1. azynneo

    [Wanted] ZDSE / ECS-7/ WA22

    Looking for above amps pm me if you got one for sale. And what tubes are included
  2. migasson

    Woo Audio WA22

    Hello HeadFi'ers   This is for Australian buyers only at this stage.   Up for a regretful sale is my beloved WA22. This amp is nothing short of superlative. It has to rank up there with one of the all time best pieces of equipment of ever listened to. It simply sounds great with any...
  3. captslow

    Amp to Headphone Price Ratio

    I apologize if a similar topic has been brought up, I searched and did not find any exact matches.    I feel that this could make for an interesting topic. Basically the question comes down to how to divide a set amount of money in a headphone system?   For example, say an individual has...
  4. Ross

    Woo Audio WA22 Black (Aus) 220v

    For sale is the Woo Audio WA22 headphone amplifier I bought in April last year from Addicted to Audio in Melbourne. It is in black and is identical to the one in the photo below. It is in mint condition with box, manual and original tubes, and is a 220v unit, so suitable for Australia or Asia. I...
  5. Chefguru

    WTB: Woo Audio WA2 (wa22 interest also) (if in NYC area will pay cash/pick up)

    Want to buy a Woo Audio Wa2. Must have at least the stepped attenuator upgrade. Can be silver or Black, but prefer the black.   I would also be interested in a Wa22.   If you are located in NYC or anywhere within 3 hours of NYC , I can pick it up and pay in cash to save fees.  
  6. SHAHZADA123

    PS1000 WITH WOO WA22

    Please post impressions of this combo if tried.   Comparative impressions (PS1000 with another amp compared to this combo) would be even better There is only ONE supplier where I live and he deals only in SCHIIT ( could'nt pass up that one   ) so I rely heavily on Head-Fiers'...
  7. elrod-tom

    WTB: Woo Audio WA22 Balanced Headphone Amp

    I'm looking to purchase a Woo Audio WA22 balanced headphone amp.  Please PM if you have one available for sale.
  8. davo50

    Woo Audio WA22

    Woo Audio WA22 with stock tubes.  Only 3 months old, barely broken in.  I will be selling my premium tubes on e-bay: username davo447.     This is a basically new unit in pristine condition.  About 75% broken in for you.  $1600 + shipping.  Savings of $300 over ordering from Woo for a...
  9. rattesp

    B22 or WA22 for T1

    I currently use my T1 with the WA2 and I'm very pleased so far by this combo. The WA2 is really the best amp I've tried with the T1 (along with the LD MKVI+). I was wondering if a B22 or a WA22 would be a big upgrade vs the WA2. Anyone wants to share their impression of the T1+B22/WA22 combo ...
  10. MacedonianHero

    Woo Audio WA2 and WA22 Comparisons...finally finished...whew.

    So I’ve had my WA22 for about a week now and here are some of my thoughts on how it sounds and compares to the WA2 (thanks to Shane...Sophonax for letting me hold onto his WA2 for a few days after he bought it from me). My initial comparison will focus on both amps being run in un-balanced mode...
  11. rmilewsk

    Help with tube rolling on woo audio WA22

    I just received my new wa22 about a week ago to go with my LCD2's. I purchased the updated tube set from woo audio http://www.wooaudio.com/products/wa22.html   The overall sound is still a little soft for me. I want a more neutral sound. I don't know anything about tubes and was wondering if...
  12. Dubstep Girl

    Considering a big upgrade to my system - WA5 vs. WA22???

    Hey everyone, so right now I have a basic headphone setup and am going to upgrade later in the fall once i have some money.   as of now my setup consists of    PC with apple lossless >> Pro-Ject USB DAC (sometimes i use my X-Fi Titanium instead) >> Pro-Ject Head Box SE II >> HD 650 with...
  13. rmilewsk

    WA22 Owners using the LCD2's: Do you use low or high impedence?

    Do you keep the WA22 on the low or high impedence selection and why? I've noticed the WA22 manual is lacking in any real detail on what changing the setting does and which impedences should be used with certain headphones.
  14. Yitaro

    Woo Audio WA22, WA2, or WA6 SE.

    Interested in purchasing a Woo Audio WA22, WA2, or WA6 SE.  If you're looking to upgrade, I'll be more than happy to take it off your hand.
  15. Skylab

    FS: Black Woo Audio WA22 balanced headphone amp nice!

    I have decided to cut down on amps again, and the WA22 is going to go. I bought this amp from Wedge about 4 months ago roughly. Looks mint. Works perfectly. For $1,200 shipped you will get basic tubes, NOT the fancy ones in the picture, but you can have the fancy tubes for $200 more. basic tubes...
  16. mwilson

    FS: Woo Audio WA22 (black), mint

    I'm selling my WA22 (black) to make room for other gear. Looks and works perfectly. I am the original owner, purchased from Jack Wu earlier this year. It has about 4-500 hours on it. It comes with the original (standard) tubes.   If you're looking for tube upgrades, I have a matched pair of...
  17. aurabullet

    Looking for an OTL WA2/ZD/WA22

    I'm looking for the following, can't afford one as of this moment so I'm going to be trading my....     B22 built from FallenAngel 3ch max'd out DACT stepped attenuator, Eichmann RCAs, UPOCC wiring, loop-out and pre-amp outputs, custom panels, high grade components. I will add money if...
  18. weeeeesquirrel

    WTB: Woo Audio 22 - WA22

    Looking for WA22 if anyone is ready to part with theirs. Payment via PayPal.   Have brand new pair of Ultrasone Edition 8s in Palladium if anyone has interest in a trade.
  19. preproman

    Woo WA22 + T1 & LCD2 With ??

    I'm down to these two DAC's:  The Audio-gd Reference-5 or the Wyred4Sound DAC 1 Both around the same price.  Which are the better paring with said amp and phones ( Woo WA22 + T1 & LCD2)?
  20. Golfnutz

    Woo Audio WA22

    I've had this amp for a year now, and it’s performed flawlessly.   Original owner. Mint condition. Amp is Black. Shipped in original box.   Power tubes: Single pair NOS Sylvania 6AS7G - Stock   Driver tubes: Single pair NOS GE 6SN7GTB – Stock   Rectifier tubes: Single NOS...
  21. MacedonianHero

    Woo Audio WA22 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

    For Sale: My Mint Condition Woo Audio WA22 Headphone amplifier   Price: Only $Pending sale to Solude!   Included: WA22 Headphone amp Stock tubes   In the photo, I have shown my favourite compliment of tubes with the WA22: Sylvania 7236 Power Tubes Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z...
  22. AppleheadMay

    Luxman P-1u or AT-HA5000ANV for WA22 or EAR HP4

    As you can see in my other classifieds I am selling my Luxman P-1u and Audio Technica AT-HA5000ANV. I would like to trade them as well for a black Woo WA22 or EAR HP4. (Still need to make the post for the Luxman)   Reason: I'm going tubes all the way for headphones and need to try out a...
  23. fenom60

    WTB Woo Audio WA22 Silver or black (Silver preferred)

    Please send me a PM if you have WA22 for sale, require shipping to Toronto-Canada or I can local pickup in Toronto.   Looking for upgrade tubes as well and a power cord. I prefer Silver Color but let me know if you have a Black WA22.   EML 5U4G / Sophia Princess 274B TS 7236 / Sylvania...
  24. Solude

    Woo WA22 w/ EML 5U4G, ST CV181-Z, Syl 7236

    One year old silver Woo WA22 w/ Emission Labs 5U4G, Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z, Sylvania 7236 in perfect condition for sale.  Everything is included.  Original box, upgraded tubes, manual... everything.  Asking $1700USD shipped in North America. I accept PayPal, no fee. The amplifier is boxed and...
  25. LiuTim

    WTB: WOO WA22,WA5/5LE,Eddie Current 2A3

    I'm looking for these AMPs. Please PM me with price. Thank you!