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A little help on WA22

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by brucysn, Apr 13, 2011.
  1. BrucYSN
    Hi guys
         MY wa22 is on the way now, so I need some tubes to play with for LCD-2 and HD800
    Jack told me the Sophi 274B +  CV181 + Sly 7236 are good combo, How ever it seems like these are the upgrade tubes listed on his website. How ever I wanna know if there other 6080/6AS7 and 6SN7 possibilities. I kinda wanna more bass for HD800 but not too much with LCD-2 since it's not that bass shy. 
    One more thing, cwhat's the popular price now for a matched pair of CV181 from ShuGuang, I saw some on ebay for 120+ from a topseller, that's like 50% off from Woo Audio price. I wonder what makes the difference. 
    Where do you guys buy the tubes? any online store you know that has great stock of tubes?? 
    Thanks for the help
  2. Icenine2
    Head on over to the Woo thread here http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/428570/woo-audio-amp-owner-unite  I have a WA22+T1 and use the EML 5U4G+Shuguang Treasures.  To me they sound great.  The stock 5U does sound pretty good too.  If you go to the thread you'll get a grand discussion on the best tube options so be prepared!  You will love the amp.  A few of the guys have the LCD's as well.
  3. BrucYSN
    Thanks, it's just seems like a huge thread...
  4. jc9394
    Power: TS5998
    Drive: Treasure or Brimar CV1988, TS BGRP if money is not an issue
    Rectifier: EML 5U4G or Mullard GZ34/GZ37

    Be prepare to spent time and mkney hunting them down.:D
  5. BrucYSN


    Where did yo u get the TS5998 different from the 7236? It seems hard to find a matched pair of them.
    Is it the Treasure CV181z that you mention for driver tubes? better than Brimar CV1988?
    I thought the 274B is better for LCD-2 did you get bloated bass for LCD-2 with EML 5u4g?
  6. BrucYSN
  7. SDMAN
    Ill second the Tung-sol 5998 for power tubes. Ive had my WA22 for about 6 weeks (maybe a bit longer) and thats the power tube I use. I found mine in Britain, and they were NOS JAN still in original boxes, dated 10/61. Im currently using Treasures for the driver tubes, but I'm going to try the Mullard ECC32's. I have tried 2 Sophia Princess tubes in my WA22, but both had a hum/buzz in the left channel. Im currently using the rectifier I got with the amp (which is dead quiet), and have ordered an EML mesh rectifier from Jack at Woo. Im also ordering an NOS Mullard GZ37/CV378 rectifier from Britain.
  8. jc9394


    Great choice but your WA22 will run much warmer than using the 5U4G, just check the chassis temp once a while.  I ran mines for over 6 hours and it seems to be fine.
  9. BrucYSN
    Brimar CV1988 or Ken-rad VT-231 any difference? I think i can get a new matched pair of Vt-231 for around $170
  10. BrucYSN
    Isn't 5u4g is a bit too bassy for LCD-2? probably better for HD800
  11. SDMAN

    Thanks for that input. I will check the temp out. Should have that NOS Mullard GZ37/CV378 rectifier in a couple of weeks. Its bought and paid for, but international mail is very slow.

  12. Golfnutz
    SD, I have the GZ37 in my WA22. As JC said, it might make your amp run a little warmer. To be honest, I couldn't detect any noticeable difference between the EML and GZ37 related to heat. I never run it for more then 4 hours at a time just to make sure.  I did notice the GZ37 sounded much different when the CD player was connected direct via connected through my surround processor (Anthem D1) to the WA22. In my system, I doubt anyone would be able to hear the difference between both of them when it comes to SQ - including me in a blind listening test.
  13. SDMAN
    I have a laser heat gun. So maybe Ill take a reading with the current cheapie rectifier prior to plugging in the GZ37 and we can see if there is any difference. And exactly what that difference is.
  14. HeadSource
    I'm also a recent owner of the Woo WA22. 
    Rectifier Tubes -> I have tried the Sophia Princess 274B and experienced hum biased towards left. I am now using EML5u4g with no hum and similar sound quality to 274b. I'm also now considering NOS 5u4g like 1950 RCA (has any one tried these?) / Mullard CV378 Straight Brown base (I'd be very interest in anyone's feedback on these).
    Amp getting hot -> I found my amp runs cooler after I added a 2000watt capacity 240v to 220v step down transformer ( I'm In Australia and get up to 250v mains utility voltage) I got mine from http://www.tortech.com.au/category/other-stepdowns/
    Driver Tubes -> I find the RCA 6cg7 a good match with  the LCD2. There is a definite increase in bass tightness and attack over the GE 6sn7gtb.... over all a more crisp sound which is good thing for the inherently darker sounding LCDs (6sn7 does lack base control and makes the LCD sound a little fat, but 6cg7 is not as warm and am not sure if the sound stage is as deep. Seamaster's notes has helped a lot.  
    Source-Pioneer PD91+Trichord Clk 4 and NC PSU | DAC- Benchmark DAC1Pre | Interconnects-Sharkwire Pure Silver | Amp-WooAudioWA22 (EML5U4G|Sylvania7236|RCA 6CG7) | Headphones - Senn HD650 + Audeze LCD2


  15. kchew
    I have used the Mullard GZ37/CV378 on my WA22 and the heat depends on the power tubes used. With the TS 5998, the chassis is just a bit warmer than with the EML 5U4G. But with 6080 tubes, it gets really hot. So hot that I can't touch it for longer than 6 seconds. I've run my amp at that temp for 8 hours with no problems though, as long as there's plenty of ventilation and some air circulating it should be fine.

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