1. mark2410

    Fischer Audio Sigma v2 Quick Review

    Fischer Audio Sigma v2 Quick Review     Brief:  Ity bity IEM’s with venting issues.   Price:  Not a clue, couldn’t find them for sale anywhere.   Specification:  18-22000 Hz 102 dB 18 Ohms 65 mW   Accessories:  4 sets of tips.   Build Quality:  Nothing amazing bit they...
  2. mark2410

    Fischer Audio FA-911 Sledgehammer Review

    Fischer Audio FA-911 Sledgehammer Review   Thanks to Advanced Headphones for the samples   First Impressions:  Well these look really nice, great big slabs of metal and the cable on them looks great too, reminds me of the grey one MEElectronics use. ...
  3. mark2410

    Fischer Audio FA-999 Review

    Fischer Audio FA-999 Review   Thanks to Advanced Headphones for the samples     First Impressions:  Whoa!  How much do these look like the MEElectronics M9?  So similar I had to go fish out the M9 and when you see them side by side they are different, the...
  4. mark2410

    Fischer Audio Silver Bullet Quick Review

    Fischer Audio Silver Bullet Quick Review     Brief:  Driver flex galore.   Price:  Seem to go for about US$60.   Specification:  12-22000 Hz 102 dB 18 Ohms 60 mW   Accessories:  3 pairs of tips and little baggy type case.   Build Quality:  Great, they are little slabs of...
  5. Fizban

    Why is there almost no news/reviews of Fischer Audio Genesis and Falcon?

    Well, like the title says, why is there silence about them?  I thought there was initial hype about them? Aren't they already out?
  6. Maven

    Online Retailer to buy Fischer Audio Products?

    I'm interested in picking up a pair of silver bullets and dba-02s.  I noticed that there are a few online retailers which are referenced on the fischer audio website, but the ones I checked do not have both items in stock.  Are these products sold by any of the forum sponsors?  Are there any...
  7. weibby

    Fischer Audio Genesis/Falcon - First Impressions - World first

    It's no secret that Fischer Audio's Genesis and Falcon has been announced, we in Singapore usually get the commercial samples first due to warm relations and proximity to Russia. For those who are in the dark this has been announced quite some time back...
  8. LFF

    REVIEW: Fischer Audio Mystify

    ****Note**** As always, these are strictly my opinions. I try to present these products as honestly as possible and try to describe them as best as possible. As always, YMMV.  ****NOTE****   FISCHER AUDIO MYSTIFY PORTABLE HEADPHONE AMP     SPEC’S:   Frequency...
  9. kendric

    Fischer Audio FA Series Appreciation Thread

    I bought the Fischer Audio FA-003 a week ago after reading up LFF's Reviews on them. And upon first hearing them out of the box i have to say i am really surprised!   For something of a reasonable price range, These Cans definitely says they are no slouches even though they were fresh out of...
  10. b33r

    Fischer Audio SBA-01 vs Eterna?

    with the stocks the new Fischer Audio products coming to Singapore earliest next week, and my PL30s dying out, i decided it's time for an upgrade. after checking out the favourable reviews of both the SBA-01 and the Eterna, i'm kinda stuck between the two, seeing how the SBA-01 isn't much...
  11. Amarbir

    Fischer Audio - Expressions In Brief [ Some Models ]

    Guys , Very Brief Testing Of Few FA Models In India .... Fischer Audio Wooden IEMS - The Daleth From Signature Series The Daleth is a Wooden IEM From Fischer Audio .The Earphones Sound Very Different in The Lows "Bass " And Many People Would Love Them Over the Traditional...
  12. LFF

    Review: Fischer Audio OldSkool'70's - Retro awesomeness

    Fischer Audio’s OLDSKOOL’70’s   SPEC’S: › Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz › Sensitivity: 112 dB › Impedance: 35 Om › Input power: 100 mW › Color: black.   EQUIPMENT USED ON THIS REVIEW: Portable set-up: Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed) ->UE Mini2Mini ->RSA Shadow Portable set-up: Ipod...
  13. xPro_MetheuSx

    Where To Buy Fischer Audio Eterna

    Hi again my dear friends. Can you help me about where can I buy a Fischer Audio Eterna on internet? Thank you very much.
  14. rakfunk12

    Ety MC5 vs FA DBA-02

    How is the bass in the Ety's compared to the DBAs?  Is it more/less/same?  Any input on the bass of the MC5s would be appreciated.  Thanks
  15. Stalwart

    Monster Turbine Vs Fischer Audio SBA-01 Vs Eterna Rev.2 or?

    Recently the left bud of my Klipsch S4 stopped working (after 1 year of use). As a result I'm looking for an upgrade. How noticeable the upgrade is going to be - it depends...   Yesterday, I had the chance to hear IE7, however for some reason I just don't feel comfortable with them...
  16. jaykarnik

    Curious observation about the DBA-02

    The Fischer Audio DBA-02 seem like the most popular IEM's on this forum. How is it then that there is hardly any mention of it anywhere else on the internet. I know this question might sound blasphemous to most of the users on this forum but I was just curious?
  17. xaf

    Review: Fischer Audio SBA-01

    Having just received these, I thought I'd just share some of my initial impressions of the SBA-01s after having spent around 24 hours with them.    (Updated 2010-05-07: I have updated this with some images as well as rewritten some sections just to reflect my impressions of the SBAs after...
  18. equivicae

    Panasonic HJE900 vs Fischer Silver Bullet vs Sunrise SW-Xcape (~$80 IEM comparison)

    I was originally looking to buy headphones in the $50 - $150 dollar range, but I have now narrowed it down to the Panasonic HJE900s, Fischer Silver Bullets, and Sunrise SW-Xcape, all around $80 bucks. have heard great things about all of them, and I have some questions regarding how these...
  19. swbf2cheater

    Review - Fischer Audio Silver Bullets - A True TITAN of the IEM world - 56k Warning

      I'm just going to say it.  The Silver Bullets are unquestionably THE BEST sub 150$ IEMs that exist currently on this Earth.  I've used and reviewed so many IEMs in my 15 years of audiophile-hood and have come across gems and diamonds only on a rare occasion.  The Fischer Audio Silver Bullets...
  20. 1

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 at

    Since the DBA-02 seems rather hard to get right now, this Russian webstore has them, among other Fischer Audio products, in stock. According to a Russian friend, the store is pretty well-known and trustworthy. If I understand the translation well enough, they ship all the way to whereever if...
  21. Music-etymotic

    Best boom boom iems under 150??

    i need some iems cuz i broke my klipsch s4 and i didnt like it when it comes to bass then i bought shure se115 didnt like it too much either so i returned it. can u guys share what are some good iems with good bass and blocking noise if im on bus or train.
  22. xDKRx

    Fischer fa-788?

    I ordered the silver bullet off of ebay, and included in the box was a ficher fa-788. Does anyone know anything about this IEM? Any info is appreciated.
  23. Chillybawls

    Absolute best sounding IEM's for no more than $100

    I listen to a lot of classic metal and classic rock but I want IEMs that are great across the board generally. How are the klipsch image s4's compared to similarly priced cans?
  24. oyster

    anything better than silver bullets for under 100$?

    Hi all been searching for something that sounds airy, non sibilant, clear, full bodied with tight bass  for under 100$. I'll be able able to choose only amongst the following: -fischer audio except eterna & db02 -soundmagic -head direct -klipsch -sennheiser -ultimate ears...
  25. Jonasklam

    Look what i found today

        Ace of Sweden MP-68   Model number MP-68 Color Brown, gold Speaker unit 38mm Dynamic Adjustable headband Yes Nominal impedance 32 ohm Frequency response 25Hz~20KHz Sensitivity 98 dB Jack plug 3,5mm stereo (6,3 mm stereo adapter included) Cable...