1. JoeDoe


    Selling a beautiful WA22 with a bunch of quality tubes. Thoight this was my endgame but ended up preferring a SS option more! Cosmetically and functionally, I can't find any issue with it. Here's what you get: - Woo WA22 (with original packaging & stock tubes) - NOS Matched Tung Sol 7236s - NOS...
  2. coinmaster

    Do expensive hybrid amps exist? Do I need one?

    Hi! I'm looking for an amp with will give my HD800s soul with female vocals and electronic dance music. I've been looking at the MKVI+ amp because it's supposed to far outperform it's price range but I've been told that since my music is a mix of classical, vocal, and electronic/house/dance...
  3. Seamaster

    EML 5U4G Mesh Plate VS. NOS Tubes VS. Sophia Princess 274B Mesh Plate WA22

    Ok, here is long waited review for "What is going on with EML 5U4G Mesh Plate deal". I am sure a lot of people have same question: Is it worthy to spend $2xx dollars instead to buy NOS tubes for around $100? When I was emailing George Lenz @ tubesusa.com. He said: "EML 5U4G Mesh Plate is the...
  4. Jian

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-3

    I was searching on this topic and didn't find a dedicate thread. So I'm staring one, and let's gather more ideas for the community.   So far, from the reports by several members, the LCD3 sounds very nice paring up with   Tube amp: Leben CS300X (SE), Woo Audio WA22 (balanced)   Solid...
  5. liahos1

    New Head-fi'er with noob questions

    Guys,   I've been reading headfi for awhile now and decided to take the plunge in building up a quality setup.    What i've got so far    DAC - Schiit Gungnir being run from pc via optical spdif, most tracks are from spotify, hdtracks or existing cd collectoin   Mogami 2549...
  6. Monsterzero

    Headphone Suggestion for WA2

    So im the proud owner of a Woo Audio WA2 and Beyer T1,and Sennheiser 600s. I consider both of these cans to be neutral and although I never listen to my 600s(more for my g/f)I do enjoy the T1s quite a bit. I want to add a 3rd set of cans with a "little" more bass,not basshead bass,but...
  7. hmorneau

    Best tube amp for LCD-3

    I just got the LCD-3 that I'm running off the Vali at the moment, it sound great, but what is the best tube amp or SS for the LCD-3 I should buy?   I like to listen to classic, jazz, vocal mostly.    At the store I had the opportunity to try the Woo 6, but I felt that the bass was a bit...
  8. tropicana

    el84 vs 6080 tube amps

    I noticed that there are quite a number of tube amps that use el84 output tubes (ear+, cs300, taboo, etc...), how do they compare against the 6080 based tube amps (wa2, wa22, crack, teton)? Is it possible to tell how an amp would sound based on the output the used?
  9. kokushu

    2014 tube amp rankings

    I remember back in the day skylab did a really good ranking of all tube/hybrid amp.  Unfortunately that threads have been closed.  So I want to do another list for people who doing research could look into it.  I am currently myself looking for a tube amp.  It would be nice if it was integrated...

    tube amp with balanced inputs

    are there any tube amps with balanced inputs that are $1000 or less?
  11. Seamaster

    Got my paws on WA22

    Missed USPS delivery on Saturday, that made me lost some sleep on Sunday as well. 1st thing in the morning on Monday (today), I went to post office in parjamas with my hair stood up like unicorn, but I did not give ***. My Ninja black WA22 arrived with a well packed box, with "fragile" ...
  12. SDMAN

    Done with tube amps and anxiously waiting for the replacement to arrive

    I'm back to road shopping, meaning I move around a bit. Tubes are not the best traveling companion. Way to delicate. So I found a new home for the Woo WA-22 and tubes (which I thoroughly enjoyed using, primarily with a set of balanced T1's). The new owner has told me he is very happy with his...
  13. Pustik

    Woo Audio 22 vs DNA Stratus vs Cavalli Liquid Fire

    I'm wondering which one in the long run will be fun to have? Woo Audio and DNA Stratus have much flexibility, you could try many tubes, play around to find your own sound. Or and this is more philosophical question would you want to settle down for something as cavalli liquid fire where amp has...
  14. xerojin

    HELP! Suggestions for Sennheiser HD800 - HDVD800 or WA22?

    Hey guys,   So I'm planning to buy a Sennheiser HD800 in the future and was looking for an amp. I've seen the HDVD800 as being a good match but I heard many accolades given to the WA22.   I'm looking to not replace or buy new equipment after my first and only purchase unless something breaks...
  15. loveislove

    looking for balanced cable for my HD800

    Hello eHello everyone, I ve entered the world of HIFI for more than two years although im still new to this forum. My current system consists of the C5XE from Ayre and the WA22 amplifier from Woo Audio (tubes were all upgraded). My most frequently used cans are the HD800 from Sennheiser. I'd say...
  16. dguitarnut

    Newbie question. Woo wa2 or Schitt Lyar ?

    I have a senn 650 with thoughts of upgrades in the future like an hd 800 or an LCD . Using an e17 fiio now. I have waded through the hundreds of posts on both these amps. Sorry but I can't digest all that I have read. I'm torn between a Schitt Lyar plus bifrost or getting a Woo wa2 . I would...
  17. Dubstep Girl

    Dubstep Girl's Massive 5AR4/5R4/5U4G Rectifier Review/Comparison! (Rectifer Tube Rolling thread)

    Dubstep Girl's Massive 5AR4/5R4/5U4G Rectifier Review/Comparison!                   I have been wanting to create this thread for quite some time now, since I often receive PM's and questions asking for advice on tube rolling. I also have noticed that a general 5U4G/Rectifer tube rolling...
  18. estreeter

    The best $200 tube-SS hybrid transportable amp you've never heard of ....

        - 12AU7 as input stage - Solidstate power output stage - AC(cap coupled) and DC (directly coupled) dual line input - High and low impedance dual output - Capable of driving 2 headphones - Beautiful aluminum enclosure - Built-in power supply - 110V and 220V available - Input...
  19. Frank I


    Jack has asked me to  do a comparison project for Woo Audio's  new website that is coming shortly. I will be writing summaries for each amplifier and other Woo products for the website. I am very excited to be participating in this project and have enclosed some pictures that Jack took while we...
  20. Z06_Pilot

    LCD-3's and Woo WA22....WOW!

    Hi folks,   I know this pairing has been spoken about before but I just had to post on this.  After pondering and posturing for quite awhile now, I bit the bullet and got the LCD-3's, and have had them for about a week.  Big shout out to Todd at Vinyl Junkie Headquarters.  Wonderful folks to...
  21. fmzip

    Woo Audio WA22 with tubes, MINT!

    Selling my pristine WA22 and tubes listed below.   I bought it off the original owner in 2011 after he had owned it for a year. It had very little use. Since then, I've used it just a handful of times as well which is why I am selling it.   Here is what is included:   1 Power cord black...
  22. ckunstadt

    Woo Audio WA22. Excellent Condition. Black. Free 5998 Power Tubes. PAYPAL & SHIPPING included!

    For your consideration: ~2 year old Woo Audio WA22 for sale in black. Excellent condition. Light dust likely. Packed in original box and packing material. Comes with stock (terrible) tubes. plus FREE pair of 5998 power tubes.   Not sure what to say about it, really. I LOVE this thing but I...
  23. aspher

    Woo audio wa22 headphone amp with upgraded tubes&extras

    For sale is my beloved wa22 amp,got my headphone gears all sold,so there is no chance to keep it.But it has  the best synergies ever with my hd800 & dhc  rsocc balanced cable. Purchased from headfier Hiyono back in mid July this year,for sale only to feed the new monos..   Recifier is EML...
  24. zoueric088

    Wanted: Woo Audio WA22

    Hi guys, I am looking for a Woo Audio WA22 if someone wants to sell it please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP. Thx.
  25. azynneo

    Wanted a WA22 / Liquid Fire

    If you have any of the above, please give me a PM.