial, Trance, Electronical. Less suited for live performance, jazz, soul. Unacceptable performance – classical music. Recommended high volume listening.
Some other reference for you, to understand better the general level of earphones SQ performance, based on my analysis :
Sennheiser CX300II    3.0
Dunu Trident -           5.5
BrainWavz M2 -           6.0 
SoundMagic E10/E30 -  6.0 
HiSound E212 -            6.3  
VSonic GR06 -              7.0 
Bayerdynamic DTX 101 - 7.0 
HiFiMan RE400 -             7.5
MEelec A161P   -            7.7
VSonic GR07 -                    8.5
Sennheiser IE80                 8.7

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