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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. kkcc

    Yes I agree taking the premium tubes out of the amp purchase price seems logical and it would definitely be a harder decision for me to get the wa22 at $2700 with the premium tubes Woo offered than the $1995 msrp.

    Having said that, I'm also curious how does the "recommended" tube upgrades combination from Woo sound on the wa22 other than that the are probably overpriced?
  2. Dubstep Girl
    I would not recommend the WA22 with the upgraded tubes jack offers
    i find the tung sol 5998 better than his tung sol 7236 offering. also the 7236 isn't worth $160 a pair imo.
    the 6sn7 are overepriced, you can find other nos tubes that are much better for the price.
    sophia is good but theres alot of really nice ones out there for much much less, you could spend like 300$ and get decent tubes over the woo audio offerings.
    buying the recommended ones from woo would be overpriced, the sound quality would be much better than stock, but you can still do much better with $700 budget for upgraded tubes.
  3. punit

    I have the following tubes for my WA22. If a WA22 owner wants any info about how any particular combination from the tubes below sound on WA22, please pm me.
    TS 5998
    TS 7236
    GEC 6AS7G
    GEC 6080
    Mullard 6080
    Sophia Elect. 6SN7
    Ken Rad VT231 6SN7GT Black Glass
    TS BGRP 6F8G
    National Union 6F8G
    Sylvania 6F8G
    Mullard CV 181
    Brimar CV1988
    Sophia Elect. 274B
    Western Electric 422A
    Brimar (GEC) U52
    Mullard 5V4G (GZ32)
    Philips (Mullard) GZ34 (metal base)
    USAF 596
    EML 5U4G
    Cossor GZ37
    RCA 5U4G
  4. kkcc

    I guess that's the exact reason why Woo didn't offer their amps on "premium tubes". But then they probably could have done better with the stock tubes that everyone seems to just hate. There must be some low cost alternative that works better?!
  5. magiccabbage
    very nice collection sir ! 
  6. jc9394

    Missing the Brimar "black gold" CV1988. :D
  7. punit
    Thank you sir.
    want to sell yours [​IMG]
  8. jc9394
    Unfortunately no, they sounded so good with Glenn OTL.  It is even better than the TS BGRP 6SN7 with Glenn's amp.
  9. punit

    Purchased. Edited list above. Cannot ignore your recommendation Sir. [​IMG]
  10. Feedbacker

  11. jc9394
    Let me know how you like it when you received it.
  12. punit

    what is your fav combination with the Brimar ?
  13. kkcc

    How does this compares with the Sylvania VT231 or tung sol black glass round plates?
  14. jc9394

    On WA22, EML 274B and GEC 6AS7G.
  15. jc9394
    Do not have experience with Sylvania VT231.  Compare to TS BGRP, the Brimar is more engaging and dynamice with modern music but you will loose the super smooth and smaller imaging of TS.  To me I prefer the Brimar due to the music I listen.

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