1. cathare34

    Best Combo senn650 + headphone amp - Budget 600$ ???

    Anyone an idea ??
  2. insearchofsound

    wa3, wa3+ and wa6-- differences and mods?

    I have searched the net and through the forums (although I confess I haven't read the entire woo owners thread) and I haven't really been able to find many detailed comparisons of the three amps. In fact, the 3+ isn't even on woo audio's website.   Additionally, there seem to be a lot of...
  3. akg702

    Phoenix gd or Woo 6SE?

    Hi I still looking for an amp around 1.5K. The woo 6SE with tube upgrade is about 1.2k The Phoenix is 1k before June 30th.... and re cable the AKG for it. I have the AKG 702 now and getting the Senn 650.... which will be a better amp I should get and why? Thanks again
  4. WooAudio

    WEE - new product from Woo Audio

    PRE-PRODUCTION UNIT IS POSTED HERE.      WEE (Woo Audio Electrostatic Energizer) is an electrostatic headphone converter for dynamic speaker amp. It converts speaker amp output to be usable for electrostatic headphones. To connect this setup, basically, you will need a speaker amp, a WEE...
  5. downsize

    What tube amp = The Singlepower Extreme ?

    Which $1500 or under tube amp do you think equals the SQ of the Singlepower Extreme ?   One that is actually available to buyers that is ?
  6. alexxfloo

    headphone amp+dac recomandation for denon d7000 for 600$ budget

    Hello,   After a week of reading i am not yet fully decided what to get for an AMP/DAC to drive my future Denon Ah-d7000. My budget is maximum 600$. What do u recommend?

    Which amp for the following headphones is the best?

    Wooaudio 6, Burson HA 160, Mad Ear + HD, or your suggestion.   Which will provide the best SYNERGY with the headphones below?   Grado RS1i, Denon D7000, AKG K701 will be the headphones.   Thank you buddies.
  8. cifani090

    Solid State Company Comparable To Woo Audio

    What is a SS amp comapny that has such a reputation like Woo. I was thinking Meier, but what do you think?
  9. cifani090

    Whats the difference between the Woo Audio 6 and the Woo Audio 6 SE

    What is the difference.
  10. musicman59

    Question about 6F8G tubes in WA5-LE

    I ordered a WA5-LE with the EML B300 Mesh, Treasure CV181 and EML 5U4G Mesh tubes. I have head that the Tung Sol NOS 6F8G are great tubes and with adapters a direct replacement for the 6SN7 tubes. Is anybody using the 6F8G tubes in the WA5? What is your experience and opinion between using the...
  11. sh00t4par

    Looking at buying Woo WA6-SE or Mapletree Audio MAD+ Ear HD

    I've been researching this one a lot and have narrowed down amp choices to these two. I currently own a WA3+ and love it. I think it even sounds good with my lower impedance headphones like the RS1i and 750DJ. On the other hand the MAD Ear+ gets a lot of positive feedback and are said to be a...
  12. HeavenAngles

    AMP and DAC question

    I'm currently have a choices of AMPs and DACs for my W5000 and K701 AMPs - HA5000 - WA2 - WA6SE DACs - DA100 Signature - DAC Magic   For amps , I'm now considering about only use Woo for both of my cans or HA5000 for W5000 and Woo for K701. So the question are 1. If use only...
  13. Caesar2010

    Woo WA6 SE vs. WA22

    Has anyone heard both of these?  What are the sonic and other relevant differences?  Thank You!
  14. kentturbo

    WA6SE or RSA Raptor

    Okay, so I did some research online but came up short. I wanted to know which amp sounds better for oldies, jazz, vocals, classical. NOT much a rap fan or techno. The two headphones to compare are: Woo Audio 6SE and Ray Samuel's Raptor (stock, but give inputs on tuberolling if you want)...
  15. mhcarlos

    Woo WA6 Questions (potential first desktop amp)

    Hi,   I'm looking to buy my first desktop amp for my K701s (not fully burnt-in yet, but I love the sound already). I'm thinking of getting the WA6 from Woo Audio.   But I thought that I might as well make sure to get an amp that will raise the quality of my other cans as well. Currently...
  16. SP Wild

    Balanced Tube design to upgrade tube amp, Woo Audio 22?

    Any suggestions - value added of course.
  17. wind016

    New Woo Audio 6 w/ PDPS vs Woo Audio 6 SE?

    I have a new Woo Audio 6 which has the PDPS standard. I am loving the sound so far but I am wondering if I am missing something in sound quality that the SE could offer. I already e-mailed Jack Wu and am awaiting his reply. Could someone that has experience with both amps shine some light here...
  18. kunalraiker

    Woo Audio

    I came across the below link and as usual wanted to share a nice read with my fellow head-fier's. it has Jack's photo too Woo Audio posts - The Audiophiliac - CNET News
  19. dannie01

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Hi buddy, I wonder to start this thread earlier when I received my amp and searched that there is no such tiltle so I start it. Please also state what headphone/s you're pairing with and how do you love the combo. My WA6SE arrived by mid-March this year. I ordered a Sophia Princess 274B and...
  20. Skylab

    REVIEW SUMMARY: A ranking of 32 tube and tube/hybrid headphone amps

    I have been asked repeatedly to do this, and I have resisted so far, but I have decided to go ahead and rank all of the tube amps that I have either formally reviewed, or that I have owned for a long time but not formally reviewed. Note that this is a HUGE range in prices, from $6,000 to...
  21. JayG

    The Woo Audio 2

    I received my WA2 today, and I've had a blast setting her up and having a preliminary listen. I know I have promised a lot of pictures/impressions/tube rolling results etc., so please be patient. All of that will be forthcoming. You can probably expect some daytime shots tomorrow, including the...
  22. WooAudio

    Woo Audio 234 MONO monoblock amplifier official release

    We are excited to introduce our new flagship product: the WA-234 MONO. The result of inspired design and Woo Audio's renowned electronic expertise, this innovative monoblock amplifier not only supports both speaker and headphone output modes, but also offers the audiophile a choice of power...
  23. MooBin

    WOO Audio 3+ experience

    The following thread is created to let everybody participate in the process of setting up and optimizing my new bedside headphone setup using a Woo Audio 3+. The hope is that this might be helpful to some fellow headfiers as it may be to myself as a headphone newbie since I would like to ask...