1. Mackattack7454

    Looking For Quality IEM's <250

    Hello I am looking for some Good quality IEM's for under $250.   I want something that is well balanced. I listen to every genre of music from Classical Mozart Symphony's to Pop Rock, Rap, and Metal. I want a true monitor earphone. I often find reviews in which people try to justify the $500...
  2. jaykarnik

    Good clear IEM without amp.

    I am a basic user looking for a good IEM. Portability is an issue and hence I need ones which works without an amp.   Also sound should be crystal clear and vocals should be lively. Bass shouldn't shadow those qualities although a deep bass would be preferred.   Know any which live up to...
  3. legodt

    DBA-02 Stateside

    Is there any retailer in the united states carrying the Fischer DBA-02s?
  4. Pushifer

    Lost my Fischer Audio's DBA-02, do i get IE8

    I lost my one week old DBA-02. :( :(   I loved them, and their sound. My question is, since i payed almost the same price (had to pay taxes on the DBA-02) of the IE8, which ones should i buy ( question to ppl who have listen to both).   Resume : with DBA-02 and IE8 at the same price...
  5. rdgnik

    Little upgrade on IEMs! best around $100?

    Wazzup guys, I'm new to the world of high-end iems, currently i have a clip+ with v-modas vibe and bass freq, now I decided to upgrade my IEMs, and well, I'd like a earphone that could be used for personal listening and for monitoring on stage, since i´m a drummer, but I know its a lil bit hard...
  6. nate5709

    Headphones with good bass?

    Hey guys.   Are there any <$80 IEM's with strong bass, good mids and highs, and a somewhat open soundstage? I'll be using them with an mp3 player (no amp) and I typically listen to alt-metal.   I love my Beyer DT770/80s so if there's anything that similar to those, I'll try them out.  ...
  7. ramostudio

    Anyone try Q-jays AND Fischer DBA-02's?

    I'm tossing up between these two and was just wondering if anyone had any experience with both of them?   Thoughts?   Thanks!
  8. danzel

    need help : fischer audio dba02 vs westone 1

    hi anyone who have tried out the above 2, can u give me some comments and feedback regarding the 2 models thx!
  9. postrock

    In-Depth Reviews Coming Soon: Fischer Audio FA-004 and Phiaton MS400

    I'm expecting delivery of two of the more buzzed-about new phones on the market, the flashy Phiaton MS400 and the astute and retro-looking Fischer Audio FA-004br. I've been using quality studio monitor phones for many years. About 5 years ago the Alessandro MS-1 kind of opened my ears to more...
  10. atreides2205

    Pleased, I need earhones IEMS for classical and jazz music. have no opportunity to listen, I need to hear quality music. Help

    Hello everyone and congratulations on your forum, find it has been like a little light on my ignorance in matters of headphones. I'm tired of trial and error and spent much pasta (which I have) and not getting results.  Well, my problem is that for personal reasons I can not hear music as...
  11. matamua

    IEM recommendations - I've tried a bunch

    I posted something over in the full size forum that's pretty similar, because I need help deciding between a quality IEM and a quality set of full size cans.   I'm a medical student and I listen to music/lectures with my headphones pretty much all day long.  I've been through a good batch of...
  12. vkvedam

    Unique Melody Or Fisher Audio [From UK]

    Hi Fellows   I've decided to send in my E500s for a remould and I've got in touch with both the firms. Before I make a final decision I would like to know some of your experiences and views. Please provide me with any sort of your valuable advice/opinion as I don't want to deal with the...
  13. imaaudiophiler

    Comparison between RE0 and Fischer Audio Silver Bullet

    What's the difference in sound signature? I have a RE0, thinking of getting a FA SB. What will be better in SB than in RE0 and what will I miss from the RE0? Help is appreciated. =)
  14. imaaudiophiler

    What's your favourite genre of music and what is the best earphones that goes with them?

    I'll start with mine:   Favorite Genre: Rock/Pop Best Earphone: Currently on RE0, moving on to maybe Fischer Audio Silver Bullet  
  15. Zoide

    FX700 or DBA-02?

      Arrgghhh...  All this FX700 talk is making me think of getting them instead of the DBA-02.  I listen to some not-so-well-recorded music, and I think I'd rather have bass slam than potentially annoying bright highs.  As long as the bassy FX700's don't sound veiled...   Any reason besides...
  16. LFF

    Review! Fischer Audio's FA-004

    Fischer Audio’s FA-004 NOTE***These are my subjective opinions and should be taken as such. I always recommend you listen for yourself before you decide to make a purchase.***NOTE SPEC’S: •› Frequency range: 20-20000 Hz •› Sensitivity: 104 dB •› Impedance: 32 Om •› Input power: 180 mW...
  17. Grimloki

    Fischer Audio rebranding only?

      Fischer Audio's master series of headphones all seem to be Yoga Electronics headphones, rebranded. Specs match. I think they changed the logo, but thats all I see that's different.   CD-880 and CD-990 in the Yoga Monitor series are FA-002s and FA-003s...
  18. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Fischer Audio FA-002 and FA-003: Two to Tango

    First of all I’ll like to thank Fischer Audio for the samples. Before these, the FA I know is really more of a portable headphones oriented brand with their main audience in the lower to mid sector of the market. But with the new Master series, FA is aiming on a higher ground. Giving those big...
  19. kaitin44

    help a newbie!

    ok well I have been on this site researching quite a while on headphones,but because there is so many brands and opinions out there that I dont know what to please recommend some   I was going to get the Bose AE but I guess they are bad so no more bose..   I want....  ...
  20. aeroshep1

    Upgrade From FXC80

    I am looking at upgrading from my JVC FXC80. I like the overall sound they have, the way they produce highs, and the amount of bass it gives out, However, I am looking for something with a simalar sound signature, but a little richer experience. I mainly listen to rock and acoustic music. I...
  21. Myriad

    I'm making a list...

    ...and looking for complaints.   Anyways I'm looking to replace my q-Jays and have come up with the list below.  The things that annoyed me about the q-Jays were the somewhat recessed mids and paying for new filters especially when I usually ended up losing half of each pack before I could...
  22. jivex5k

    Some considerations on Hip-Hop oriented IEMs.

    Greetings all...I've been away from this forum for a while and it has served me greatly for years with the information. I had a pair of DT770s (sold em eventually they were just too large) and I still use my Grado SR225s on a daily basis. I'm ready to get some high quality IEMs. My friend...
  23. RipRapRob

    Help me find an alternative to the VESC's my teenage daugther wants me to buy for her

    Please help me here:   My teenage daughter have just turned 17 and wanted me to give her new head phones for her iPhone for her birthday. On her wishlist she had written WESC.   Having never heard about those before, I dead a little research and as far as I can tell, WESC is more about...
  24. ffdpmaggot

    What Are The Most Accurate Full Size Headphones Under 300 USD?

    I have plans on purchasing a pair of Fischer Audio DBA-02 in the relatively distant future (1-2 years) but, I'm starting to find that IEM aren't so comfortable, and I'd really like to get a pair of headphones for home use. My budget is $300, I'm looking for the best overall pair of headphones...
  25. punia

    Etymotic Hf2 upgrade - help me to decide

    Hi All! I own Etymotic Hf2 and really happy about their sound. It's really detailed and analytical – thats exactly what I like. The only thing I can complain is the lack of bass. I use eq (slightly) in iTunes on my Macbook Pro to improve it. I've just started to read head-fi forums and...