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2014 tube amp rankings

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by kokushu, Sep 1, 2014.
  1. kokushu
    I remember back in the day skylab did a really good ranking of all tube/hybrid amp.  Unfortunately that threads have been closed.  So I want to do another list for people who doing research could look into it.  I am currently myself looking for a tube amp.  It would be nice if it was integrated but definitely the headphone section is the most important.  Here is some of the canidate
    Within my budget: basically around $2k and below
    Schiit Vahalla 2
    Schiit Lyr 2
    Apex Peak/Volcano
    RWA Cassabria
    DNA Sonett 2
    Eddie Current Super 7 (if somehow I could get one)
    Woo Audio 22
    RSA The Raptor
    Little Dot MK VIII
    Decware Taboo MKIII
    Out of my budget: currently
    Eddie Current BA
    Eddie Current 445
    Eddie Current ZD
    Woo Audio 5
    DNA Stratus
    ALO Studio Six
    Leben CS 300 or 600
    Cavalli Audio Liquid Glass
    There might be other I might forget but these are the one I did the most research at.  There are certain one I kind of prefer but most of them I really hadn't audition for an extended period of time.  This will open all kind of worms but I eventually want to do a tier list for tube amp so people who are in my position could have a decent starting guide.
  2. Nympho
    Schiit Vahalla 2 or Woo Audio 22 would take my vote.
  3. kokushu
    Forget to mention the leben cs 300.  That is the one I want the most right now if it come at under 2k price.  I remember hearing it and it sound really good but hadn't able to try it again for such a long time.
  4. kokushu
    Even thought I am looking at Cavalli I can't believe I forget to include them.  The Cavalli Liquid Glass is what I am most interested in.
  5. Nhubley
    WA 22 is great. I heard the Liquid Fire with the HD800 and dammm what an amp. 
  6. hodgjy
    Get yourself a Trafomatic Head One and call it a day.
  7. gradofans
    I just got a raptor recently ,it is pretty good for me to drive HD600 even with the original tubes .Cheers 
  8. AnalogSavior

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