1. buddyboy

    Woo Audio WA22 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

    Up for sale for the first time is my gently used Woo Audio WA22. I bought it from the original owner about a year ago and like he, I have used it sparingly because of my busy work schedule. It is in very good condition. It is finished in black and was custom ordered by its' original owner and...
  2. preproman

    Little Dot MK VI+ / VIII SE or Woo WA22

    Which one is a better fit for high impedance headphones - Senns / Beyers?   Which ones are a better fit for low impedance headphones - Grados?   Which ones are a better fit for HE-500 / LCD2?   Does the Little Dot offer a better price per performance bargen?     Is the Woo WA22...
  3. amcananey

    WTT: Fully balanced Fallen Angel Beta 22 for Woo Audio WA22

    I would like to trade the most beautiful balanced solid state amp I've ever seen for a beautiful balanced tube amp...a Woo Audio WA22, to be specific.   My Beta 22 was built by Fallen Angel and is fully decked out...the most complete, no-holds-barred build I've ever seen.   - Dual-3 pin...
  4. minimus

    FS: Woo Audio WA22 Balanced Tube Amp

    Selling my black Woo Audio WA22.  I am the original owner, taking delivery of the amp from Woo Audio in January 2011.  The amp is in pristine condition and has been used sparingly.  Build and sound quality are superb.  Amp will come with NOS Bendix 6080 output tubes, NOS Sylvania 6SN7 driver...
  5. steel108

    WA2 or WA22 (siver)

    I keep going back and forth regarding whether to go balanced with my HD-800 and I really don't want to wait 4 weeks+ to get the amp so this seems like a good solution.    I want either a WA2 or a WA22 in silver; no preference, will let the God's decide. Make me an offer if you are looking to...
  6. dubselect

    Luxman P-1u vs Woo Audio WA22

    Hello.   I am just wondering what amp will you choose and why? Currently I have Luxman P-200 and I am very happy with it's sound but want something more...   P.S. I am planning to use RCA inputs of WA22 and I will order all upgrade tubes with it (I suppose it does not have any part...
  7. amcananey

    Wanted: Woo Audio WA22

    I'm looking to buy a WA22. Name your price. I've got cash in hand and am ready, willing, and able to buy right now. I'm not looking to low-ball you, just trying to save a few bucks off of list price.   Best regards, Adam
  8. SHAHZADA123


    The voltage setting is 220V. I've had this amp for 18 months and now its time to let it go. Excellent condition. Great synergy with HD800s & Grados.     Included tubes : Rectifier - Sophia Princess 274B less than 150hrs  Power Tubes - Sylvania 7236 (Matched pair) less than 150 hrs...
  9. preproman

    Millett MOSFET Maxed or Woo WA22

    Looking to get into tubs amps.  The two I'm looking at are the title of the thread.  I have not heard either, so I'm coming to the owners of each for a discussion.     I'm aware that the MMM is a hybrid.  However, what are the sonic sigs I can expect from each and what would be the...
  10. fenom60

    WTB: EML 5U4G / EML 274B / USAF 596/ Tungsol 6F8G w or w/o adapters :For WA22

    I am looking for the following tube for WA22   EML 5U4G : Would like to purchase one with low hours preferable 200hour or less or new for backup EML 274B: Low hours as well USAF 596 w adapter: NOS or low hours , must include adapter   Looking driver tubes: Tungsol 6F8G black glass...
  11. LYT1209

    Could Woo audio WA22 work well with Audeze lcd-3?

    I want to have an amplifier for my Audeze LCD-3,and I think WA22 is really good -looking and love it very much,but I'm confused that whether WA55 could work well with LCD-3?  The output of WA22 is only 1.5W at 32ohm.Please give me some suggestions.Thank you!
  12. Maximilian

    Cavalli Liquid Fire vs HeadAmp GS-X vs Woo Aduio WA22, WA5le vs Eddie Current Balancing Act vs Audio GD Master 8 vs RSA Dark Star vs SPL Phonitor

    Cavalli Liquid Fire vs HeadAmp GS-X vs Woo Aduio WA22, WA5le vs Eddie Current Balancing Act vs Audio GD Master 8 vs RSA Dark Star vs SPL Phonitor   Owned one?  Multiple?  There are some major differences between these amps, but if you had to choose one to live with what would it be? Post...
  13. pyramid6

    FS: Woo Audio WA22 includes shipping, insurance and fees, still under warranty

      I am selling my two month old WA22 (still under warranty http://www.wooaudio.com/faq/#1).   Will ship with the tubes that came with it in original packaging:   1 Shauguang 274B Rectifier  2 Matched 6SN7GT Driver Tubes 2 Metal based RCA 6080 Matched Power Tubes   Price...
  14. Sid-Fi

    Woo Audio WA22 w/ Premium Tubes

    I'm listing my beloved Woo Audio WA22 balanced amplifier for sale. I am the first and only owner, and purchased it brand new from Woo Audio a year a half ago. It is in fantastic shape as seen in the photos and sounds fantastic.   The price includes my used premium tubes - the Sophia Princess...
  15. rocknrolldoctor

    Balanced Stereo Plug Stuck in my New Woo WA22 :(

    Just received my new Woo WA22 and tried to removed the Neutrick 4 pin XLR Balanced Stereo Plug and its stuck.. How do I unplug it? I'm new to balanced and the other plugs I see have the release on female end (Amp End)
  16. zardon

    Woo Audio WA22 Balanced Amplifier with vintage tubes/valve upgrades

    I am selling my upgraded silver WOO Audio WA22 balanced headphone amplifier. This cost me over £2000 last year, and i upgraded all the tubes/valves to aftermarket models to improve the sound quality at considerable cost. The amplifier has received about 50 hours of overall burn in time and has...
  17. MacedonianHero

    WA22 Tubes O'Plenty: 7236, 6SN7, VT-231, 274B, 5U4G, 5692

    For sale: My rather large stock of WA22 tubes. I've moved on to the Liquid Fire so I might be willing to trade for some quads of 6922s.   Here are the tubes/prices I've got for sale:   Power Tubes: Sylvania 7236: All 3 pairs are now SOLD!!! Tung-Sol 7236: 1 pair. Has around 150...
  18. Z06_Pilot

    Woo WA22 owners-What DACs are you using?

    Hi folks,   My WA22 is being delivered tomorrow, and though I sincerely love the sound profile of the Woo WDS-1 DAC with my WA6-SE, I am looking for a second DAC to introduce some variety to my music listening.   I was hoping you WA22 owners might let me in on what DAC's you have found...
  19. Solude

    Woo WA22, Liquid Fire, Trafomatic HeadOne, GS-1 w/ DACT, AMB B22 compared.

    This post is the index for the  comparisons.  Any and all comparisons done will get a link posted here to the proper post.  And here we go...   Ended up buying and comparing the HeadAmp GS-1 w/ DACT, Woo WA22, Trafomatic HeadOne, Cavalli Liquid Fire and AMB Balanced B22.  Rest of the system...
  20. amcananey

    Woo Audio WA22 with Princess Sophia Mesh Plate 274B (includes domestic shipping)

    Up for sale is my little-used black Woo Audio WA22.  It is in excellent condition. I'd call it mint, but I'll call it 9/10 to be conservative. If you think you see a flaw in the pictures, I can pretty much guarantee it's dust (I always forget to clean my gear before taking pictures). Ask me, and...
  21. Rumbleripper

    Woo Audio WA22 Mint condition

    Hi:   Up for sale is my mint black WA22. I am the original owner and purchased this amp about a year ago. If you need any info on this amp you can go to the following link:   http://www.wooaudio.com/products/wa22.html   I am selling it with the stock tubes which I only used to try...
  22. amcananey

    WTT: Woo Audio WA22 w/ upgraded tubes for EC Zana Deux SE

    Above says it all. Depending on what is offered, I can also offer cash or other gear. Best regards, Adam
  23. snaps11

    LCD-3 / HD-800 amp

    Hello current setup is a Burson Soloist / Burson DA-160.  Good transparency and resolution with the LCD-3 but it seems like there is not much low end impact that everyone talks about.  The Soloist is supposed to have enough power for these but sometimes it does not feel like it.  Im not 100%...
  24. senson

    [WTB] WA22

    Looking for WA22 in good condition   I do not need extra tubes but will consider. I prefer black one but again I'll also consider silver one for right price   Thanks for your time
  25. eso6686

    Mod WA22 or upgrade to WA5?

    Hi,   Which would be a better option:   1. upgrade the internal parts of my WA22  2. sell it and buy a wa5 with the upgrade options?   Have anyone heard both amps? Is the WA5 a big upgrade from the wa22 or more of a side step? I am not sure how big of an improvement i will get...