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Woo WA6 SE vs. WA22

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by caesar2010, May 12, 2010.
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  1. Caesar2010
    Has anyone heard both of these?  What are the sonic and other relevant differences?  Thank You!
  2. oldwine
    You should compare WA6 SE with the WA2, not WA22 as this is for the balanced output.
    In simple words, WA2 is more "tube" sound as its construction and the tubes used.
    I am still waiting my WA2 arrival and i hope i can have a more detail listening before have any further comments.
  3. Caesar2010
    Thanks.  I understand that Woo WA2 is more toobey, while the WA6 SE is more dynamic.  But I am curious as to what the extra $$$ buys you going to WA22.
  4. nikongod

    I would say apples and oranges.
    The Woo2 amp is OTL, where the 6 and 22 are both transformer coupled.
    I have not had enough time with either to give a good impression though.
    Also, why shouldent one compare a balanced amp to a SE one? If you just want to know how 2 things sound compared to eachother they should be compared without regards to whether they are balanced or not.
  5. Ypoknons Contributor
    Indeed, they might be designed differently but they share two things in common: they're headphone amplifiers, and they cost money (and quite a bit of it at that). 

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  6. dmac03
    I think that this is fair comparison. Jack actually recommended the WA22 as an upgrade the WA6SE for SE headphones. Although, he did strongly recommend a balanced source for the WA22.
    I would like to know the difference between these two amps driving single-ended headphones. Since the maxed WA6SE is closer in price to the WA22, I think that version would also allow for the most valid comparison.
  7. dmac03
    Surely someone has done a comparison of the WA22 and the WA6SE....
  8. Seamaster
    Never WA2, but I heard WA6SE at meet and my own WA22. WA6SE sound more tube to me, very musical, but WA22 is more detailed. 
    It is very hard for me to pick which one like better with T1. HD650 is better with WA22 balanced.
  9. Caesar2010
    I was going to compare these at Can Jam, but then I heard Woo 5 with the T1's.  The show was pretty much over for me...
  10. dmac03
    Thanks for the input.
    I keep hearing great things about the WA5LE. It is very tempting, but after you figure in upgrades and tubes there is an easy 2k tacked on the base price. Since this will be my first tube amp purchase, I am afraid that I wouldn't be able to appreciate the awesomeness of the WA5LE (not to mention that I would have to save up for a few more months).
    Just to reiterate I'm pretty much a noob with all this. I keep going between the WA6SE, WA22, and the DNA Sonett, but I just can't decide which one.
  11. Caesar2010
    Forget the upgrades.  Sure the parts are better, but I think you will be spending a lot of $$$ for minor improvements.
    Just get the "vanilla" amp, and get additional tubes later as you see fit. 
  12. gknix
  13. fatcat28037 Contributor


    X2. It's the tube that have an audible effect on the sound not the hardware upgrades.
  14. kuben
    I have emailed WooAudio
    "Hi i dont know what should be better sound quality wise
    WA6 SE with all upgrades or clean WA22?
    I wont use WA22 as preamp and my HD800's are not ballanced."
    and this is what i got in response
    "Thank you for your interests. The WA22 outperforms the WA6-SE if you use a
    balanced source. If you don't have a balanced source, the 6SE is a better
    choice. You do not need a balanced headphone cable, however. Each of the
    output offers similar performance.

  15. wickitom


    If the parts are a minor improvements why have the option to upgrade, especially if they cost to much. Some of these parts upgrades cost more than the tube upgrades. 
    This might be a stretch but has anyone compared a stock Woo Amp with no upgrades versus the same amp with parts upgrades only?
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