1. D

    Dac/amp tube?

    I've decided to pair my beyer DT 1990 Pro with an amp but I need a dac too because I'm also into music production. I came with the idea of buying darkvoice 336se all cool when I started seeing that I have to change the tubes, then make a 72h burn out without listening and other things. Nobody...
  2. HiFiGuy528

    What's happening at Woo Audio!

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  3. HiFiGuy528

    Nov. 22 - Dec. 1, Huge savings on Woo Audio products. Check it out!

    For the first time EVER.  Take 10% OFF Woo Audio amps and dac + FREE shipping within continental U.S.  Don't missed this chance to save BIG!     Take a look at the crazy low prices.      www.wooaudio.com/products   
  4. HiFiGuy528

    Giveaway: Sennheiser HD700 and Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies DAC/amp

    **** CLOSED ****   We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Sennheiser to end 2014 with the BEST audiophile giveaway of EVER.  Enter today and share with friends and family.  *U.S. only   WINNER: Please congratulate Mr. P. Tran, of VA. for winning the biggest audiophile giveaway we...
  5. HiFiGuy528

    Fostex TH500 now in stock with....

    Order Fostex TH500 on our web site and receive FREE Woo Audio premium headphones stand and FREE shipping within CONUS.   http://wooaudio.com/headphones/fostex/th500RP.html      
  6. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! Klipsch Heritage Series Audiophile Headphones, CES 2017

    New Klipsch Heritage Series HP-1 Headphones with Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies at CES 2017.     Our very own Jack Wu and Vlad (Headphones Engineer) with WA8 Eclipse and HP-1 Heritage Series headphones at CES 2017  
  7. HiFiGuy528

    Support Recommendations: Woo Audio WA7 and WA7d Fireflies and USB 3.0 on Macs running OS X 10.9 and up.

    On some Macs with USB 3.0 running OS X Mavericks 10.9, WA7 and WA7d Fireflies can occasionally lose connection to the Mac.  If this has happened to you, please give the following a try.   ***** be sure that the tubes are installed correctly.  There should not be much if any movement when you...
  8. HiFiGuy528

    Woo Audio WA234 Mono Blocks, AKG K1000, and Abyss....

    Your chance to hear one of the BEST headphones systems on the planet is about to come.  We will have the WA234 Mono Block amplifiers and the Abyss Headphones along with the legendary AKG K1000 headphones on hand for demos.  Visit us in room 902 at the Hilton Hotel during T.H.E. Show in Newport...
  9. WooAudio

    Woo Audio's Summer Travels of 2013!

    Woo Audio will be on the East Coast and West Coast this summer!   East Coast   You are cordially invited to the Capital Audio Fest 2013. Please come to visit Woo Audio in room #808 to experience great music on state-of-art headphone systems. We will showcase a wide spectrum of our...
  10. WooAudio

    Introducing the brand new Chrome headphone stand!

    Responding many customers’ requests, we now launch a new chrome finished headphone stand. This new version of the headphone stand is electroplated three times to enhance its durability and visual appearance - the first layer of copper is the base to increase the surface hardness, the second...
  11. WooAudio

    Audeze LCD-3, LCD-2, and Grado PS500 added to web store

    We are proudly adding Audeze's headphones in our collection. The LCD-2 and LCD-3 have been in our frequent use for a long time. These headphones consistently well performed and cannot be missed.   http://wooaudio.com/headphones/audeze/lcd3.html...
  12. WooAudio

    WDS-1 and WTP-1: The New D/A Converter and CD Transport from Woo Audio

    Having a successful debut from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011 and The Home Entertainment 2012, we are excited to release our new WDS-1 D/A converter and WTP-1 CD transprot. Pre-order is now accepted. Available in Silver and Black Accents.   http://wooaudio.com/products/wds1.html...
  13. Pm@c

    Need a Decent Amp Suggestion

    My setup is:   Rega RP1 >> CA Azur 640P >> AMP >> BeyerDynamic DT770's.   I need a good amp for around $150-$400.    Would be nice if it supported more than just headphone and could do speakers too (as I want to get a good pair of speakers down the road).
  14. aross


      This is a review of the newly released STAX SR 009 headphones..   While the several hundred hours of “break-in” was ongoing, I selected from my library a collection of vocal, solo instrumental, chamber, orchestral, symphonic and jazz of various colors to be used during my audition...
  15. ThePhoenix924S

    Should I Choose WA2 or WA6-SE? (Closed)

    Hello Head-Fiers.  A few months ago I tried asking for help finding an amp but found no replies, so I've been left to my own devices and have lead myself to Woo Audio.  I am trying to plan ahead in my choice of amps, so let me explain myself.  A year ago I purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD650s...
  16. TheMarchingMule

    WA6 has a low frequency hum on the left side, no matter what tubes are in it.

    Switched left and right tubes, replaced rectifier with a totally different model, same result. When the WA6 is initially powered on, there's a loud hum/buzz on the left side, that drops off sharply after a few seconds, but when I turn off the amp, it's noticeable that there was still some hum...
  17. NinjaSquirt

    Do I need a preamp?

    My current setup is H|T Omega soundcard -> Schiit Valhalla -> Beyerdynamic DT-880 (600 Ohm).   I know that the Soundcard in my case acts as a DAC. I will invest in a seperate DAC (any recommendations are welcome assuming you know your stuff) to upgrade my chain which is just leaves me with...
  18. dubselect

    Schiit Lyr vs. Vincent KHV-1

    Both of them are hybrid headphone amlifiers. So I'm interested, which will be better with Sennheiser HD800? I haven't got an opportunity to listen to Woo Audio amplifiers - I don't want to buy anything I can't try by myself. But I can listen to Lyr and KHV-1. I hope you will help me. P.S...
  19. inter10

    best amp for hd 800

    hi guys i am looking for the best amp for my hd 800 headphones. Any ideas?
  20. WooAudio

    WA-234 MONO: The Latest Amplifier from Woo Audio

      Dear Head-Fiers: We are excited to introduce the WA-234 MONO, our new top-line product coming this Fall! The WA-234 MONO The WA-234 MONO is an all-tube triode drive mono-block amplifier with class-A topology, a singled-ended configuration, with 1 unit per channel. Taking its...
  21. customcoco

    omega 2 best prices

    everything is in the title.   tried EIFL but koji raised his price at 2600$ shipped wich is about the same as woo audio.
  22. StephenPM

    Where to buy Stax?

    I'm afraid I'm stuck in the audio boonies down here in Kentucky where Stax definitely does not have a distributor. I'd very much like to buy a Stax SRS-2170 from a reputable source and preferably one that is Stax authorized. From where have fellow Head-Fi'ers been buying their Stax products? Or...
  23. grmnasasin0227

    Woo + 6EM7 tubes

    Hey gents,   On Woo's site on the WA6-SE page, 6EM7 tubes can be bundled as an addon with the unit described as "the ultimate driver/power tube for the WA6-SE." I know that Jack knows his stuff and isn't interested in making broad claims, but can anyone comment that this style of tube is...
  24. eyal1983

    Auzede LCD-2 vs. Audio Technica W5000

    I have the W5000 (f5005 mod.) -will the LCD-2 give me better SQ? i'm into new-age stuff. and refinement is a must...   Thanks! -Eyal
  25. fuzzybear

    Headphones Stand Besides Woo Audio??

    Does anyone know of any other headphone stands besides woo audio? Im looking for a good stand and searched the site and it seems the two most common answers are get woo audio or make a banana stand. I really like the woo stands but id like to compare them to something else (maybe a little...