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Headphoneus Supremus, Male, from Dubai

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    Music, Movies,
    Headphone Inventory:
    H.P's -
    Audioquest Nighthawk
    Audioquest Nightowl
    Hifiman Edition X
    LFF Enigma
    Oppo PM 2
    Oppo PM 3
    Ultrasone Signature DJ ( with Zynsonix Trebuchet cable )
    Senn HD650
    Senn HD 25-1 II
    Senn HD25 Aluminum 25th Anniversary edition (with upgraded cable)
    NAD Viso HP50
    PSB M4U1
    ZMF Blackwood

    IEM's -
    64 Audio Adel A12 (with Forza Copper Series IEM Mk2 balanced Cable)
    64 Audio Adel U12 (with Plussound X8 Silver + 1% Gold + Copper Hybrid Cable)
    Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE
    Beyerdynamic DX120 iE
    JVC FX-850 (with DHC Symbiote SE Hybrid - silver-copper litz balanced cable)
    Hifiman RE-600
    PSB M4U 4
    Shure SE530 (with BTG Midnight)
    Shure SE115
    Klipsch - Image S4
    Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition

    Audeze LDC X
    Hifiman HE1000 V1
    Hifiman HE-6 (with Vegan pads, Fuzzor & Open Grill Mods)
    Audeze LCD XC
    Fostex TH900
    Senn HD800
    Senn HD800S
    Senn HD600 (gifted)
    Beyerdynamic T1 (with mini XLR mod )
    Beyerdynamic T90
    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 32ohm
    Hifiman HE-500
    Senn HD 650
    Shure 940
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (Anniversary Ltd Ed 32 Ohm version)
    Beyerdynamic DT 1350 (with BTG Midnight 8 Strand Cable)
    HifiM HE-400
    Denon AH-D5000 (with Martin Audio CoCo Rosewd extra deep cups, Lawton Audio ear pads & Signal Cable Silver)
    Senn HD 280 Pro
    Noble K10U acrylic
    Dita The Answer
    Shure SE 846
    Shure SE535 Ltd Ed Red
    Shure SE 210 (damaged & discarded)
    Brainwavz R3
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audio GD Master 9
    Bottlehead Mainline ( with upgraded caps - Auricap XO)
    DNA Stratus
    iFi Retro 50
    iBasso D2+ Boa
    Fiio E06
    Meier Corda Quickstep

    Cavalli Liquid Glass
    Darkvoice 336i
    Schiit Lyr
    Woo WA6
    Bottlehead Crack (with Speed ball)
    Meier Corda Classic
    Woo WA22
    Schiit Mjolnir
    Yulong D100 DAC / Amp
    Glenn OTL (custom made )
    1980 Marantz PM 500 Vintage Amp (for HE 6 - from speaker taps)
    Cayin A-70T integrated vacuum tube amplifier (for HE 6 - from speaker taps)
    Source Inventory:
    Mac Mini 2012 ( with Uptone Audio JS-2 Linear Power Supply) running Pure Music > Uptone Regen >Singxer SU-1> AES>Audio GD NFB-7


    SONIC TRANSPORTER i7 > Sonore MicroRendu (UltraCap LPS-1 ) > Curious USB > Audio GD NFB-7

    Fiio X5ii > coax > Meier Corda Daccord

    Portable - HM-901s (with Standard,Balanced & IEM card), Fiio X5, Fiio X5 2nd Gen, Fiio X1 2nd Gen, ibasso DX90, Samsung GALAXY player 3.6 & 5,
    (Sold - Fiio X3, IBasso DX50, Hifiman 601)

    Macbook Pro 15", RME Fireface UC
    Cable Inventory:
    Signal Cable Silver Resolution + Audioquest + Kimber Kables + Cardas analog & digital cables & power chords through out the system
    Power-Related Components:
    Isotek GII Vision + EVO3 SIRIUS + EVO3 Polaris + Uptone Audio JS-2 Linear Power Supply & UltraCap LPS-1
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Wilson Audio Sophia MK III speakers
    Ming Da MC 300 PRE pre-amplifier / Audio GD Master 9 pre amp
    Audio GD Master 2 Mono Blocks
    Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers + iFi Retro 50
    Burson Audio Time keeper Stereo power amp
    Focal XS 2.1
    RIVA’s Turbo X
    RANE TTM56s DJ mixer
    RME Fireface UC
    Apogee Duet.

    Audio GD Master 1 pre amp (sold)
    Polk Audio LSI9 speakers (sold)
    PSB Synchrony One Speakers (sold)
    Rotel RB1080 power amp (sold)

    In the Car - Focal K2 Power speakers, Sub & FPS Amp
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Tubes (6sn7 or equivalent):

    B65 Metal Base
    Swedish Standard 33S30 (branded Telefunken)
    Tung-Sol 6SN7 Mouse Ears
    Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB
    Sylvania 6SN7W Short Bottle
    Sylvania Bad Boy 6SN7GT (1952)
    Sylvania 6SN7GTA Chrome Top
    Ken Rad VT231 6SN7GT Black Glass
    Brimar CV1988
    GE 5692
    CBS Hytron JAN-CHY-5692
    Fivre 6SN7GT
    Brimar 6SN7GT
    National Union CNU 6SN7 Grey Glass
    RCA Grey Glass 6SN7
    Telefunken 6SN7GT
    RFT 6SN7 (RWM VEB Röhrenwerk Mühlhausen production)

    Sold :
    Sophia Elect. 6SN7
    Tung Sol 6SNTGT
    TS BP 6F8G
    National Union 6F8G
    Sylvania 6F8G
    Raytheon 6F8G Round Plates
    RCA Red Base 5692
    Electro Harmonix 6SN7
    Mullard CV 181
    Music Preferences:
    Psy / Prog Trance, Psy-Chill / Ambient, Rock / Pop, Instrumental.
    Samsung S7
    Finance professional with a Passion for Music
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